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Hi everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope your experience can give me some courage and advice about what to do next about my career.

Basically, I am a 23 year old girl who was born in Shanghai, grown up in Madrid, and completed my degree in Psychology and busines in the United Kingdom. I am a native speaker of Spanish, Chinese Mandarin and English due to my family and educational background. Having graduated from Uni recently, and after working in various industries including social care, forensic psychiatry, translation and interpreting, marketing...etc, throughout the past 5 years, I now feel rather stuck.

Ideally, I'd love to find a job where I will be able to apply my languages, whilst at the same time not completely abandon my degree in psychology. However, I do understand that realistically they are not easy subjects to combine.

Location wise, I'm also rather open as I'm a keen traveller and because I have no family commitments at the time being, I'm by no means tied to any particular place. Because of my languages, I would be willing to work in any English, Spanish and/or Chinese speaking countriy.

At the minute, I have just voluntarily  left my last job in Bristol, UK because I felt at the edge of depression and was in need of a break from England. My next job starts in the end of April, but for me it is just a backup position I will turn to when everything else fails.  I've now been living in Shanghai for over a month, and I feel it is time to make a decision of whether to return to a secure job but which will not make me happy, or perhaps, risk it and go for something new.

The problem is, I'm so overwhelmed by so  much information that's available nowadays and can't figure out where and how to start. Most of my family and friends seem to be convinced that someone like me should have no problem whatsoever in finding an ideal job, but there's a saying in chinese 旁觀者清,當局者迷, meaning that being implicated in a given situation is likely to confuse one's ability to rationalize, and it is therefore a good idea to let others express their opinion.

Therefore, I am now keen on listening to anyone who can give me any advise on how to take my next step.

Thanks again for taking time to read everything, and I'm looking forwards to hear any insight from you.

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I'd do one of the following if I were you.  Since I live in U.S., please understand that my suggestion is limited to what I am familiar.  Both of these options will enable you to use all your language and psychology background.

1. If you like schoolwork, this is the option for you.  

Go to graduate school and major in "clinical psychology" in a good U.S. university.  When you graduate in 5 years with a PhD in Clinical Psychology you will be able to work in the field that pays very well and has plenty of job opportunities.  You will be highly in demand because of your language skills.

2.  If you don't want to go back to school, you can apply for a job in a medical facility in the Mexico bordering states in U.S, such as California and Texas.  Since the Hispanic population is growing fast in these states, Spanish speaking professionals are much in demand and paid better than their counterparts who don't speak Spanish.  These states typically have large Chinese population too.  There all your language skills will be used, so as your psychology training.  

Good Luck!!

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to broadscan

Thank you very much for your advice, you have made me wonder why somehow i'd hardly considered working in the US, although after your reply I can see it would definitely be a very interesting option to start with.

However I'll need to research extensively about visa and work permit issues which I've never worried about before, being an EU national often working within the EU and UK.

May I ask, how hard would it be for me to apply for a course or job in the areas you've mentioned, and, does anyone know whether a British degree would be recognized in the US by educational or medical authorities?


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I don't know how hard it is to apply for a job from an EU country.  But I do know that your degree is certainly recognized.  Only thing is that there are many university graduates majored in psychology in the U.S. too.  So your language skills have very higher selling point than you degree, if you were looking for a job now in this country now.  

It's not very hard to apply for graduate school.  But you do have to take GRE and send out applications.  I know there are scholoarships for graduate students, but I don't know how hard it is to get one in your particular major.  All these will take quite some work, I think.   

I'm pretty sure there are jobs in China that require your background.  It's just a matter finding them.  Sorry, can't help you much there.

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there're people who think deeply about taking moves for a better future

while others just roam around, happy for anything(or nothing indeed)....:)

You have a great, excellent language facility which is definitely your strong suit!!! As you said, it makes possible for you to work in a lot of places~~~cool!!~~~Think hard over it. You must have something that weighs more than the others~~! sometimes we just need a little bit strength and stamina to stick to one thing......being fluid is not a good thing~~After all, we can only carry out good performances in a rather limited number of things!)

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to iamlost

I truly agree with what  you say about fluuidity. I think this is indeed my biggest strength as well as the largest trap which constantly makes me wander from one place to another.
You see, there's always a better place to be, and whatever I'm not doing now always seems far more attractive than what I already possess.
I read psychology and worked in psychology for over 4 years by now and perhaps I know all the theory about what makes one happy. My personality means I can survive and adapt well anywhere at anytime, and put in my best at any task at hand. However, my ambition stops me from being satisfied with less than what my efforts deserve.
But yes, I do believe that what i need now is to concentrate and fight for a definite objctive rather than waiting for an opportunity to land on me.

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