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will there be a war between china and america? [Copy link] 中文

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where's liu whore quoting from

the thread leaps to the apogee of CD's forums


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Americans dare not。。

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This is a world of love,not sword.

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The US won't transport provisions to anything but their naval vessels. My guess is that they'd not bother to invade the mainland because it'd be too bloody. Really, there'd be no point anyway when they can stand off and bomb the crap out of the place if they so chose to, destroying economic and military targets of opportunity. Yes, China subs might sink a few USN vessels but at the end of the day, experience and technology will win the day and I foresee, without blowing the US trumpet, that the PLA-N subs will be neutralised pretty early on in the game, probably before the USN actually sends surface vessels into the AO. Makes sense to me anyway. Here's hoping such things will never happen anyway.
FYI; do the math about USN/USMC aircraft availablity for transport on more than 12 I including reserves) large decked carriers and gator freighters, and also the US ability to put high tech combat aircraft into the AO. The odds are way in the USs favour regarding control of airspace.

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So 100 Boomers are Not Sufficient

As our Kiwi friend so aptly points out, 100 boomers will not be enough.

It is time to short the American banks, and yank the treasuries from the Yanks.  Not all of it of course.  Just another 50 B to build yet another 100 boomers.

How about that Kiwi?  Would 200 be enough?  

Are 200 enough, Kiwi?  WHY the hubris to think that the Chinese should lie down and say "how wide" when the Yanks demands to screw the Chinese nation by bombing her?  Why in the world would it not escalate to total all out nuclear war?  Just 1 or 2 of the 200 boomers would be enough to pay back any of the "bomb the crap out of" hubris, don't ya think?  

200 not enough, add another 200 in orbit vehicles.  Is that the way it should go, just to satisfy white men's hubris?  

"Go feck yourselves" would be the only logical response.  See your bombers and raise you 100 boomers.

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Instead of Facing Reality

Instead of facing the reality that the West is fecked - white boys continue to fantasize about raping and pillaging China.

The decline of the West is irreversible and unstoppable.  Simple logic mandates so.  You have simply priced yourself out of the market for too long.   The same product and/or service, when done in the West, cost 3 to 5 times as much.  It is one thing when the rest of the world does not know how to make them or provide replacements therefor.  But in this 21st century, there really is very little left that the West knows how to make but China does not.   Take the GPS.  In 5 years, China's Bei-Dou will have capacity (both 2 way communications, and precision down to 10 mm) better than any commercial system on earth.  Better than GPS (which is one way only), and better than the non-existent Galileo.

Look at the Yanks.  After throwing trillions at the financial meltdown (trillions that they don't have), what do they do?  Do you see repentance and asking for forgiveness for screwing up the world's economy?  NOOOOOO.  What is being set up is foul business as usual - America TODAY continues to try to perpetrate the $30 Trillion CDS fraud.  Instead of shutting the fraud down, they are hoping that the world just would not notice.

The reasonable route is to accept China as an equal and ask for cooperation.  Yet the West continues to try to isolate and hold back China's progress.  So China has to react accordingly.  China's military hardware progressed only as fast as it did, because of the unreasonable Western embargo.  So perhaps we do need to thank our white friends for being silly.

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americans nowadays have much to worry about themselves, the financial crisis is killing them, making them sleepless at night, how come the idea of a war between china and the US? the US needs china coveting chinese money...

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