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Media China v West [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by raton at 2009-5-8 20:49
Jews own the US media and totally manipulated to their advantage, Americans (stupid) have no bloody clue what really going on..!

The topic is Media China vs West.
USA are not the West by themself... Europe has 2 times more inhabitants, and there are also Canada, Australia, NZ...
Why do you focus so much on CNN when you could easely access any other Western media?
I really feel that we just have USA overseas Chinese here...
Can you let us know a bit more why the Western media are biaised regarding their analysis on internal affairs?

We should debate on general journalistic ethics here, including internal affairs treatment.
... not just on the way western media do report Chinese events or policy.

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Originally posted by soapdodger at 2009-5-8 14:05

Please also remember that the western media heavily criticize politicians from ALL countries including their home govertnments. I don't remember hearing the Chinese claiming that the media should have stopped criticizing Bush/Blair/Merkel/Sarkosy etc.? If you want to give it, at least be willing to take it. Insisting that western media is biased on all fronts is not going to make your situation any better - suggesting topics on which you have opposing opinions is a much better approach that making & offering blanket opinions.

Well said Soapdodger

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Originally posted by Shanghey at 2009-5-6 14:33
The difference is that the media in the West is free to ask questions and uncover the truth about anything. Even those things that are supposedly top secret. In China, it is not so free. So any so- ...

Let's us call a spade a spade. To say the Chinese media is perfect is dishonesty in itself. From my observations, China will block negative reporting on China.  As for the western media they often create, manufacture, fabricate and doctored files to lie.  Being lied to is worst than being blocked from access to the news. I would rather that the TV station tells me nothing than tells me lies and tons of lies The Iraqi war is the direct consequence of continuous lying by the Bush administration. As a  result  of the lies, more than a million Iraqis lost their lives and many thousands are been displaced. Listen to the clip on the interview on the Georgian/Russian war on my  earlier posting under this same topic. The days of pure and true journalism are gone and lost. Today, one just can't believe what .one sees or hears. One has to be an expert on "read my lips".

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The Media IS Propaganda any person that think's "his" national/corporate media is "free" to report anything is very uninformed.

Also consider that it is not required to prevent the truth from existing, you only need to marginalize it and bombard the apathic and atomized public with counter or distracting
propaganda to make it ineffectual.

This being said western propaganda is much more sophisticated because a large portion of the population is utterly delusional
and thinks the media can be relied on. If the Chinese think 'their' media is immune then apparently Chinese propaganda is improving,
(though it can be harder to detect your own media's propaganda than it is to notice it elsewhere).

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Let's be simple.
In China, whatever newspaper your choose, you will have a single version of internal and world events, the one of Xinhua.
There is no investigation to cover external events and journalist would never take the risk to go against the official line..
In the West, if you think that your left wing newspaper tells you bull----s, you can also read some right wing ones, or why not some pro-environmentalist news from a green newspaper, or some radical nationalist stuff, or an old school revolutionary media.
They are all biaised in some ways, but at least, you got the choice.... you prefer the point of view of a socialist newspaper because you are not a nationalist punk or a capitalist yuppie? You just can get it! Isnt it great?

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Toto has never been to Kansas

Everyone is bias and every publication has their own agenda whether it is to represent government policy or to be entertaining to sell newspapers. There are many differences between the freedom of the press in China and the rest of the Western world.
     Freedom of the press is a founding principle in America as is freedom of speech. “The Virginia Declaration of Rights (1776) proclaimed that "the freedom of the press is one of the greatest bulwarks of liberty and can never be restrained but by despotic governments." Similarly, the Constitution of Massachusetts (1780) declared, "The liberty of the press is essential to the security of freedom in a state” Jefferson said: "No experiment can be more interesting than that we are now trying, and which we trust will end in establishing the fact, that man may be governed by reason and truth. Our first object should therefore be, to leave open to him all avenues of the truth".
Censorship closes possible avenues of reason and truth. An intelligent human may decide what is true only when presented by all sides of an argument. Examples of censor ship in China are plentiful. Reporters Without Borders ranks China's press situation as "Very serious", the worst ranking on their five-point scale.[2] China's Internet censorship policy is labeled as "ervasive" by the OpenNet Initiative's global Internet filtering map, also the worst ranking used.[3] Freedom House ranks the press there as "not free", the worst ranking, saying that "state control over the news media in China is achieved through a complex combination of party monitoring of news content, legal restrictions on journalists, and financial incentives for self-censorship." The rest of the article is ... s_Republic_of_China        though you may not be able to read it in China, because it may be censored.

The media in the West is NOT FREE to ask questions. They get a delivery of anthrax in the post

The New York Post and NBC News letters contained the following note:
The second anthrax note
The second note that was addressed to Senators Daschle and Leahy read:
More information here about the anthrax attacks:

but had nothing to do with limiting freedom of the press, just another example of attack by Muslim extremists, the same kind of people who wanted to kill a Dutch cartoonist.

fine for Janet Jackson's left breast exposure

what does that have to do with freedom of the press????
it has to do with the fact during the superbowl a lot of kids are watching and American TV during primetime has moral standards.

Simpsons and Family Guy rushed out episodes to parody them

yes programs are free to do this in America, in Canada politicians come on popular comedy shows where they themselves are parodied. We don’t take ourselves quite so seriously as the rest of the world, you should try it….we don’t lock people up and force political reeducation on them (brainwash) which you seem to be suffering… Toto I guess has never been to Kansas boys and girls and should research the facts before speaking.
George Orwell 25 June, 1903 – 21 January, 1950, yes a little out of date
what was China like in 1950??? Anyone remember the cultural revolution?

4.  CNN and BBC. These are THE ONLY TWO WORLD WIDE "services"

if these are the only western media services you can access, then things in China are worse than I thought or you really don’t know what you are talking about.

5. Just look at this forum. You can post here and have your thoughts Anglo propaganda or truth appear immediately

some threads are still censored-ask the editor of this forum, in the West there are tv shows where you can speak live on the air and say what you want- is there any such program in China??? Every TV show is lip sync or prerecorded in China.

6. Anglo Amerikan equivalent of "anti-CNN"? Don't Anglo Amerikan liars have any complaints about chinese media that they're willing to start a web page
the amount of media in the West is staggering, any opinion possible is represented as we protect the rights of the minorities. In the Western News when something is good or interesting it is reported when something is bad or tragic it is also considered news worthy.

7. Anglo Amerikans are proven liars

why do you hate the west so much??? you have received so much for free; western culture is everywhere in China, from pop songs, to western food, the clothes you are wearing, building and street architecture, movies, the communist manifesto, computers and software, Christmas and Valentine’s day are all borrowed from the west, we have enriched your life so much, how about a little bit of gratitude… know that children from a young age in some Muslim communities are taught to sing that Americans are evil and that we should be destroyed without ever having even met an American…this is the power of propaganda which is essentially brain washing. To say all Anglo Americans are liars and all Chinese are honest is staggeringly ignorant. You are a good candidate for being recruited as a suicide bomber…
.Have you ever been to a Chinese market….Many Chinese vendors try to cheat and overcharge foreigners    true or false??? is this an example of Chinese honesty? In America the price is the price no matter what color is your skin.

8. Just look at the way Anglo Amerikans violate ALL treaties and laws.

Didn't the British give back Hong Kong???
Without Anglo Americans you might now be speaking Japanese..what I feel is just ingratitude. What would China be now it Nixon hadn’t come calling???? Are we just fools for helping China is this the lesson you wish to teach? Americans supported democratic south Korea and it is a far far better place to live than North Korea which China supported. After WW2 we forgave and have supported and befriended Germany, Italy and Japan. Has China forgiven Japan????Taiwan???Tibet??? Will they ever??? We help our friends because it makes us stronger, the same way I’m helping to expose the error of the propaganda that has been impressed upon you. (I don’t think you would know the truth if it hit you in the nose).

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Every coin have two sides. Westen media have open styles that we all know. They can talk and discuss anything frankly.That is what Chinese media lacked. But in another side,Westen media always exaggerate something and over the turth.for instance,they always said China have no democracy and Chinese people live under the heavy pressure of government.

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