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Why is marijuana illegal in China? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by skip876 at 2009-6-16 11:57
Why is this harmless benign substance illegal in China? No one can ever "OD" on it. It is less toxic than alcohol, aspirin,cigarettes,coffee..etc
It has been in use in China for 1000's o ...


Da Pakalolo post eh?

eh.. u one local boy eh?

you really shouldnt be advocating drugs though in modern China.. it carries the death penalty

there were 2 people i used to work with were executed for ecstasy

Pornography is banned , becaue its bad for the moral fabric and productivity and welfare of Chinese

Pakalolo just going to make everyone lazy and sit aaround and eat crap and watch tv all day, and talk stupid...

Pakalolo is illlegal in america,where everyone is using it and  most of the rest of the world

its even Illegal in Hawaii

ya, so... it will never be legal in China

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Originally posted by skip876 at 2009-6-15 22:57
It is illegal in the West because many people make big bucks out of it and want to keep it illegal. But China should not follow these western ways.

I can't answer why it is illegal in China, but I can offer a different perspective to why it is illegal in the West (specifically the U.S.).

It isn't the growers who decide to keep it illegal here for high profits, it is the government because they would find it hard to tax. It was legal at one time here in the U.S., they even issued taxation stamps to farmers who grew it and had paid their taxes..... but it was soon discovered that anyone with an empty "pot", water, and sunshine could easily produce their own recreation substance.
Personally, I have never done it but I do know people who have. Like with alcohol, the brain slows with continued use, motivation is hampered, motor skills diminished, and it can be abused.

It would also be hard to test drivers who are under the influence, as they do with breathalyzers or blood tests for alcohol.

I'm not against its legalization, but I do believe people should recognize the negative aspects along with the positive (positive being some medical benefit for gloucoma, pain relief, hemp material, etc.).

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Originally posted by skip876 at 2009-6-16 12:34

Hehe...I have my medical MJ in Hawaii. Pot is not coke or EX. Like I said China used it for eons

I thought you would weigh in on this (knowing your Mormon beliefs)

Question? Do Mormons u ...

Mormons follow the Laws of the country they are in

and Mormons don't do anything which will damage their bodies

Smoking marijuana is just as bad as smoking cigarettes, or smoking underpants

they all introduce cancer-causing carcinogens into the body

as well as its effects on the mind, that most dangerous because you should be living with clear and sober mind,

if you were to die while "stoned", i believe the effects would be catastrophic. to your soul

But when i was younger i listened to only reggae, Hugh Mundell, Gregory isaacs, Buju Banton, Pato Banton, Augustus Pablo, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Steel pulse, Burning Spear, And all that stuff

but that was before i really got deeper into Hawaiian Culture, then i got out of it  and just started thinking of it as black music, kinda destroying my culture

however i always listened to UB40...still today

and the rest of Jamaica sucks.. i kinda hate em actually, there is nobody like Bob Marley in Jamaica any more

and Jamaica is the most debauched place on earth, and it makes me sick,  until Damian Marley arose

Bob Marley's other sons are delinquent retards

but Damian Marley is Quite the soul of Jah.

i really like him.. still

you cannot live your life smoking marijuana, its non-progressive

marijuana is something of a bad thing because most people who are into it, smoke it all their lives

my auntie and uncle are big-time marijuana people, and it just wrecks your life, makes you look older, takes away our youth and really just wastes your whole life

Bob Marley died when he was 36, but he looked like he was about 55

Damian Marley is a just 31, but he looks he's in his late 40's

Everybody who uses marijuana their entire life ends up quite stupid too

its really hard to learn things and gain new knowledge and retain information, and remember things

it kills your memory

makes you old, stresses your mind actually, rather than relaxing your mind and body, it adds some great degree of stress, though you cant think about it

and Native Americans Smoke Peyote, but not just to waste their life away, it was very spiritual in nature, and used only for the most sacred of religious ceremonies

but rastafarians think Halie Sallassiei is actually JAH, who came in 1930's and

and they think Jesus was a black negro

and they think all kinds of other pretty lame stuff about Israel in general

of course when i was growing up i didn't know any of this, i just liked the music

and the jamicans Ethiopians use marijuana as something they think will bring them closer Jah

in general,  its kind of a  debauched idea practiced by degenerate black people

and i feel it should have no part in Hawaii

i really feel it is one of the main problems in HAWAIIAN Culture

just like the Opium bought to Hong Kong, Marijuana was introduced and spread throughout Hawaii for the sake of keeping them subdued and unable to work and think clearly together, and was used as a way to alleviate the pain and suffering of a people who have been so exploited and destroyed

i think it does not belong in Hawaii or China

along with Opium

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