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Can East really meet West in a forum? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by iamnaive at 2008-10-26 21:12

"This may require reporting you to the proper authorities such as law enforcement agencies"

What will they do with an Orang Utan - sending me to the zoo in Guangzoo?

A member ...

In your case they would contribute to more new members, if you understand what I mean.   

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A worthy attempt at reason - at least the mods have not deleted this thread yet.

Why are totothedog and buddy35 immune from bans?

Take your pick at an answer ....

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Maybe lack of customers.  You know 'chicken and egg'.

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Totally agree with you expatter.  I was somewhat surprised when I first stumbled on the forum to see the vitriol from some of the participants.  But I joined because I've been living in China for 5 years... and I thought it would be fun to visit every once in a while and throw my two cents in the ring.

My philosophy is this:  1.  The people who say such things (your grammy is a whore) only say that because they don't have anything else to say.  When we degenerate into name calling the discussion is over.  We are adults, not 5 year old children.  Although on the internet nowadays... you never know who the people are.

2.  Perhaps the people who say such things (your grammy is a whore) say them because their English is not so good.  They should learn how to insult people in a funny or intellectual way.  You know... like Monty Python, "Your mother smelled of elderberries and your father was a hamster!"

3.  Finally I think that honestly... when it comes to country issues, the Chinese can't be reasoned with.  That's very sad.  I feel very sorry for the people who I teach when they go overseas and they are confronted with different opinions and different views, they won't be able to discuss...they won't be able to debate... they just shout expletives and throw bottles.  When that happens... we already won.
China and the West in a Comic Strip.

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Originally posted by expatter at 2008-10-26 11:10
Now I would not say that all posts are worthy of further comment but it seems that it is certainly not a place where real ideas or facts are being exchanged.  I would have thought that many Chinese would have been willing to post back their replies and also to give some real facts about the topic to help foreigners better understand China and vice versa for Westerners. ...

Well, you just haven't been here long enough... Chinese national and overseas chinese like myself has always wanted a good debate and let others learn about china and understand china and promote relations...

But foreign members such as "interesting" that haven't been to china could judge china so negatively.
"Seneca" that says he is good friend with many chinese in the mainland and has a family there but so amazingly he backstab the chinese on this forum.
"emucentral" aussie bumpkin was a professor or teacher who once travelled to china for temporary teaching only have a backward and hurtful response.
"iamnaive" that orang utang posting foolish posts and is well aware of the consequences as he has been previously banned. From memory at least 3-4 times
"zhiran" a peasant from some asian country now living in China and has a family there as well. Thinks that he is a china pro

All the above people isn't here to debate, suggest, give pivotal opinions and as you said, cultural exchange.

BTW, Satsu_Jin is a German Man, Most of the time he is very friendly to china and so is Kiwi

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Originally posted by expatter at 2008-10-26 19:11
The two sides in reality have somewhat of a problem.  On the Chinese side their education will obviously be pro China and they are as a people in the 21st century very nationalistic.  I do not say that is a bad thing.  For the foreigners their education about China for anyone who is 20 years old plus would feature limited documentation and concern the Cultural Revolution and Tianmen.  Persons older than that might have heard about the problems of the third five year plan.  

Neither side is at fault for their beliefs but should at least try to understand the other point of view.  Chinese need to understand that not every foreigner is against them, quite the reverse.  What a fantastic Olympics and what a happy bunch of tourists taking home real news about China and not the tainted media stance.  Foreigners need to look at their beliefs and where these come from and question why their side is they believe, the only side of the argument.   ...

I totally agree with you.... I'm not sure if you've realised but the only western members that constantly have an irritating attitudes with China are the ones I've mentioned on my above post...

They wouldn't talk like the way you do....  

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