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The West and the Right to Independence. [Copy link] 中文

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I hope I got your meaning correct.

It seems to suggest that any form of self-government as a group is not possible in China.

Are Hong Kong and Macau not part of China ?

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That's cool.

Now the U.S media brainwashed fraction has left the camp, maybe we can ask why the issue is so large.

Why in the words of the U.S idiot who just left in another thread stated that any population in the Western world can have autonomy etc., whenever they like under the auspices of freedom, humanity and general good will towards all peoples just because they decide they want it?

Not stated: Except for indigenous peoples of the US.

But what about other countries, namely to state just a couple: the Basques and the Kurds.

Where is the argument for their causes, and why after so many uprisings and bombings as reported so briefly in the news can they not get it?

Surely, that is enough to focus the media. You know, blood guts and dead women and children.

Schriebers and media brainwashed things like 'interesting' need not post as already too indoctrinated and fat after living off first class flights and meetings purportedly in the name of the starving. Mind you, on the scrap heap now and just sending avaricious BS over the internet to try and prove they still have a life.

Brainwashed Americans not welcome. Unless of course you actually know where is, then maybe. Sad Fcuks.   

Especially an idiot using the using the generic name of 'interesting' and far from the idea of that name, rather just a spastic and delusional fool.

Maybe you will make a small amount of carbon one day to prove you were here.  

Americans are great at creating carbon.  


The Basques and the Kurds was the original question plus many other unsung ethnicities.

Only people who understand the question should submit an answer.


There is nothing 'interesting' about a conceited blood sucker.

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Originally posted by whit3dov3s at 2009-7-7 14:56
I thought all kiwis living in NZ were known as Maori.

If not, how does Maoris look?
wat are they? (colour, langauge)

Do they actually let you vote or drive ?
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Originally posted by exportedkiwi at 2009-7-7 16:49
They have their own language and culture which is enjoying a nationwaide resurgence. All offical douments are headed in bothe English and Te Reo (Maori).

Another thing which impresses me is how white New Zealanders are learning Maori words and expressions too.

Unfortunately, in Australia there are so many Aboriginal languages which makes this less practical, however Aboriginal place names are very common here, almost as much as Maori place names are in New Zealand.
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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Originally posted by expatter at 2009-7-4 00:27
The Basques (In Spain, for the challenged)


There is much stated about the rights of people who have an ethnic culture (flag, money, language) to determine their own rights in th ...

1. Basks.
From any point of view they are well suited to have an independent state.
a) they are the earliest settlers there who survived till nowadays.
b) they have their language quite distant not only to spanish but to all other Eurosprache.
c) they know they are Basques as nationality and citizens of Spain. How much do they feel it is their state versus the state of the occupants...I presumeit depends on individual views.

The single factor which obscures the will of the inhabitants of Basque land, whether they opt for full idldnce, partial or noe is the percentage of non-Basque dwellers. These people, Spanish will never vote for any separation.

In Europe , these Basques ( or any others) who turn to trrst methods will not get any significant backup or sympathy. However, if they en-masse voted for sprtion and their local parliament officially stated such - then we have similar situation to what was done in Slovenia, Croatia, other parts of Yugoslavia, South Osetia, Chechnia, Tatarstan, Abchasia, Adzharia, Kosovo etc...
Then we would see which way it would develope and make direct comparisons. Europe, having accepted Kosovo would be at least divided facing ruough treatment coming from the Spanish side.


Similar story, only more difficult. Where Basques land lays in France and Spain, Kurds have their people in 4 countries. Even if they waved the smallest part ( in Syria) there is still problem with Turkey, Iran and Iraq.  Their situation is somewhow similar to Poles in 19th century, ( also conquerred and divided by 3 local superpowers). The difference is - they do not have so long history of indpndnce.

I do not remember any such situation, save Czechoslovakia ( I will always bear my high opinion about the level of their civilization in this respect), that a people was given inpndnce on silver cushion. Wherever we look back in the history we will see the struggle. And it depended on many factors, with the main one: the will of the people, others were good situation and sometimes a piece of luck, of when would it happen. And IF would it happen to succeed.
Andy Dob

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About the basques:

It is of course necessary that the majority of the basques would like to have independence.

If it is just a handful of people who terrorize the majority one cannot really talk here about an

"in dependence movement" !

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I don't think many Basques are arrested for merely advocating independence.

Therein lies the crucial difference.

Heck, Gerry Adams, who has direct links with a terrorist organisation, has a seat in parliament for heaven's sake!

How can anyone really draw any genuine comparison!

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