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Even I often not agree with you on this forum, I appreciate these pics, may it be impressive for many people, hope this can make people change.
I dont like to hurt peoples, but I think pictures of beautiful place died under pollution in china could be a similar electro choc effect. Because when you show Manilla to  peoples, they think "oh, it's far from me"...

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Here is a Poem I wrote:

The voice of the mountain is calling my name;
I see her in the shadows, She is glad that I came.

The rain on her body refreshes her claim,
She lies bare on the mountain, without any shame.

Her voice is the waters and the wind in the trees,
She makes her heart known, through the rustling of leaves.

She bares her breasts to the God of the sky,
At the sight of her sorrow, rains fall from His cry.

Her breathing is felt in the earth all around,
And my bare-feet can feel her sighs underground.

Once worshipped and loved by all, far and near,
She's long been forgotten by those with no fear.

Her heart, once radiant and so proud on its own,
Has sunken below and become firey brimstone.

Her wrath is her justice,  her patience wears thin,
She's biding and waiting, and writhing within.

She is the dear mother and soul of this earth,
The life giving breath, who judges all worth.

Now battered and torn, from pollution and rape,
She no longer resembles her original shape.

Reveared no more, as the universe's planet of choice,
She is now on her death bed without out so much as her voice.

She is bound and tied in chains of neglect and denial
And the people who have denied her, all soon must stand trial.

The generations of man, for 200 or so years,
Have been wounding their mother, without any tears.

The ages of industry and technology make life fun,
Without your mother's approval, it will all be undone.

Her voice is constant, her vigilance never ceased,
its the crying voice of reason, for men to be deceased.

I'm "the unloyal brother", I've heard you all say,
I 'm a warrior for Mother Earth, until my dying day.

The land is a curse and an unwelcoming face,
To all who would say "of proof, there's no trace."

You think you've conquered Earth, and may do as you please...
But the Earth has a will, and you'll be brought to your knees.

You dwell on the earth, but have given no praise,
Thus you and your kin, the Great Spririt will raze.

You take and you take, and you think its all yours,
But all that you are is cankerous sores.

The spirit, ensnared and oppressed,
Will soon be set free, from the East to the West.

If you turn off your TV, and your PSP too,
And go out and listen to what she's telling you...

And if you are careful and open your heart,
And pledge to her your love,  never to part;

In her solitary confinement, if you ease her pain,
and keep her always, at the front of your brain...

you'll find , then, at last, you've found your true mother,
and never again, will you preference another.


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The West

It is the consumer culture promoted by the West that causes the devastation of the environment.The automobile and meat cults
lead to most of the hazards to the environment today.The deforestation of Aotearoa,the extermination of the American bison,the loss
of countless species can all be attributed to the post Columbus holocaust.The Western military's use of napalm,agent orange,
depleted uranium,DIME,white phosphorous,nuclear weapons and vast quantities of conventional ordnance are also devastating
to human and animal and plant life.

Why blame everything on the poor who are the least of the offenders ?

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Originally posted by petera at 2009-5-26 07:00
It is the consumer culture promoted by the West that causes the devastation of the environment.The automobile and meat cults
lead to most of the hazards to the environment today.The deforestation  ...

the worst offender of all??


and synthetic fibers and resins and other synthetic materials and foams, etc

also, littering, people throw things in the street excpecting them to be picked up, but the rains wash them into the gutters, then into the sewage systems and canals, those dump into rivers, which all flow into the ocean

we simply produce too much waste

andits not the west its anyone with a modern life and comfortable income

just look in China, poor people have little or no waste becaus everything they buy comes from the local markets, and these days they are even carrying their own durable bags

but go to Jusco, WalMart, Carre Four, Trustmart, ParknShop, etc, and everything in the whole place is is wrapped and over-wraopped in plastic containers, bags, liners, etc etc

companies stopped using plastic grocery bags , but that is not really even very useful, because they still need to buy rubbish bags for their home, and shopping bags were a great thing to use at home in your rubbish cans.. now we are all buying rolls and rolls of garbage bags

we need paper grocery bags, those bags can be used at home again for rubbish bags, and are very environmental friendly

a far bigger problem is all the crap we buy in the stores has to be packaged so atttractively and so wastefully

people of the world have a responsibility to shop at farmers and local markets, andmake things from scratch.

instead of buying spaghetti sauce, we should use whole tomatoes, onion, and garlic and whole fresh or dried hebs

and we shouldn't become dependant on artificial flavors of junk snack foods like cookies and crackers and candies, and sauces and condiments and other things

we should buy things in glass jars whenever possible and avoid the plastic containers, and reuse the jars for storage at home

and we should avoid buying things which are packaged in plastic wrappers or trays or containers

even avoiding things like ham and hotdogs, and instead use the fresh whole meats from the local markets

avoid eating at places like KFC and McDonalds which wraps everything in piles of waste

avoid the sweets and fancy packaging in teh market

buy the milk which comes in glass jars from teh local markets

etc etc

The World needs you

its everyone's reponsibility

no one can afford to be wasteful victims of automation, advertising, and convenience

take the time to learn how to make everything from scratch

everything can be made from scratch

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