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All Chinese woman are Beautiful [Copy link] 中文

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hehe,actually i think every girl is beautiful.not only chinese women~how could u say a girl is ugly?!that's really cruel!
eh...about chinese guys....i don't know how to say these.
as i think,girls are putting more emphasizes on their appearance,and guys don't.most guys do not focus on their appearance,grab a shirt,put on,and go to work or school(even forget to comb hair...).
maybe that's why u think girls r beautiful and guys r ugly...hehe,i'm a chinese girl...i think chinese guys r ok,just some of them r dressing inappropriate(but not ugly)

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Originally posted by snappysammy at 2008-11-23 11:13
Yes Chinese Woman do love Chinese Men...However some of them Love Americans, and thats good for me...

US population is about 300 million

So give and take a few million people

Would you agree that US male population is about 150 million

Let assume a quarter of the male population are children and 3% are older people

So 28% of the total  male Americans is not ready to have a Chinese wife or girlfriend

Among those 108 million male Americans

How many are married?...

Let's just pick a figure randomly...say 50%

Now we have about 54 million male Americans who are ready for a mate

China roughly has more than 500 million female at the proper age for marriage (excluding the very old and the children)

After marrying every single available male Americans ...China still has more than 400 million female for her men

How to restore the imbalance in the States and China?

Now let all the female Americans marry a Chinese man

Of course they can always chose to marry a Middle-East, European, or other nationalities male...America is the land of the free and brave!

That would be a gigantic cultural exchange and a monumental social experiment in the history of mankind

As you know in a family power structure

Who is the real boss?

Of course in most cases, the women!     

Who is going to run the country if behind every strong American, there is a smart Chinese woman?!        :)

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What's Your Point.....
BTW   Mormons have many wives....That should change your assumptions

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I agree with Snappy that Chinese women are beautifull. Not all of em though ;)

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Originally posted by snappysammy at 2009-1-15 02:37
What's Your Point.....
BTW   Mormons have many wives....That should change your assumptions

Does polygamy still exist in Utah?  You bet it does.  Utah was admitted to the Union in 1896 but only under the condition that the Mormon Church ban polygamy, which they agreed to do.  The Mormon Church remains opposed to polygamy to this day and immediately excommunicates any member who is discovered to be practicing polygamy.  There are several ultra-orthodox offshoots of the Mormon Church though, especially in rural parts of Utah, which quietly practice polygamy today basically under a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.  Most polygamists just want to be left alone and don't want notoriety.

So would such insignificant statistical figure affect my "assumption" (extremely rough estimation of US male population) significantly?    :)

My points?

We are one big happy family!    :)

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I live in North America, american-born chinese, So I see the thread was started by a white guy who appears to have an attraction to asian women, dates them, and lives in China. I will overlook such an arrogant, self-centered, euro/wh-centric comment like that :^) (easy for me since I grew up here in the USA so I understand the mentality and both western and eastern cultures and standards of things, such as beauty:^)...the people thinking logically about this, such as someone saying who's the father's of all these 100% beautiful chinese women? hmmm let me see, 100% chinese men? yeah! and the 100% beautiful chinese women mothers

anyway, as a Chinese-American man I will say this as a 'dishing it back' statement, "some American women are beautiful...the men not so!!! and certainly a high % of overweight and fat...could go on but won't:^)...I've seen and experienced how attractions are developed, example, in media/hollywood here you don't see as many asians on tv, magazines, american movies, in the limelight, etc, to be honest we are misrepresented and underrepresented in the USA popular culture(since we are not the majority race/ethnicity here)'s all relative, what your tastes are, and what your used to, exposed to. As for myself growing up here I used to prefer non-asian women since I grew up in neighborhood where we were the only chinese ethnic family so I wasn't raised with many asian or chinese women around me other than my sisters...but then later in life, after three long vacations to China and meeting more chinese women, I realized what the heck I had been missing all my life...that I had been brainwashed by the usa media/hollywood and didn't see the truth :^) for myself; that i wasn't doing own thinking (letting pop culture, media, hollywood, the majority thinking have too strong an influence on me)
Just my opinion but without a doubt, CHINESE WOMEN ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL IN THE WORLD!!! way, way, way better than in the USA, I'm just amazed at the beautiful women that seem to be all over the place in China and seriously, it is not like that at all in the USA on the average (don't judge by what you see in tv, hollywood, movies, magazines, that's not what you will see in the streets of USA)...anyway, soon I will be marrying a chinese woman, I have seen the light !:^), peace everyone

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Originally posted by Emperor8899 at 2009-1-19 10:05
but then later in life, after three long vacations to China and meeting more chinese women, I realized what the heck I had been missing all my life.

Wishing you and your beautiful wife a very happy life together

I am saying this from the bottom of my heart!        :)

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