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are your eyes tired [Copy link] 中文

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I suffered from insomina these days!!!

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I suffers the same ailment with you. My work forces me looking at my computer screen up 5 consecutive hours a day with little breaks. I feel sour every afternoon. To address this trouble, I used to use eyedrops every day, but it's effect was not good. And now, I play table tennis twice to triple per week. This exercise improves my eyesight conspicuously, I feel much comfortable with my eyes.

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I find my eyes tied all day. I hate computer but has to face.
Sometime i use eyedrop and i'm not sure if it is the best way.

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My vision is also getting worse,it is pain,my eyes usual fatigue,But i do not  like wear glasses.

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Originally posted by vivian625 at 2009-4-20 15:31
after facing computer for several hours or whole day, can you feel tired of your eyes? i did and always
so how to protect or avoid?

it happen to me too
too long hours in front the pc is the result

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A few solution

Yes. This is becoming a developing problem as a by-disorder to the natural body.

To assist to correct with eye-sight focal lengths, it has been suggested by doctors and eye-practitioners to:

1. Keep eyes lubricated, as lack of eye water will influence the toughness of the cornea

2. Make sure you look away to focus a foreign object from time to time (recommended 15 mins). Windows will help with this.
The cilliary will become stiff after a constant pressure (either long or short focus) for example: 3 hr exams

3. Flushing and washing your eyes daily either in the morning or night is recommeded to cleanse the dust and dirt from the between the eye and eyelid.

4. Unstress. Mainly to close eyes frequently over a short periods of time. You may experience a eye/head-ache during this procedure. Deep breathes and release control to focus on your eyes will help relaxen the cilliaries.


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1. take a few minutes away from the screen to look at something far away; just stare but not squint at anything in the distance;  that should help release the tension in the eye muscles;

2. press the thumb hard against the eye socket bone at the point just below where the eyebrow starts, then press hard round the bone rim of the eye socket until reaching the lower part of the eye as though completing a circle round it;  feel the blood course through the small eye veins;

3. try using one eye only; alternate with the other from time to time.

4. lie down and close them;  let the mind rest for a few minutes.

some part of the foot sole or hand relates to the eye;  i cannot remember which part, so i will not make advice on where to massage.

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