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Why would the western government agency never admitted they are wrong [Copy link] 中文

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My experience with the western culture is they never say sorry. I "was" wrong. Instead, even a postal service and small parcel division think they are the biggest and smartest and never make any mistakes.

Everyone is wrong except the agency, a postal agency which deliver mails and parcels, small parcels.

If they want to use "fake" boxes to punish employees, be sure that employee still working in that station.

The fact is "that employee" has already transferred to another station, another assignment, but the boss
did not know and continue to waste manpower to send boxes/parcels with no addresses.

Now comes another employee transferred into the work station dealed with questionable address, he
did not know what the previous employee did or not did.

All he did was processed the freights but it is the same freights/same boxes everyday for months.

It triggered a question why?

Why play games?

But the real issue is abuse of power and cover-up of wrong-doings in a government postal agency.

How sad it is when even President Obama said he was sorry and wanted to cool things off.

Instead, a small parcel delivery company owned by the government wants to escalate things to show they are the biggest,
the most powerful, and can do anything illegal including faking the numbers of freights.

How sad is the west when they put up a nice face to shake your hands but use agents to break into your house.

It is the end of western civilization when Rome fell, they were still having an orgy, a celebration, a big party but in reality the house
is falling apart when millions 8.9% of working men and women are unemployed.

It is the end of the day for Rome when the boss of a division made up numbers and sent to the Head Office to boast his own

When the workers are starving to death, the big bosses are enjoying steak dinner, travelled to Rome and have slaves
to do all their work.

It is the end of Rome !

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Even the big boss's name is called "Ceasar"

How sad it is in  the West the poor management in the postal service for the

delivery of priority mails and small parcels !

It depends on  the Manager "THE ENGINEER" who knows nothing about simple electric system.

Everyone can make a mistake, some more serious, some less. No one is intentional to destroy things.

Instead the managers were power-hungry and want someone to be the FALL GUY !

Who else do they choose?

A Chinese employee who worked 6-7 days was picked as a FALL GUY so the middle manager can show the big boss they have power !

But the most sad part is someone a Punjab Indian employee was finally got caught pulling fire alarm and fired.

There is no justice in the West.

All they do is to pick on the Chinese workers !

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The Manager did not even know the Punjab Indian takes drugs at work !

How sad it is when the Punjab Indian employee has to take a lot of drugs schizophrenic anti-psychotic drugs to calm
him down.

Why would a Government agency who seems to know everything can not even find out a schizophrenic psychotic
Punjab Indian worker works there for 10 hours a day and then worked at Sears in the afternoon.

No one should work 17 hours a day. It would drive anyone to do crazy things just like the Punjab Indian employee.

Why would no LP Loss prevention and Investigative team even know the Punjab Indian employee crashed his brand new Toyota
right after work.

it is sad !

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Maddnes and torture in the West !

How can a government agency do not know a Punjab Indian employee throwing thrash around, destroying things, doing stupid things ?

How can that manager who put his time card in knowing he stayed on Sunday till 6 or 7 a.m. ?

how can the Manager do not know the Punjab Indian employee argued with the Managers every week about hours (3 hours short0 and he stayed there for 10 hours a day !

Sad day for the justice system in N. America !

They always got the wrong guy !

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There is a lot of things wrong with western management !

They don't pay attention to small details !

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They failed because they did not pay attention to small details !!!!

GM, Chrylser and even a courier company did not even look at employee work schedule.

How many employees will work 9 hours on Sunday night? Only one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So how hard it is for the Investigative Team to find that out? Easy

The Punjab indian employee worked 9 hours every Sundays and what the heck why LP and Investigative Team did not know about it.

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