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A Tribute to UB40 [Copy link] 中文

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This thread is for the Greatest Band in the World


Some of My Favorite Songs and Lyrics from the Only band I ever really even liked

they have more than 100 songs which i listen to regularly and never grow tired of..

there is no other band in the world with more than 100 really, truly, great songs

here's to UB40

Matter of Time:

Just a matter of time, till you run out of breath
Money mountains you climb, never hedging your bets
But your luck can run out, you'd better watch your step
Just a matter of time

Just a matter of days, till the factory's done
When they shut down the lathes 'cause the work has all gone
And nobody cares 'cause there's no-one
It's just a matter of days

Just a matter of hours until you're forgotten
When you're pushing up flowers, and you're used to the rot
So that was your life, didn't manage a lot
Just a matter of hours

I know what you mean and I suppose I agree
I'm a bit pushed for time, please don't bother me
Take you guidance elsewhere, 'cause I've heard it before
In case is not very clear, I don't care anymore

The Pillow:

A smile for every passing car
And when they stop with door ajar
She shrugs and whispers que sera
And turns her thoughts to the pillow
Her face is etched with memories
She finds no joy amid the sleaze
It's hard when you've been paid to please
So she turns her thoughts to the pillow

Daylight comes she rests her head
The beauty of an empty bed
She dreams of happy days instead
Of brooding on tomorrow

She swapped her dreams of shining knights
For pushers, bars and money fights
For nameless faces in red light
So she turns her head to the pillow
Those black eyes don't hurt any more
She's heard the jokes and jibes before
She's felt the long arm of the law
So she turns her head to the pillow

Taking drugs was not for fun
It made her feel like going on
But now she hurts when its all gone
And she turns her head to the pillow
She takes a blade and breaks her skin
Sweet life force flows from within
The white clouds in her head grow dim
And she turns her head to the pillow

Sunlight creeps across her head
Pale beauty in a crimson bed
No dreams of happy days ahead
She'll have no more tomorrows

Don't Slow Down:

You might believe, and still you feel the chase has just begun.
That you must reach that horizon before the setting of the sun.
You chase the light in front of you, nightfall close behind.
If you stop to catch your breath, you know what you will find.

No time to stop, don't go to sleep, prepare to pay the cost.
The hours and minutes are passing by, another day is lost.
Impatience is a virtue, catch me if you can.
The seconds have been ticking by since your life began

Don't slow down don't touch the ground.
You know what you will find.
That old grey man in tattered clothes following behind.

Don't Blame Me:

I think its only fair to say
We'd welcome riches down our way
No stigma knotted in my hair
I want to be a millionaire

Nevertheless I must insist
A thought is spared for those who missed
The handouts when it came to wealth
To education and good health

The time has come now all will see
And seeing this is killing me
our future victim to command
Together we can lend a hand

So don't blame me for wanting more
The facts are too hard too ignore
I'm scared to death of poverty
I only want whats best for me

But even so I'm holding on
I think the world could live as one
If only credence took the lead
The world would see a world to feed

An endless sea of blood that's spilt
Enough to sail an ark of guilt
And when we lend our helping hand
We'll have our green and pleasant land

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All I Want To Do:

I don't like the work but true i need the money
My life is like a joke but to me it isn't funny
Peolpe all around, telling me what to do
And all I want to do is stay at home with you

Time after time I say to myself
Working all my life isn't good for my health
Get old, get tired, get put on the shelf
I do all the work, someone else gets all the wealth
Wish I was on an island in the sun
Where I woouldn't have to worry how to get things done

Day after day becomes more of a grind
Bills pile up, moneys harder to find
Trying to get ahead falling further behind
If I don't give it up I'm gonna lose my mind
Wish I was on an Island in the sun
Where I wouldn't have to worry how to get things done

Now and Then:

Now and then
I must admit I wonder if I had the chance
To vanquish foes with nothing more than just a glance
How perfect every single day would be

To never wait in driving rain
For the bus that never came
Not to be the one to blame
For anybody elses misery

Now and then
I contemplate a different way around this day
With nothing more than simple words, so I can say
Im quite content and happy being me

Walking tall with peace of mind
To leave no childhood dreams behind
Arriving home to always find
Things just as I know they ought to be

Now and then
I wake up, when it hits me like a ton of bricks
I realise its me who has to take the licks
No angels up there looking after me
No rainbow with a pot of gold
No cloak to shield me from the cold
No pill to stop me growing old
Dreams fading into stark reality

Riddle Me:

Like parents did before them
Your parents did the same
They said do your best, you must pass the test
You must learn to play the game
They scrimped and saved and suffered
To send you off to school
But if they'd had the cash
They could've bought the class
And a different set of rules

They taught a simple system
Why they had and you had not
They said know your place, you can't win the race
Life's an auction you're the lot
If you'd ever thought to question
They would never answer you why
When they buy your sweat, you are in their debt
And they own you till you die

You took hook line and sinker
Everything they fed
Worked day and night, for most your life
To earn their daily bread
Now your old and weary
And you lay you down to sleep
With body worn and spirit torn
What's left is yours to keep

Riddle me who, riddle me why, answer me this
Who owns the chains that bind your wrists
Riddle me who, riddle me why, answer again
Riddle me who built the machine
That washed your brain

I'm Not Fooled So Easily:

I've been listening to what you said
And wondering if it could be true
If it's as bad as you say out there
I'll leave the going out to you

Statistics prove its not too bright
To walk the darker streets at night
Or to talk to people you don't know
My worlds become a horror show

There's a murder in my living room
My child is watching avidly
Should I venture out tonight
Tomorrow he'll be watching me

You pay your money take your choice
But every channel plays the same
The audience hears his master's voice
Keeps him scared and keeps him tame

I'm not believing all I see
Fabrications on T.V.
Distort the news, feed us your views
I'm not fooled so easily

One In  Ten:

My arms enfold the dole queue, malnutrition dulls my hair
my eyes are black and lifeless with an underprevileged stare
I'm the beggar on the corner, will no one spare a dime
I'm the child that never learns to read
'cus no one's spared the time.

I'm the murderer of the victim I've a license with a gun
I'm a sad and bruised old lady in an alley in the slums
I'm a middle-aged businessman with chronic heart disease
I'm another teenage suicide in a street that has no trees.

I'm a starving third-world mother, a refugee without a home
I'm a housewife hooked on valium I'm a pensioner alone
I'm a cancer ridden spectre that's covering the earth
I'm another hungry baby I'm an accident of birth

I am the one in ten a number on a list,
I am the one in ten even though I don't exist
nobody knows me but I'm always there
a statistical reminder of a world that doesn't care.

Don't Do the Crime:

Don't do the crime,
If you can't do the time
It's said that it just don't pay.
But what good's working hard
When all they give you is your cards
And you know there's not much you can say.

So you take what they give
You've no money to live
And your family don't understand.
After all these years
They will end up in tears
With a mountain of bills in their hands.

Now your lesson is learned
There's nowhere to turn
And it's no use pleading for help.
When you're left on the heap
There is nothing to keep you
From going and helping yourself

The dilemma you've found
Is you're morally bound
Now your moral code needs a review
So what do you care
You know life isn't fair
And for years they've been stealing from you

I Won't Close My Eyes:

I won't close my eyes
To the sufferers plight.
In a world full of sadness
I won't turn off my light.

Our cries for justice are shots in the dark
But our strength's in our bite
And not in our bark
It's time to stand
And shout it out loud
And the louder we scream
The sweeter the sound.

I won't close my eyes
When I know that I'm right
When I'm drowning in tears
I won't turn off my light.

We're shown no respect
But that can't break our pride,
When our backs to the wall
We won't run and we won't hide
It's time to stand, face the oncoming crowd
And the louder we scream
The sweeter the sound.

I wont't close my eyes
When the future don't look bright
Though the road seems too long
I won't turn off my light
In a world full of darkness,
I won't turn off my light

Homely Girl:

It must have broke your poor little heart
When the boys used to say,
you looked better in the dark.
But now they'd give all they learnt in school
To be somewhere in the dark with you

The teacher would ask the questions
And you, would always raise your hand
But somehow you never got your turn
And my eyes would fill with water, inside I'd burn

Homely girl, you used to be so lonely
You're a beautiful woman oh yes you are
Homely girl you used to be so lonely
You're a beautiful woman oh yeah

There was a boy who used to sit beside you
Who'd like to hold that place his whole life through
Oooh you were beautiful to me
You had a heart no one could ever see, oh yes you did

I was the only one who offered
To carry your books
Took all the stares and laughter
And the dirty looks
Cause I saw then what they see now
They all want to ask you for a date
They don't know how, they don't know how

Guns In the Ghetto:

Daddy don't go out tonight
Just stay home till morning light
Me and mamma don't feel right
Please hold us tight

Daddy why did you go to work
When you know just how much we love you so
Please come back tomorrow

They're giving out guns in the ghetto
They're saying they will set you free
One day I'll have children of my own
But I'm afraid they won't have me

Mamma isn't daddy back
I'm getting scared and that's a fact
Why are we all dressed like that
All in black

Mamma, is Daddy home
Why are you crying all alone
Grandma's tears have turned to stone
And I'm chilled to the bone

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Totally agree with you!

In this world where circumstances are dictated by mortal man, there is nothing an ordinary person can do!

it's heaven's wish!
we cannot avoid it!

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Why the negative opinion, this UB40 band is European.

Troubles can always be solved.

so, it's stupid to lose your confidence now!

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note: heck! It's not even in you or my control.

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Originally posted by greendragon at 2009-5-26 14:42
Troubles can always be solved.

so, it's stupid to lose your confidence now!

Green DRagon
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note: heck! It's not even in you or my control.

yes, they are from the U.K.

they use Brass instruments and Saxophones to really great effect, better than any other band on earth

there's nothing negative from UB40 at all

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Reply #5 justbabygirl's post

I always liked "Rat in my kitchen".....but now we have rats in our forum, wonder if that'll work in the song.

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Reply #6 exportedkiwi's post


We have big problem now leh!
and Mr. CaringHK only bother about Iskandar.

as if solving the PATANI insurrectioin wasn't good enough for the Riau Bureacrats.
and that the CENTRAL region money minting does not help Malaya.
and making a happy MALAYA with sharing of state revenue with all the Clans, Tribes and Regions is not enough.


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note: When will you guys be satisfied?

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