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Good ways to lose weight [Copy link] 中文

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1.) Drink one glass of water every hour. It will make you feel full.

2.) Drink ice cold water. Your body will burn calories just getting water to a normal temperature to digest.
Also it is great for your complexion.

3.) Drink 3 cups of green tea daily. It will help boost your metabolism, plus its anti-oxidants make yur skin look great.

4.) Eat spicy foods. They raise your metabolism.

5 .) Take cold showers because your body will burn calories to heat you back up.

6.) Clean something gross (toilet, litter box, boyfriend's closet) when you want to eat.
You will not feel hungry after cleaning a litter box.

7.) Get a job so you'll have to work through meal times.

8 .) Exercise twice the amount of calories eaten.

9.) Use smaller plates and utensils so it seems like you ate more.

10 .) Chew each bite of food thoroughly and then take a sip of water between bites. You will feel full quicker and not eat as much.

11.) Buy clothes that you can't fit into and hang them where you can see them. This will motivate you to lose weight to fit into them.

12.) Sleep at least 6 Hours a day. If you get less than six this can lower your metabolism by 15%

13.) If you start to feel hungry do situps or punch yourelf in the stomach. You will not feel hungry anymore.

14 .) Get ut of your house! If you're not sitting around then ppl can't start crap with you about not eating.

15.) Join a pro-ana group or start your own website. Anything that will keep you motivated

16.) Keep good posture, burns 10% more calories when you sit up straight.

17 .) Make a list of all the "bad" foods that you crave and tend to binge on. Each day, pick one of those foods to take out of your diet that you absolutely, no matter what, cannot eat again. Take one off the list each day until there are no morebad foods you haveto crave.

18 .) Never eat anything bigger than about a cup, your stomach will expand and then you'll get hungry more.

19 .) Avoid alchol! a shot of liquor has 100-120 calories, a glass of wine has 80 calories, a lite beer has 110-120 calories, and a regular beer has 140-170 calories.

20 .) Have 6 small meals a day. Take 2 Apples, and split them so you can make six meals out of them. That way your body will be tricked into thinking it's eating more.

21.) Low calorie hot chocolate curbs chocolate cravings, and makes you feel full.

22 .) Take a picture of yourself in a bathing suit or something equally revealing, look at it when you want to eat.

23.) Having Sex Burns Calories As Well As Fats.

24.) Eat lots of fiber. It makes you feel full and takes fat with it out of your body. The Natural Cleansing helps improve both your energy level and overall feeling of wellness.

25.) Before you dig into that cake, bag of chips, candy, or whatever, take a deep breath and count to 100 you will have convinced yourself that you really don't want it.

26.) Weight yourself before and after you eat. Not only will it eliminate unnecessary eating, but it will make you want to eat less when you start to see the numbers creep up.

27.) Read the nutritional information. Remember, fat-free does not mean calorie-free. Also keep an eye on fiber content. Get as mich fiber into your diet as possible, while cutting fat and calories.

28.) Don't eat a lot at once. Spread your food throughout the day. This will help to avoid binging and keep your metabolism going.

29.) If you like to drink alchol, you'll like this one. Make a rule: You can only drink every time you lose 2 lbs. So If you lose 4 lbs. a week, you can drink Friday and Saturday night. However, if you only lose 2 lbs. a week, you only get to drink one night.

30.) Do not eat in front of the computer or TV. This distracts you from recognizing you're full.

31.) Stay away from Slim-fast and other so-called "healthy" candy bars and look at the nutrition facts will tell why. With all the carbs and excess calories you may as well go eat a freakin pie or something. Not to mention the ridiculous yourself the money, and the calories.

32.) An occasional binge dosen't hurt, in fact it's quite beneficial if you have reached a plateau (stopped losing weight). You body will think you have stopped starving yourself, and you will drop at least a pound overnight! Just don't binge regularly.

33.) Someone told me that if you take a pure cold bath for 15-30 minutes and lower your body temperature, your body will burn around 200 calories for every degree it has to raise itself to reach a normal body temperature. This person tried it, a 30 minute bath lowered their temp about 3-4 degrees.

Besides every day to remind myself what i'm living for here those are...

1.) If you aren't thin you aren't attractive.

2.) You must buy clothes, cut your hair, excessively exercise, starve yourself, do anything to make yourself look thinner.

3.) Losing weight is good/gaining weight is bad.

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any suggestion to let me more stronger?

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Any advice to gain weight?

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Originally posted by mariame at 2008-9-26 11:26 AM
Any advice to gain weight?

That is exactly what I want to know.
You are the world

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Yes, so many slim beauties want to become plump.

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Originally posted by mariame at 2008-9-26 11:29 AM
Yes, so many slim beauties want to become plump.

Am I one of the slim beauty?
You are the world

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Originally posted by susansusan at 2008-9-26 11:31

Am I one of the slim beauty?

Absolutely yes!

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