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Dharamsala "Hell on Earth" [Copy link] 中文

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Reply #39 - For seneca - Healthcare Conditions in Tibetan Refugee Camps

Thank you, seneca, for pursuing "respectable" sources regarding the deplorable conditions in the Tibetan refugee camps in under DL's management. Perhaps you think the kind of reports given in post #1, 2, 3, 4 are not respetable by your standard. Does the author touch a raw nerve on Dhamransala and what it stands for and what it looks like? For one thing, the perspectives, and facts, offered by these authors do not cater to the mainstream western media appetite and consumption and political agenda.

Perhaps you think those numerous photos of the starving, severely under-nourished Indian kids not authentic. Or maybe you think those reports (plus photos) on the living conditions in the slum areas in Indian cities not respectable. And you think the Indian government would go out of the way to provide adequte medical care for the Tibetan refugees?

When the US president checks into Andrew Air Force Hospital for whatever medical attention, there are also tens of thousands who have no health care coverage whatsoever.

When His Holiness checked into a first class hospital in New Dehli last fall for a stoumach complaint, you can be quite sure those thousands of Tibetan refugee camp dwellers, or Tibetan beggers on New Dehli streets do not enjoy the same treatment and care for similar physical complaints.

When DL fled in 1959, there were several thousand beggers on Lhasa's streets. Today, Tibetan beggers are found in Indian streets.

Older Tibetan refuguees, when asked about their life under DL in the old Tibet, are very reluctant in giving answers. Many refer to those years with shame and regret and indicate they would not prefer to go back to that kind of life any more.

It is a shame in deed that many of them suffer from privately and quietly. A shame imposed upon them by the old Tibetan ruling system, under which you are supposed to abide by all the rules and laws prescribed for you based what social class you were born into. A regret that you probably were born as a life long sevant to your master and you could only hope to improve your lot by the next life if you are lucky enough to be born into a higher social caste.

It is also a shame that most western media choose to ignore the obvious facts and conditions in the Tibetan refugee camps, including exploitations of the refugees and human rights violations. They choose to impart the impression that Dharamsala is a utopia, after depicting the old Tibet under DL as a Shangari-la.

Very effective propaganda, obviously.

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Xinghai- it sounds like you're endorsing the views of the group who produced those articles.  Do you also support their hatred of China's 'paramount leader' Deng?

"And you think the Indian government would go out of the way to provide adequte medical care for the Tibetan refugees?"

Not necessarily, but since the Tbtn cause is disproportionately popular in the west I'm sure they get more donations than most refugees.  And, like I said above, if conditions truly are awful there, why don't more of them take advantage of the Chinese government's offer and return?

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I would be interested in more sources on living conditions for Tbtns in India, though.  Where do your remarks come from?

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I have provided the article 'as is' and also the reference to find it. Nothing hidden here.

What you do with it is in your domain.

You have given your opinion and that is good.

I did go back to look at authors names in the RW and found Raymond Lotta on the article you cited and Li Onesto on another similar article about China. We can therefore assume there may been areas of opinion that overlap or even become radical within this publication.

You mention the anthropologist and ask for reference and then you follow this up with a line about finding the figure 1,300 on the Internet.

So you need to have everything cited in your direction but do not oblige the same courtesy.

Can we assume from this that what you see and do must be correct, and everybody else has to provide stone carved rationale otherwise you will not give any credence.

Anyway as stated it is up to you to put your own interpretation on the article.


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Originally posted by seneca at 2009-4-11 21:26

Who do you think fares better - the Teebs in Dharamsala or the N Koreans in Man.churia?

Manchuria ceased to exist in 1945. There are no North Koreans in Jilin and Liaoning. There are however many Koreans and from what I've seen they're not doing bad over there. Just have a look for yourself.

The m onk's inner circle can hardly be beaten when it comes to extravaganzas. They enjoy their lives in the hills of Northern India and I wish them and their offsprings all the best on Indian soil.

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"you give a lot of credit to Chinese claims"

Seneca- the article in question here is not from a Chinese source- it wouldn't be too unjust to call it anti-Chinese, I'd say.

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To the critics of this article

Saying the article is anti-Chinese would be just smearing for the sake of it.

Criticizing the authors for their political beliefs is smearing for the sake of it.

The article is pro Chinese / anti-Chinese. They both carry the same argument.

Pro-Chinese = biased. Ant-Chinese = biased.

Trashing the content with contra citation would have been nice.

If fact, thepeop did this with the new edition version so at least tried to provide something back.

Stating wild figures seen on the Internet did not do justice as an answer.

Most disappointing really. The most salient point about the article is its date.  1994.

This article is 15 years old.  

I did provide the honest information but instead of attacking the article from the obvious point.

You chose to try and smear it away with the usual trashing of the socio-political stance.

Come on guys if you are going to try to trash something.

At least look for the obvious, like its age and how it can be argued as not relevant in 2009.   

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