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Work for Food Program for jobless migrant workers. [Copy link] 中文

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Reply #1 BingSilk's post

If my prediction is not wrong, at least 50% of those who soon be back in their old job doing assembly in commodity consumer products and engineering product components in about 12 months time.

so, let those girls have a holiday!
(knowing chinese girls, careful with money, they aren't going to starve)

the other 10 milion would probably land themselves with new jobs in the city.
(alas some will become night club hostess or other awful jobs.....)

In the meantime, many single rural farmer males, should be encouraged to take up FREE RANGING CATTLE farms.
It should be large farms with CATTLE STATIONs that can process BEEF cheaply into more edible products such as SMOKE, SAUSAGES, MEAT PATTIES, etc. that city folks will be soon in the next 10 years to be able to afford. Rich MEAT FREE RANGE farmers will be attractive for migrant female workers in the late 20's or early 30's.

10 YEARs ago, this would be difficult....but CHINA today has again double it's income....beef meat is becoming affordable!

Yes, yes, be PATIENT, wait.....condition change, so old solutions now can be reimplemented.

Green DRagon
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The Amerikan prairie initially only had FREE RANGE meat production..

...because meat cost more and could be herded to CATTLE STATIONs for shipment.

In China case, we need to process the meat to taste more tender before it can be sold widely and still be popular.

Ah! Creativity is needed here!

Chinese style hamburger?......i think our Archipelago produce RAMLI burger taste better than the meat patties produced for the huge burger industry in the United States!

ha ha ha

Green DRAgon
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Imagine, just breed the cows......

...let it roam freely in the grassland, monitor the number/km2.

and then gather the grown cows......wonder whether that works now.....

it's just an idea.....

ha ha ha

Green DRagon
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Migrant workers aren't really the same kind of headache faced by the central government as that posed by the urban educated elites.

Migrant workers and assorted peasantry, on occasions when they decide to stir things up are mostly locally oriented.  No national coordination and organization which sustain credible opposition to central government.  

However, with the contracting economy and the recent indiscriminate expansion of tertiary education in China, there will be according to statistics 6 million university graduates this year, add that to the number of past graduates still seeking employment and there will be some 7 million graduates looking for jobs this summer.  And theres just not enough acceptable jobs to go around.

China's modern history can be simplified in the following sentence; student movements evolving into lasting most often violent changes of government power, ie revolutions.  You cant help but suspect if Beijing isn't in panic mode already,  when confronted with a real risk  they start tapping into history, circa 1960s for some Cultural Revolution ideas for dealing with this uppity urban educated class.  Send them to work in the countryside.  The languages used are softer no doubt, its voluntary, so far;  but the idea is the same.  Repopulate the mountainous regions and countryside so as to lessen the strain on the urban employment.

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central GOV'T utilizes whatever possible...

like GREENDRAGON mentioned the gov't already in process of gatherin all the neccessary info from ev'ry province to see how serious the situation, and then take it from there...not an easy task to play with but eventual it will work its way in to secure an amicable situation for the unemployed folks at their patience somethin generous will be on your way before the summer hits  

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Ladies and Gentlemen...

... the CCP was vaulted into power by the very folks that are experiencing the brunt end of this economic downturn - the blue collar workers and their family back on the farm.  The powers to be in Beijing will be creative in dealing with this situation - but they will be wary about adopting European/North American style welfare programs.
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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