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I hope that all the chinese see how much a liar BLUE T IGER is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Copy link] 中文

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Blue Tiger just wants to give someone advises

Hey, some guys are quite narrow minded. I am a Chinese girl here, and I communicated with Blue Tiger in messages via this channel. I think, what's blue tiger calling on is the real equality of Chinese men and women. I have been abroad before, and have friends of both Chinese and westerners. Generally speaking, people are the same, for the basic virtues, sadness and happiness, etc. But I noticed that most of Chinese guys are still holding the man-dominant opinions. They cared for too much about some tiny awful things, such as virginity complex, but ignoring the person herself, the life itself, the nature itself. They can't appreciate women's intelligence and achievements. They didn't consider the women's actual needs and tried to understand them. The appreciated more for women's outside apperance rather than her inside beauty. Yes, with the liberation, Chinese women have the opportunity to achieve in her career, other than being home raising kids. But as a Chinese lady, I felt confused sometimes, as I feel so lonely in my emotional world. I don't plan to marry a foreigner, as I treasure my career development in China, and I want to be accompany with my parents in Beijing. I dreamed to marry a Chinese boy and we could share all the beauties from life and nature. But to my disappointed, the more successful I am in my career, the less boys are there who may like me; the more creative ideas I have, the more boys think that I am horrible. They told me that they wished their wives could be simple-minded, thinking nothing more but taking care of husbands and kids, appreciating husband's careers, a good mother and good wife. But but, life is created with opinions. Good life is not as there, but created with the couple. A good mother and a so called good wife, being good at in cooking, washing, calculating money, taking care of both sides' parents, and assisting husband's career and might sacrifise her own persuit. But could that kind of marriage be long term existed? I saw too many cases that when the husband became successful, he got tired with the good mother and wife and had mistresses outside home. Sigh... Chinese marriages are like that, quite low quality, just couples being togher making livings (guo ri zi), lack of passions and appreications...

How I wish that Chinese guys can get rid of some old world dogmas and try to overcome the weakness of our culture (every culture has weakness, so does Chines culture), such as :
1. Virginity complex;
2. Ignoring women's achievements;
3. Ignoring women's inside beauty.
Then I will thank God that I live in China, a so beautiful country with beautiful landscape and gentlemen.

I think that blue tiger is our friends. Friends do not always have sweet tongues, but friends will point out the weakness and mistakes. As far as I know via my personal correspondence with blue tiger, he doesn't intend to attack anybody or any group, such as Chinese guys. He just think that Chinese guys could change somewhat in their values and opinions, so that Chinese girls will not aim to western guys.

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Chinese woman

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claire has been deleted
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