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Celebrate Serfs Day with E. Candler [Copy link] 中文

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As for people who submit to the will of a deity, I have no problem with that.

Except when it has to go through man and his machinations, influences and political intrigues.

Then the followers are likely to be just sheeple led by their human leader with their children being indoctrinated to create more sheeple.

Classic cases are the Roman Church, Protestant Church, Muslims and just about all the others.

There may well be a God. The spark of life came from somewhere. But it is not in man that this power resides.

A reporter who went to Tbet in 1903 and saw some things that he found shocking and hypocritical.

Example: Dead human bodies being carved up and fed to carrion eaters.

Monks praying for dead insects and yet having mammals killed for eating.

Why would he not comment as one of the very few people who had been there.

You will please be reminded that I did not write the article.

I have merely presented what someone else saw in 1903 which I found of interest..

If you have read the article you would know that the writer states that HE believes the followers do not eat meat as all life is sacred.

As for pathetic.  If it is pathetic to have a point of view then you must look to your own stance in the same light.

Eating meat as stated in my previous reply is not the main focus.

This would be the killing of an animal in order to eat its meat as pointed out in the article, which was NOT written by me.

If the writers point of view suddenly becomes that of the reader, then we must all censor our reading according to your ideas and certainly we cannot allude to what someone else has written or by association be accused of some form of undermining.

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seneca's big secret

Senile can read minds but she can't read a book.
Confucius - Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.

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seneca showcases the profound and stubborn bias and hatred of Christianity.

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Please send your critque of the contents to Mr. Candler.

As for the book I do not believe you have read any of it.  At the most that would be a loose scan.

You would at least know that it was written by two writers. Not one.

Horrifying events? Puli:z!!! Don't judge how Buddhists should feel about these natural (death and decay) events, least of all from an outsider's point of view! That is arrogant!


Arrogance is not reading the post before you answer.

They are that because who latch on to Candler's judgemental and biased views, views that are highly and suspiciously subjective and that for these reasons have arrested the Party's interest and approval.

The views expressed are those of a 1903 British correspondent and any bias would have been in favour of the British Empire and way of life.  If you had really read this book you would have been able to show several passages that are very favourable to your love of everything Tbet.   Then you would have used them.  Honestly!, this shows an absolute unwillingness on your part to even get some real information on the topic.

What Candler has to do today with modern politics is beyond me, and trying to make him a Party member just doesn’t work.  What Candler shows is that in 1903 the world did not have electric light, running water and flushing toilets.  But you should know that already.

Maybe I am wrong. I think in the Tbet of your dreams not only did they have all these things but also Goat TV featuring the DL’s greatest Oms.  The land of spotless happy people walking around singing and dancing.  Of course there would have been those nice gas heaters so that they could still smile and sing at -20 degrees. The land of plenty and happiness while the rest of the world as we know it in 1903 lived in poverty and squalor.

Why would Candler write about such cultural elements? Was it because there was an utter dearth to write about other aspects of life in T? Or was the butchering of local soldiers that resisted the invaders not bloody enough?

As for a reporter not reporting unusual things, culturally speaking, in 1903.  Wouldn't be much of a report if he ignored things never seen or known.  That is why they call these people, "reporters".  You know, report on what they see.

"Butchering local soldiers"   ????  You would also know his feelings and those of the other author on the unfolding actions and events.

If you had read the book.

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And again 2,3,4…....

I do not use Candler as “My favourite witness”, these are your words.  Please provide a list of the startling variety of writers on Tibet that went there in the 20th century and before. A mere handful. Unfortunately, we are stuck with just a few and most are quoted in Candler’s work .  You seem to believe or imply that because I have mentioned this work my opinions are the same as his. You then lambast me with argumentation as if I had made the points he made and I was the instigator of his comments.

Again you have ignored or misunderstood the message which Candler observes.  That is not about the eating of meat but rather the how or why.  Whether the observer is a Buddhist or a layman does not detract from the notion he makes.

His statements center around the whole concept of praying for insects and microbes accidentally killed by Buddhists and then ordering someone to kill a mammal so that it can be eaten. Hypocrisy. But you are conveniently applying everything including the kitchen sink to ignore this. You wish to focus on whether the religion allows for the eating of meat or not and imply that a non-Buddhist should not have the right to question this.

But that is not the focal point of the previous texts and Candler's observation.

Just so you do not miss the point again I will put it into a more simplified way for you. In a closed question form.

STATEMENT: Buddhists believe that all life is sacred and that you should not kill any living creature.

QUESTION: If you are a Buddhist and you know or are aware of the above statement.

Is it correct and within the beliefs of Buddhism to:

A)        Kill a living creature and eat it?

B)   Get someone else to kill a living creature and then eat it?

C)    You should not kill anything.

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preach but do not practice

Something senile and the DL have in common.
I don't have a problem with a low level monk eating meat, but a monk that has reached the status of buddha should not eat meat.  
I know a monk/friend that took 5 years to quit eating meat.  I found it to be very entertaining to watch him eat meat cause he would always look around first before he reaches for the meat.  There was a few time he would ask me to boil an egg and peel the shell for him cause it is against buddha's teaching for him to crack an egg shell.
Maybe the DL is just an ordinary monk mistaken for a buddha by mentally challenged people like senile.
Confucius - Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.

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Heaven Sent

Do as I say.

Not what I do.   

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