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You are wrong, there is something called cycle similar to product life cycle.
30 years ago china had to choice and to proper and build the country and diminish poverty, china had to take up the role of world manufacture.

Don't worry about other countries ditching their production. By that time china is already at its mature age in terms of GDP and economy and china doesn't need other developed countries production and manufacture to survive.
China as a country would be very strong and competitive.

Whilst if they exit from the their manufacture plant in China, all those money they've invested initially will be lost.
Most importantly other countries such as India, Africa or Middle East the developing nations doesn't have the capacity and experience to imitate and produce the quantity + quality which china can...

They are not stupid people.......

i do support domestic product as it is a growth symbol of China in the 21st century but that has nothing to do or worry about so don't be afriad my baby

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I have serious doubts about India, It possess 3 people per hectare.....and it's going to be 5 people per hectare by 2030.

I doubt they can do the same kind of industrialization like China.
Their only solution is to have (1) Population control, (2) Just do cheap assembly centres, (3) Import resources from India, Asean and Australia/New Zealand.

At the moment, India needs their people to "tie their stomachs" to export (1) Iron ore  to China, (2) Cotton products to the world.
This means even less products for their citizens, yet they are short of Spices, cooking oil, timber, crude oil, gas, many products of manufacture to improve their life!

China has it better, and a supply chain, most important money to buy from Australia, New Zealand, ASEAN, AFrica and Latin America.
...and nope Mr. SnowisRed, China cannot be INTROVERT, because it is NO LONGER SELF SUFFICIENT....


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Just crude oil alone, now China buys from the pheriphery centres... Africa, and soon Latin America.

But the bulk of available crude oil and gas is RUSSIA, Caspian Sea and Persian Sea.

No Joke, China cannot look inward.
I would think China would need to make friends with the BRITISH CLUB and their strong navies....
Even as we speak, BRITAIN, AUSTRALIAN, NEW ZEALAND, MALAYA, SINGAPORE...and now the ARABS, maybe in future SOUTH AFRICA is strengtheing coastal defense, and their NAVIES.
China would probably be building a BLUE WATER FLEET as protect sea routes.

I would think, SYNTHETIC FUEL from domestic gas, Russian pipeline, from coal deposits is CRUCIAL to security of mainland China.
While the TRADE ROUTE states will also BEEF up their respective navies.

It's only INSURANCE against what all nations "don't want to occur"....

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