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蒙娜丽莎的微笑 中英文台词 [Copy link] 中文

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-What is that?(学生A)

-You tell me...Carcass by Soutine. 1 925.(老师)
-你来告诉我.(等了一会儿)...苏蒂恩的《屠宰后的牲畜》. 绘于1925年.

-It's not on the syllabus.(学生A)

-No, it's not.Is it any good?Come on, ladies. There's no wrong answer.There's also no textbook telling
you what to think.It's not that easy, is it?All right....(老师)
-的确, 上面没有.来吧 女士们. 尽情回答,没有所谓的错误答案。这次课本也不会告诉该思考些什么了。没有那么容易了是吗?好吧...

-No. It's not good.In fact, I wouldn't even call it art. It's grotesque.(学生B)
-哦不. 它很糟糕. 实际上, 我甚至不愿称它为艺术. 如此怪诞丑陋.

-Is there a rule against grotesque art?(老师)

-I think there's something aggressive about it...and erotic.(学生C)

-To you, everything is erotic.(学生D)
. -对你们来说, 任何事情都是色情的.

-Everything is erotic. (学生C)


-Aren't there standards? (学生E)

-Of course.Otherwise a tacky velvet painting could be equated to a Rembrandt.(学生F)
-当然.否则,艳俗的天鹅绒画亦可 等同于伦伯朗的杰作.

-My Uncle Ferdie has two tacky velvet paintings. He loves those clowns.(学生G)
我的叔叔费迪就有两张俗气的天鹅绒画. 他爱死它们了.

-There are standards, technique, composition, color, even subject.So if you're suggesting that
rotted side of meat is art...much less good art, then what are we going to learn?(学生E)
-艺术是有标准的,需要技巧的, 讲究构图,色彩,以及主题.
因此如果你告诉我们这块腐烂的肉 也算艺术的话...更别提还是艺术杰作, 那么究竟我们要学什么?

-Just that.You have outlined our new syllabus, Betty. Thank you.What is art? What makes it good or bad?And who decides?Next slide, please.Twenty-five years ago someone thought this was brilliant.(老师)
-就是这个.贝蒂,感谢你为我们概述了新的教学大纲,什么是艺术? 怎样区分孰优孰劣?由谁来判定?请翻下一张.25年前有人认为这张画精彩绝伦.

-I can see that. -Who?(学生B)
-看得出来. -这人是谁?

-My mother. I painted it for her birthday.

Next slide. This is my it art?(老师)
-我的母亲. 是我为她生日所画.下一张. 这是我的母亲.这是艺术吗?

-It's a snapshot.(学生A)

-If I told you Ansel Adams had taken it, would that make a difference?(老师)
-如果我告诉你们这是安塞姆 亚当拍摄的呢, 这是否具有决定性意义呢?

-Art isn't art until someone says it is. (学生E)

-It's art! (老师)
. -这就是艺术!

-The right people. (学生E)

-Who are they?(老师)
. -他们是谁?

-Betty Warren! We're lucky we have one right here.(学生C)
-贝蒂 沃伦!多么荣幸我们中间就有一位.

-Screw you.(学生E)

-Could you go back to the Soutine, please?Just look at it again. Look beyond the paint.
Let us try to open our minds to a new idea.(老师)
-请回到苏蒂恩的作品?再看一遍. 透过画面去看.让我们的心灵为新的思想打开一扇门.

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恩 这是在2004年疯狂英语的最后一期里面的 很好啊 我听了好多遍 看了电影才觉得这一次的成功教学是很不容易的

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i love it

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Originally posted by janlason at 2009-3-22 19:35
恩 这是在2004年疯狂英语的最后一期里面的 很好啊 我听了好多遍 看了电影才觉得这一次的成功教学是很不容易的


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