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Breakup of the U.S. [Copy link] 中文

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dunno whatcha talkin bout...

hooray...and today's cyber monday (escape the mayhem just dont want any fool to step allover me) or you're shoppin online now at this very minute w/o informin me  

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The Breakup scenario and the underlying thesis is utter nonesense

The opposite is true, given the Security and Prosperity Partnership(SPP) which almost looks like a first step to a virtual Anshluss annexation of Canada or to a North-American Union in disguise  (since a lot of people are completely opposed to a NAU and the SPP is not the object of  appropriate Media coverage nor debate and pushed using the War on Terror as a pretext).

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BReak Up And US Decline

To think that America will just fade into the distance is riduculas. We have been a preeminant power in the    world for 100 years, and we remain that way because of our ability to reinvent ourselves every decade or so..

It started with the roaring 20's followed by a 1929 Great Depression that we fought our way out of.. We grew strong Militarily from our massive industrial revolution from the 1945 to 1965, we suffered massive recessions in the 1970s due to oil embargos and a recession in the 1980's due to the Savings & Loan Crisis,  and pulled through just fine..  We invented the Internet and pioneered and technology revolution that carried us to massive prosperity for an entire decade The 1990's. We survived terrorist attacks and a painful recession in 2001 and came out strong again for 6 1/2 years of economic expansion.. I predict next will be a massive Green      Energy revolution that will once again solidify Economic expansion and carry us through another decade and change the focus of power away from oil producing nations like Russia.

America endures because we can reinvent ourselves when it really counts. Despite a massive Financial
crisis right now we elected our first Black president who has incredible intelligence and Charisma and the
world watches as he assembles a team of leaders to meet our challenges. Even amidst this financial crisis  the dollor has regained it's strength trading higher than it has in several years.  America will endure and         continue to be a superpower, however, I do concede that will not be the only superpower in the future. China will certainly rise to superpower status, Russia on the other hand will continue to fall apart internally. I believe China will continue to gain economic strength, and geopolitical strength, I hope that China and the USA      can forge a superpower partnership. Certainly we have a lot to offer each other and a lot of the same needs  and global interests.. Were both Oil consuming nations, we buy practically everything China manufactures. I   think as allies we could rule the world for the next 100 years.

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Me Me Me !!!

This is the time to do a " reverse CIA ". Disgruntled US states can contact one of the emerging superpowers for personnel training , arms and support and fight for independence . The better resourced states should not be made to carry the dead weight , no hope barren states . It is far better to look after yourself well than to dilute your ( already slim ) wealth with the non performing states . This is liberal capitalism at its best  .

Each state for itself . Those who don't make it have only themselves to blame . Familiar rhetoric ?

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Originally posted by tradervic at 2008-12-1 22:47

Nope, they just want the Puerto Rico option.

The Cuban option, much better... and increasingly more popular.

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Hm... sanctioned and having the local population risk life and limb to get to U.S. shores?
China's Eccentric 'Uncle Laowai' from Chicago, IL

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Originally posted by tradervic at 2008-12-4 00:12
Hm... sanctioned and having the local population risk life and limb to get to U.S. shores?

Sanctioned by whom?

UN vote on Cuban sanctions this year was:

184 countries against

3 countries for (U.S., Israel and Palau)

Why should Cubans risk life and limb to go to mafia-controlled Florida, unless they have mafia connections themselves?

Perhaps they'd prefer to starve in Puerto Rico or get killed by a hurricane in the Bahamas or the U.S.?

Death tolls for Hurricane deaths during the last 5 yrs: U.S. thousands (Katrina), Bahamas hundreds, Puerto Rico hundreds,

Cuba <10.

Why should they go to a country where millions are homeless and people get trampled to death during shopping stampedes?

They'd be better off staying put.

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