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Originally posted by Kbay at 2009-5-26 20:21
Yes I know.
Very few, possibly a handful active defenders of Chinese rights here.
As Augusta said, there are traitors in all walks of life.
The greycoat, or should I say turncoat may have had an ...

And how do your deluded attacks against people of British descent qualify as a defence of Chinese rights? They certainly aren't under threat from the British. Do you even live in China?

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Human traffickers sell sex slave on Britain's busiest street

7th December 2009

Pimps sold a young woman as a sex slave in broad daylight on Britain’s busiest shopping street.

A brothel owner paid just £3,000 for the Lithuanian victim, a woman in her 20s, in the transaction on London’s Oxford Street.

Police surveillance footage shows an Albanian man handing over the cash to two of his countrymen outside Selfridges department store as shoppers pass by, unaware of what is happening.

The helpless woman - guarded by a thug - is forced to watch as the men discuss the deal.

She would have been expected to earn her new ‘owner’ £100,000 a year by having sex up to 25 times a day in a brothel.

On this occasion, the woman was lucky. Police swooped to free her and her traffickers were jailed for a total of 63 years.

The Home Office estimated that in 2003, the most recent figures available, 4,000 women were trafficked into the UK for prostitution.

Police warn that the numbers of Eastern Europeans being trafficked into the UK will grow significantly in the run up to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

A rise in so-called ‘vice activity’ has already been detected in the five Olympic boroughs of Newham, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest and Greenwich, to cater for demand from 25,000 construction workers.

A special police squad has been set up to tackle the trafficking. Officers cite the example of a 16-year-old Albanian girl who thought she was coming to London for a romantic weekend with her boyfriend. When they arrived, he handed her over to pimps.

Police released the photo of the woman being trafficked on Oxford Street in a bid to raise awareness of the problem.

Seller number one, Izzet Fejzullahu - an Albanian vice gang member - is pictured selling the girl for £3,000. He was jailed for 14 years at London's Southwark Crown Court for controlling prostitution.

Seller number two, Albanian Agran Demarku, is seen discussing the deal with the brothel owner. He was sentenced to 18 years, as was his brother, Flamur, who stood guard over the girl.

The buyer, brothel owner Gazmet Turku, was also jailed.

Detective Chief Superintendent Richard Martin, of the Metropolitan Police Clubs and Vice Unit, said: 'The man to the left in the picture has £3,000 in cash in his hand, with which he is buying a human being.

'She is just a commodity to them. She is an item for selling sex.

'The man is buying the girl for his own brothel from the men to his right, who ran a network of nine brothels. He is simply replenishing his stock, as a shopkeeper would.

'These women are put into slavery and exploited in the vilest way.'

Detective Superintendent Martin said 25 trafficked women had been rescued by his unit this year.

'We have had people kidnapped and smuggled into the UK,' he said. 'Others came in thinking they were working in bars but were put to work in brothels.

'Their passports were taken, they were threatened - and some were systematically raped and beaten up.' ... .html#ixzz0Z4AKphSL
No Virgin Girl in America

American can not live without SEX.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2009-12-8 22:31

Dear Verdane,

I don't think your philosophy will sink in Buddy's thick skull. Ithink youhave laid on way toomuch commonsense for Buddy to comprehend.

Youneed to talk to him, using SIMPLE ...

I know, it's difficult. I keep forgetting i'm trying to make a rational arguement with someone who isnt rational. A fundamental mistake that I keep repeating on these forums. Talking of which, where is Timbuktu? Has he found 'Ghod'.

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Originally posted by verdane at 2009-12-8 03:09

the so called 'Anglos' don't control China Daily do they? Now consider Buddy if an 'anglo' in England said some of the things about any other race that you say about 'anglos' the chances are th ...

verdane, this is too simple for even these simpletons to understand. Make it bit more complicated or complex and they might get it.

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Originally posted by mechanic at 2009-12-8 23:44
Human traffickers sell sex slave on Britain's busiest street
Pimps sold a young woman as a sex slave in broad daylight on Britain’s busiest shopping street.

So two Albanian criminals sell a Lithuanian girl to an Albanian brothel owner, and the British police arrest them.

Good-O, lock the bastards up and throw away the keys.

Great to see that in the civilised United Kingdom, this sort of behaviour is abhorrent and the officials clamp down on this activity.

In so many less civilised places the local officials are in bed with the exploiters.
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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Ding Junhui likes it here :)

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England is Free, thanks to Mr. Blair.

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