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US to Station Nukes in TWN [Copy link] 中文

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I'm Sure

I'm sure it can be arranged that Cuba and Venuzuala should have lots of defensive weapons.  The 803's are "purely defensive", you know.

What is good must be universal - although China hardly ever plays tit for tat, this latest round is just a little too much.  The pattern is now clear - when the Yanks need help with their financial crisis, instead of asking nicely, it's "plan" is to act like the thug that it is, and use threats instead.  If China gives in and gives the Yanks the $200 B as rumored (no doubt spread by the hegemon itself), that is paying extortion, and it would never end.

It has to end.

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Originally posted by tongluren at 2008-10-8 08:43
Basically, they would lose in a war without the US, China will lose a war with the US, and China will lose millions of troops regardless. So there's little incentive for either side to change the status quo  ...

You really have a high nose.
Too much confidence.

The last 30 years what wers have you won "Mr Unitad Stakes of Afairyka"
You lost the viet n koree war to the chinese even though at that time china lost alot of lives.
Now 30 years has passed, the 21st century 2008 china is not what you use to know.

If a war erupts, you will lose again. Your troops might die more than us

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Hi white. Just FYI, the Korean wasn't lost by anyone. It's well recorded in history and armistice talks still go on at Panmunjon in the DMZ. I think that what interesting was saying is that if it came to a war, involving T.wan, and the US was dragged in, the results would be catastrophic, in every way for China, not to mention poor T.wan. It's a no brainer really. The US can destroy China at will from afar. China has a few nukes it can employ, 1 or 2 SSBNs that are so noisy, a blind man can find them and their navy isn't able to project itself far enough out to sea to deny the USN access to Chinas littoral areas. Yep, China has a lot of subs, but you'd be surprised how easy it is to "prosecute" or destroy them. Yes, the USN will lose a few ships, probably CVNs too, yep, the USAF will lose a few aircraft but the exchange rate will be horrific and China will have little left with which to defend herself, save the PLA. I don't say this to make China out to be a's military reality right now, sorry to say. It'll change in the future, but right now, this is the way it is. Tong seems to think that Sunburns and Yakhonts are the end all and be all of defense/offense. He's wrong. These are good missiles but first, they have to have a target. It's not easy to find a CVBG in a million square miles of ocean. Sorry Tong, your knowledge of warfare must defer to mine.

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I have full confidence in china military and pla competencies.
us doesn't know how to fight a wer from past to present.
No one knows who's REALLY going to win.
Whilst the advantage is towards china as us is adancing to us.
how many missiles can they fire from us straight to china.
how many subs can they take down from the sea coast nearby?
Not much kiwi.

Even on land combat, they will still loose.

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Continue #32 whit3dov3s's post

Reason why I said hard to know who's going to win is because TW is involved.... not because of US itself

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Reply #33 whit3dov3s's post

I am confident that US is reluctant to fight for TW if a war really starts because they couldn't aford to fight a war, financially, economically and liberally meanining (amount of troops available).
Even if they did, they will withdraw once it worsens....

US is basically useless after incidents over the last 10 years and US gov knows but they just have to act strong...
No choice but to pretend

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Reply #34 whit3dov3s's post

Finally, it they US starts another wer, middle east will advance meaning US has lost the wer.
At that time middle east will counter offence back the US.

So what can US do?

At that time, US would be shaking their boots calling englend and most probably euro nations to assist them?
But will they? who will and why assist US?

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