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US Puppets - Taiwan? or China? or Both? [Copy link] 中文

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i agree with betterchina

according to his definition of political puppet, it is true.  but i don't think it is true that taiwan or japan are puppet governments, which means something else.  

it is true that the u.s. benefits from a strained cross-straits relationship because it can play off both sides, china and taiwan.  however, this does not negate legitimate taiwanese aspirations for some independence.

the most recent issue of time asia has this issue as its cover story.

btw, bluetiger, i do think that betterchina is living in america based on how he wrote and what he wrote.  his post shows insight into the american perspective.


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blue tiger ??

Blue tiger your writings are a bit emotive.  Lets see a bit more objectivity before jumping down peoples throats. I think it is fair to say that foreign countries, particularly the US, are exploiting the situation between china and taiwan to a degree.  The current stand off between taiwan and china and taiwan provides a perfect opening for other countries to deride china's one china policy. Particularly, when the one country two systems policy is under heat in places like hong kong.  Anyway, to sum I think it is fair to say the situation between china and taiwan allows the US a certain amount of leverage or bargaining power .  But to say that the US is in direct control of the Chinese and Taiwanese governments (aka. puppet government, similar to the Japanese Manchukuo led by Pu-Yi) is crazy.  However, both Taiwan and China are allowing themselves to be manipulated by the US and other countries to their own ends by continuing to increase the level of threat.  This will have impacts economically for China mainly in terms of santions placed on trading etc.  Normally, this sort of thing would be illegal under the WTO but perhaps now there is a good excuse ?

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please stay on the topic

whether i consider myself as an american or how elementary my command of english might be are irrelevent to the issue at hand. does it matter if i am in china or in america? noam chomsky, one of the most prominent  intellectuals in the US and a linguistics professor at MIT, bashes US foreign policies every time he gives a speech, do you suspect that he is an Al Queda member living in Afghanistan?

it seems to me that you were offended by my comment about Japan, perhaps you are japanese posing as an american?

just to put it in simple terms, perhaps due to my "lack of knowledge in economics and politics", america has been and will be working to make sure that there is tension across the straight. if you don't remember, during the 1996 taiwan presidential election, the US fleets were there watching. 2 years later, clinton went to china and pledged the famous "three nos"... and one year later, the US airforce bombed the Chinese embassy in Serbia. 2 years later, US reconnaissance planes were forced down in southeast china and the crew was captured. 1 year later, 27 bugs were found in the Boeing plane sold to china. is the US doing all these to help taiwan? not neccessarily. in fact, taiwan gets some of the most outdated arms from the US, this keeps the taiwanese government (either chen or lian) over-dependent on US support. Bush rebuked Chen's proposal last year, when the motive and the content of it were not clear. So, in order to gain Bush's support, chen made the referrendum to be about "upgrading taiwan's defense" - meaning taiwan would have to waste more money buying more outdated american weapons.

in plain and simple words, the US has fooled Taiwan by acting to be on its side and has fooled China by tacitly supporting Taiwan's democracy as a disguise for its independence. at the end, both sides will take huge blows when the US will continue enjoying its world superpower position without challenge.

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So why not change the view point, consider the choices

Such negative thinking.

Today China made some clear statements about union and growing together.

About mulitple principles of growth and a unified nation.

These things will be looked on highly within the world and the US government.

The US cannot afford a war in Asia. Asia cannot afford a war in Asia.


Asians must work together.

We as  the people of Hong Kong, Taiwan and even Turkey, Korea, and Japan must live in peace to prosper. Direct your energies to this.
I am an American. A person whose sees a better future.

If our nations are going to survive, we must change our rhetoric to be more constructive. You talk about the past. I do know how history repeats itself, but you must  talk about NOW and the future.

Consider all statements and the US support of the "one-china".
Show me recent activity of this "covert" puppetarian type nature.

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