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Hamas and Israel. Take Your Side. [Copy link] 中文

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One China – No religion – Well done – Best country in the World – Please don’t change.

There are two diametrically opposed sides in this Israel – Palestinian debate.  That can never be won.

How do I know?  That is easy. Look how long it has been going on and how little the world can do about it.

In the West we had our 1,500 years of massacres and murders in the name of God.  Now we can live without that element as the main focus.  The death of women and children was a normal everyday occurrence. But not anymore.  

We were driven by men in dresses delivering the word of God and our duty.  All killed in the name of God. Everyone was pure and just and Holy, because the man in the dress said so.  Who won this fight?  Not God, but the man in the dress with his entourage.  Until people felt that God was not involved, but rather the manipulation by man.

Ghenghis Khan, Ogadei Khan and Kublai Khan paid particular attention to the Muslims in the practice of slaughter.  Although the policy was tolerance to religion, they found that the ideals of this religion was about winning at any cost and any price.  The men in dresses would sacrifice anyone to achieve their ideal or goal. That is why the main slaughters and ravage of the land took place in the Arab Moslem Empire and India lay untouched until a later Khan became Moslem.  Whereupon, they fell upon India and began their massacres there.

In 2009, we have a recognized state called Israel and it matters not in reality how it got there.  It is a fact and the problems of Israel still need to be negotiated. Of the two sides, Israel and Palestinian Arabs, only the Arabs commit suicide attacks and bus bombs.  Any Arab, male or female or child could, and does cause the death of innocent men, women and children as promoted by their leaders.  The Gaza Palestinians have to be locked away in a small area like mad dogs from the rest of society because they are indiscriminate.  Then all the Gaza Palestinians have hardship, and they all suffer.  There is a difference however between the West Bank and Gaza.  The West Bank is starting to become a world member and trying to negotiate.  On the other hand, Gaza does not recognize Israel and wants its destruction and the death of all Israelis.  Gaza will not turn from the path of killing.

Is this the people of Gaza or its leaders?

That really is the point.  The Gaza Palestinian leaders don’t want peace because no one has sympathy for them and their cause.  Nobody will pay attention to them if they are not news after all they are just another bunch of poor people.  However, if you have suffering and death on your side you have the media.  When you have the media you can show the world the suffering of your innocents and let the media sell your cause.

So what is the cause of the Palestinians?  They are a bunch of people who have been made almost homeless and now at least have two parts of a country that they could start from.  To the average Palestinian that might be a beginning point.  But to Hamas and the other terrorist institutions that is just the reclamation of the whole.  Their goal is to wipe out Israel and have a Moslem Kaliphate again as they did before the Mongols.  Their ideology is death and that includes their own people if it achieves the glory of Allah.

You want to read the published hatred: ... sid=15&preview=

All these magazines are available and you can subscribe.  Here it is in print:

Here you can read about the competitions between rival terrorist groups to have the highest score in killings with bus bombs and suicide bombs.
Here you can read about Jerusalem Day which is celebrated by some Arabs with the aim as the destruction of Israel.  
Here you can discuss the elimination and death of all Jews and the fact that there was no Holocaust, as this was a Western myth.
Here you can get the latest contacts and news how to kill people and influence others.
Here you can find out that human life is worth nothing as long as it promotes the glory of Allah.

I could not find any publications inciting Jews to murder and massacre Arabs.  If anybody knows of any please let me know.  
This needs to be fair.

Go ahead and debate Israel and the Palestinians and the dreadful loss of innocent lives. But make sure that you are not being used as a tool to do the dirty work of others.  Watch those dreadful images and worry about the why, rather than the who.

I do not take part in this debate per se, because I cannot see one end from the other.  Just the wicked hand of manipulation which could be from either-side, and the result is the horrible brutal pictures of injured innocent and dead people.  I am sure that I was supposed to see these at some stage whether 2009 or 2010.   One thing is for sure.  Only Hamas can win this war because public opinion will keep them in the news and the media will further the cause through its imagery.  They win because of this imagery.

Just who are these people?  They are but shadows hiding in caves and other countries, exiled by all. Are they brave?

Remember Saddam Hussein’s rhetoric. ‘Rivers of blood’,  ‘the mother of all battles’. ‘We will wipe you out and we will die to the last man’.  Where did they find this coward?  Hiding in a hole in the ground.

Where are the leaders of Hamas?  Hiding amongst women and children.  Why?

Are they politicians and skilled negotiators?

How can they publish their ideology of death and have any credibility anywhere?

Here is a list of innocent men women and children that these cowards killed and the dates: ... the_Second_Intifada

I didn’t see any outrage in any country to condemn these losses of people going about their daily lives.

There are no protests when these people are scraped off the walls of cafes and buses.

I respect whichever side you take in this debate, but please do not be taken in too quickly without asking why and how long.  

Who gains the advantage and what will be the final outcome?



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Thanks for this, Expatter.

Att. Mods. - this post should be a sticked under 'recommendations'

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Israel killed far more civilians than Hamas. So I marvel the West blames Hamas. Who is a bigger terror? Is it not obvious?

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Wretched post

That was a wretched post,Expatter.Utter nonsense.A defence of genocide.Racist garbage.

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Though it's Trader's job, I'll keep a watch on how long it takes the UGF to show their hatred of Jews. So far, the candidates for membership have not disappointed.

Isn't Peter one of them Islams?
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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That makes it easier. It is a mathematics problem.

The disparity in the body count?

If Israel were to hand over a few peops to make this even.

Would it solve the problem?

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Racism is the intolerance to a whole type or group or race if you like.

I have stated that the leadership is at fault.

Not the people of Palestine.

If they can start to lead normal lives in the West Bank.

It should be possible elsewhere with progressive leadership.

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