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Why do us learn English [Copy link] 中文

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I always think that English is a most beautiful language as our Chinese, so I like English. I learn English just for fun, or i am interested in english. Although, I am also hate to CET 4, CET6. I didn't mind if i could get such kind of certificate, though i've got them. But if you find learning english is a interest, you will be most excited when you can listen some english news or even english songs. Let alone have a talk with a foreigner. so, i like english

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why do i learn english

i started to learn english when i attended middle school because it is a compulsory course
howere i continued to learn english i college because i did poorly in science while my enlish is comparative good
i will go on to learn it because to some extent i cant live without it

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learning English well is just a way to know the world  better and better,now earth is a earth village,so we need a common language,that's just English--the most widely used language.

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why learn english

As far as i am concered,learning english is extremely  necessary for us ,especially  students  in the 21th  centuruy. english is widely  used  nowadays . if we know english ,we can communicate  with  foreigner and  go to other countries to travel. however,i think  chinese style   in learning  english  is  not  good .  first, we should  learn  words by heart, but on the other hand , we should improve our oral english. maybe we can pass the cet-4  cet6 and so on ,most importantly we should talk , that's what  matters.besides, we should learn  chinese well .remember  we are chinese . chinese is our first language

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I do agree with you on that. The method used for teaching in Chinese universities is not really suited for long term retention of the material. I have observed many times the English classes for the Chinese student, and can understand why most students never really manage to succeed in conversational/oral English after that. I think most can wing it if they write it down, with the help of some translation software, but finding a Chinese student with good oral English is hard, considering that all of them did study it.

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Originally posted by TBWood at 2009-3-23 18:36
To myself,English course Study needs daily study! Because I want to get a good score for my English test.....
I'm sure learning English is important.But I think it's too extremely that In China En ...

Language is a tool

Wise men/women use it to learn more about life

Angry men/women use it to hurt anyone they can find

Kind man/women use it to love who are in need of love

Doctors use it to treat the sick

Builders use it to build the future

Bullies use it to scare the weak

Business people use it for trading

Teachers use it to teach

Why do you learn English?

Well, that depends what you want to do with the tool!

A tool is as good as the person who uses the tool

If you are not interested in using the tool

Don't learn to use it

Does it make sense?       :)

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In my humble opinion, learning english is now a primary and not a secondary objective to anyone who wants to experience the most out of their lives. Be it on a personal level or in a professional setting.

I am not a native english speaker and therefore went out of my way to learn it while in school (we had French as a second language and no English lessons)
After that I had the chance to go study in the US. This opportunity would not have presented itself without having a certain level of English knowledge.

Now I live in Europe and communicating/ still learning to speak and do my work in a new language which I did not anticipate the need to learn a few years ago. I am loving the experience, is it difficult? of course! Does it get on your nerves at some points? Definitely ... but the overall benefit to suffering level is most certainly positive.


1) At work, we have an older colleague who does not speak english, and have to pass me his phone in order to answer any calls which are in English.I find it very sad and very limiting in this new globalized world we live in.

2) I have been very fortunate to travel in many countries in the past years and found it very limiting being in a place where you do not speak the language and can not at least express yourself in English to the people. Sometimes even in English you do not go far!

Nowadays, learning English is a necessity and not a luxury. It opens up new worlds and new doors for you, some which you are working towards and others which you did not even prepare for.

"You do not have a second chance at making a first impression"

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