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The West and the Right to Independence. [Copy link] 中文

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A good post and thank you for your contribution.

It is true as you say that not everything is 'blared and bleated'.

I would say that this would just be the stuff that shows China in a bad light.

I am always embarrassed for Western media such as the BBC and CNN. They cannot resist using the word 'communist' before the words: government, party and regime.  This is even done on tragedies and weather disasters.

I was deeply surprised by the desk reporting of CNN in the recent Ugar troubles. They didn't use it. Then they went over to their field reporter and out it came again.

Now, it is true the CCP has this name, but you don't hear the media in the EU or the US telling us that the US Republican Government is sending assistance to the victims of Katrina. It is just the government.

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Originally posted by satsu_jin at 2009-7-9 22:48

Don't be childish. Have you never heard the German proverb:

Eine Kraehe hackt der anderen kein Auge aus?

Good nite  

Kruk krukowi oka nie wykole.
Andy Dob

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Save yourself from looking a pratt.

Google CIA and funds for

Here you will find their own admitted account of funds supplied from possibly 1952 and definitely from 1956 onwards and annually.

Plus weapons training and military training in the US for disgruntled T.btens.

Plus guns purchased through Israel. Etc, etc, etc.

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Do you live a life which is the truth of the Western media?

I will give you some time lines in China.

China and Tibet have a long relationship going way back. In fact the Tibetans actually controlled the Northern part of China at one stage.

The Yuan Dynasty (Mongols 1279) included all of China, Mongolia and Tibet. In 1368 the Ming Dynasty ousted the Yuan Dynasty
but this was not to last too long and during this period the contact with Tibet was very sporadic.

This was supplanted by the last Dynasty the Qing Dynasty in 1644 and lasted till 1912. During this dynasty Tibet was reintegrated into China.

From 1912 there was civil unrest and war in China, but Chiang Kai-Shek did make treaties with Tibet and it was still considered as part of China. The Japanese and WWII took the spotlight of relations away from China and Tibet as China had to fight for its very own existence.

In 1949 the Communists won control of China and the Kuomingtang fled to Formosa (Taiwan). The CCP imposed its rule over Tibet against a very small army and claimed historical rights over Tibet. The young DL asked for assistance from the UK, Europe and the US and none of them were interested.

The US told the DL that if he fled in 1950 they would assist with an insurgency and the DL refused. The DL signed a 17 point agreement with the CCP and also became a vice-president of the CCP.

There are by now two Tibets, inner Tibet, or political Tibet, which contained Lhasa and outer Tibet as in the Xingjiang region etc.  The CCP had promised that political Tibet would remain unchanged and autonomous.

This would not however apply to outer Tibet were there was a mixed ethnicity. From 1950 outer Tibet became subject to land reforms and the dissenting landlords started riots in 1956-7 and then fled to political Tibet and schemed.

These people then contacted the US or vice-versa and by 1956 or even earlier they covertly got financial assistance and military training from the US. Here you have to ask why the diplomatic face of the US was for China, and under the table they were looking to break up China by covertly supplying the weapons and training for the death of so many Tibetans.

By 1959 the young DL could maybe not hold these outer Tibetans landlords back, and they started an uprising and this was crushed by the CCP and it is notable that ordinary Tibetans did not join in. They had nothing to lose and more to gain due to the impoverished conditions they lived in.

The uprising failed and the DL split with all the gold and silver over the border to India assisted by the CIA.

Still no apology from the US for these deaths and the underhand and deceitful tactics used.

The moral of this story is that the DL already had an autonomous political Tibet and guaranteed rights. But, maybe due to his youth and the strength of the people around him he failed to keep this together.

Here now in the year 2009 and the 1980's onwards you have a call for an autonomous Tibet and meaningful autonomy, something which had already existed but was lost due to bad decisions and management.  Along with the armed US supported insurrection.

This autonomous region had already existed existed but the land reforms were too much for the outer Tibetan landlords and the character of the DL maybe too weak.

How would it be a second time around with the CIA still looking for regime change?

Even the Americans have no idea what their CIA is doing in the world. Luckily this is not a Chinese institution or it would be rated along with the Stazi.

Because the CIA is American it must therefore be a true a Godly organization.  You need to ask what the CIA were doing in China and Tibet in the early 1950's and then wonder why China has to have control over its population to even exist.

Maybe if organizations like the CIA would stop intervening in other countries there might be more democracy for the people of China.

Shame on you brainwashed Americans. Don't rant on about freedom and democracy when the US has its hands in the ballot box.

You talk the talk, but don't walk the walk.

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To the Mod 'Opening'

First, I do think that it is a very good thing that the CD has a forum.

It is a good sign that China is looking at the world and how it fits into that world.

So, congratulations on that.

Secondly, I do feel a bit of an ass writing in a thread called, 'Tibet Issue' where words such as:


'Dalai Lama'

'Meaningful autonomy'

all have to go through a filter.

You are actually giving the China haters ammunition with this curious anomaly.

Of course you need filters, most forums do.

But hey, come on, look how stupid this looks.

After all if and DL work why not enable the the generic words?

My regards. :)

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