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Employment in 'grim situation'! [Copy link] 中文

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Unjustifiable bonuses

Originally posted by oasisgreen at 2008-11-22 00:38
... those working for gov don't have to worry a thing, they can even expect a pay rise.  and, wow, end of the year, what the bonus will be? 80k or 100k?  ...

You are not getting the message!

Employment situation is "grim" everywhere. Those working for the government in USofA, the EU, Japan etc have it relatively save, but civil servants do not get end-of-year bonuses.

In the private sector, many CEO's still receive bonuses despite falling share prices and shrinking profit margins whilst some companies operate at losses just to generate some cash flow.

Unjustifiable bonuses in the private sector is not endemic to China. It is everywhere.

Young job seekers should not harp on that, they should think positively and "up-skill" themselves, making them more desirable as employees for potential employers.

I want our young job seekers to change only what is within their power to change and that is to make themselves more employable.

Don't harp on things you cannot change... for now.

Now tell me, how is social unrest going to help and what has that got to do with being "Chinese"?  Do not lead our young forum members into that vortex of negativism and anger.
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A problem shared is a problem halved.

Originally posted by oasisgreen at 2008-11-22 00:55
i'm in a foul mood, got the sack today, tens of thousands of companies and factories are closing down here in and around SZ, it's disaster no less.  there is little chance of getting a new job soon ...

It is worldwide!  Unemployment claims this month in USofA is at a 16 year high and will worsen.

Many thousands of GM employees in USofA are facing potential unemployment before Christmas and Citigroup will be retrenching tens of thousands, but no social unrest here.

I can understand how you feel, I can empathise with you because I have lived long enough to have gone through it all, the highs and the lows of live.

Think about where you want to go from here and start working towards that goal. See it as an opportunity for change, one step at a time.

I know it is hard, but stay positive, get together with friends and talk about what you want to do, but be realistic about it.
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thanks for the advice, i take it you mean good will, I didn't mean to whine about it, about  losing my job, I don't lay it on our gov either, I know it's worldwide, not just china. and i know compared to employment in private sectors, gov jobs are supposed to be relatively lower paid but stable, they don't have to take the bad with the good like the rest of us. but the thing is, in china it's publicly known that gov employees got easy, stable, but very well paid jobs, i'm not saying all of them but a quite big share of them do nonetheless. i have friends working in gov, not someone with high position, just average one, i know how their actual income is 3 or 4 times the figure they are supposed to get, not to mention the end of year bonuses which is often 1 or 2 times the sum of their 12 months of pay, while most others working in private sectors generally get one month extra at end of year. so they don't take the bad with the good, but good with good, that's why thousands of people compete for just one gov job, don't even care what the job is, so long as it's with the gov.
I don't intend to cause vortex of some sort, i don't need to actually, if you go to chinese news websites and read comments there, you'll know the sentiments is there, no need for me to whip up anything. if i want to, me wouldn't be here, you know? and i believe young people today are not that naive as those back in the previous century, they are pratical, they have learnt and know what's within their power to change and what's not.

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I was a member of the campus recruitment team of my company
due to the slowdown, we cut this year's campus recruitment plany by 10%, which is quite mild compared with other company
I felt very soryy to look at the eyes of the students fighting for merely a job
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we have too many labours in China, especailly those with little education background.  how to make the group satisfired is a big problem for the goverment.

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This situation has existed for many years  and so will it  at least in the near future unless the huge population in China can be reduced
cause living in China in its original sense is to struggle.Wether  the nation will weather this economic depression rapidly or not ,if the rooted problem isn't takled,the line of unemployment people will be longer

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Population pressure

At 1.5 billion people, China has an incredible population pressure. I think the Beijing government is doing everything it can do.  It is not easy to run a country with 1.5 billion people and such diverse ethnicities.

Premier Wen has never forgotten the peasants, the welfare of the Chinese people is uppermost in his mind judging by his reaction to the earthquake.

Bear in mind the Beijing government has introduced the economic stimulus package, worth about  570 billion U.S. dollars. We have always urged the Chinese people to develop their internal market and not rely solely on export for growth. This is an opportunity for a Chinese consumer-led recovery. If mainland Chinese save as much of their income as o/s Chinese, you are probably saving too much.

You guys seem well educated, if you were asked what policies the government should adopt to reinvigorate the economy, what would you suggest?

Tell us what you think will make the situation better.
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