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Originally posted by diaboloist at 2009-3-6 02:28 AM
But theres no guarantee it will remove any nuclear weapon plus such course of action may lead to a unified and very nationalistic Korea, which will upset China's own ambition in the far east.

china, korea and japan need to unify into one asian family by way of reviving their common root asian culture.  or else, korea and japan will be marginalized after this financial crisis in this big-eat-small economic war they called globalization.

as a nuclear engineer, i v proposed a pyneong protocal for full nuclear disarmement. so far no one replied to my call. so i wont waste my time posting it here.

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Originally posted by idiot8 at 2009-3-6 02:40 AM

There are several trains a day that depart from BeijingZhan each day for Yanji up near the north Korean border.  From there you can get up to Changbaishan or Baedusan depending on your perswasion ...

tx a million!  i was worry sick how to get started, sneaking my way into n.korea.

the beijing k.o. connection is the best suggestion.  it would incentize me to polish up on the korean song i m learning.  pangapsuimida(very pro-north, though).  have u heard about it.  do u think the beijing koreans would turn of by my pro-north attitude?

i had extensive interaction with the travel agency.  their tour is very limited.  what i want is to joint train a new-style pingpong woman player that potentially could beat the chinese.  so, i need to eventually infiltrate into their national  pingpong team.

anyway, this time, 2.5 month, is an explorative trip.  many of my pingpong buddies here want to go with me, but i need to get facts straight myself first.

do u think it's useful to contact the n.korea united nation office? and also beijing ambassy(does embassy in cambodia friendly?, i mean)

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Originally posted by idiot8 at 2009-3-6 02:43 AM

North Korea wants bilateral talks with the US
The US is pushing for the 6 party talks


the 6-party should form the peace keeping force, in conjunction to the militaries in the north and south.

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I'd hardly call China or Russia doing "as America has instructed for a long time". I cite the Georgian invasion and gas shutoffs to the Ukraine as evidence of its increasingly-confident anti-Western policies. And China, though it has adopted a largely capitalist economy, cannot be said to be a puppet of the "800 pound gorilla".

I do, however, see your point in describing the presence of American troops in the RoK as certainly an additive to the already-flamable situation. I would propose a gradual withdrawal of the 37,000 troops conditioned on the absolute destruction of the DPRK's nuclear program. N. Korea also needs to end its incessant threats (see the recent one against South Korean airlines flying over its airspace) and at in a manner more consistent with international law customs and manners.

American troops in S. Korea have served a useful purpose as serving as a "trip wire" against N. Korean aggression (a repeat of its first invasion of 1950). The North knows that any act of aggression would be met with overwhelming force by both the RoK and US, yet it still insists on acting as a provocative and recalcitrant entity that insists on prolonging its national suffering for the sake of national pride and its "Great Leader". After Kim Jong Il's death, the DPRK's leaders need to man up and realize that the only suitable course of action is to let down their hostile exterior and open themselves up to foreign investment.

Everyone knows that a second Korean War would be disasterous to all involved, especially China given the nightmarish refugee situation. I agree that the US should be willing to reduce its troop levels on pre-conditions, but blaming America for the stalemate of the Six-Party Talks is simply out of touch with reality.

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Originally posted by mrpsiko at 2009-3-6 07:03 PM
I'd hardly call China or Russia doing "as America has instructed for a long time". I cite the Georgian invasion and gas shutoffs to the Ukraine as evidence of its increasingly-confident a ...

america needs to withdraw first.  then a real un peace keeping force should be sent in consisting of the really interested parties.  this now would be really for peace, not prepared for war as the gorilla is.  and now peace is assured, when both russia and china have their arrsssses on the line.  so, finally there is no sense for n.korea to have the abomb/missil or any army.

but the reason i m so interested in n.korea is that it's not fighting for political reasons, but it's fighting to defend the traditional asian culture, which all other asian nation, most conspicuously china, have abandoned.  but the optimistic signs i m seeing is that all asian nations, led by china, will soon turn around to revive our culture.  this would lead to asian unification, which lee kwan yeaw of singapore also promotes.  but only n.korea is the qualified leader to revive the culture.

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