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Do destiny creat us or we lead our own destiny life [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by willhbunny at 2009-6-22 14:41


well,Sounds Familiar?

I am sure they earn more than us

do you think it is easy to do that?      you try:  to squat there for long time without doing anything.  you will find it is hard too.    

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Originally posted by ivyxu0424 at 2009-6-22 14:51

if the millionaire would  like to be,i think there are many way he could chose,the first he can donate the
money to me!

totally right, then the first thing for you is to make friends with the millionair who will donate his money.      

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Originally posted by Mrdevil at 2009-6-22 13:11

As a normal chinese citizen no relationship with government officials, it is very very tough to be a millionare even half millionare through hard work...

1. To build up ur relationship with  ...

really appreciate the phylosophy of life of the 19#.
in the current backgroudn , we, the grassroots and the most hardwoking to earn a living, have to admit the cruelty and sadness with no connections, and no rich relatives.
less comparison and complaints suits us well. why not?

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I believe the saying "man's determination can conquer nature." what's the fate meaning? the fate means a person's life, good or bad, happy or sad, etc, indecating the feeling to your living style. Comparing to the PPLs with good background, you are much worth, with the process of effort. Who says we are poorer than the rich?

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i believe the destiny, but i can't  obey

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Do destiny creat us or we lead our own destiny life

remember not to compare with that people with good life with low education.

     You can say that again! I think it is very tiresome to always compare our life to other's. We live our own life rather than other's, besides,we can not become the people who we compare to, therefore,why do we bother to compare to other's?  No matter whether it is destiny or not,  we are who we are and what we are. We are unique in the world, so it is meaningless to make that kind of comparison at all. That is just my own opinion.

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An answer to your burden.

There are many ways to describe 'what' life is, and 'how' it came to be.
There is no exact answer the question.
All we can do is look and live forward to the future.

Life is a part of a great journey. Even in death we may continue on this journey to enlightenment.
The universe is vast and span wider than we will ever know.

Everyone is different. So you must find your own way in life.
The decisions you make shape who you are and what you want to be.
Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.


I will try to give u an answer to your own worries and unhappiness.

I think I understand how painful it is when other people have things that you do not have, and especially when you do not have the means to acquire it;
But that does not mean failure.
You must look into yourself to find to who you are, and what you do and who you want to become.
That is where it counts.

I read that there is much doubt in you; that clouds your judgment.

'Show business' is hollow. It is an empty egg.
You may think that it is a wonderful life, but it is only a 'short' way to gain wealth, power and respect.
The result is it has no happy ending nor a good beginning for its next generation.

Once you start down that road, you will never be yourself. You will be what "others want you to be".

But I must say this. Be yourself. (greatlady)
For your mind is with that world.
Burdened you are, blinded in a false dream to be with them.
It is not what it seems.
You will learn over time to see that, it is not worth going there.

You must release this burden before you will find you way again.

The true nature of man, is decided in the battle, between his conscious mind and desires of the subconscious.
If the evil mind of the subconscious is too strong to resist, the only way to win is to deny battle.

Once you understand this, that is when it is the right time for you to choose a new path.

Best regards,

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