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Prime Minister, pease let me consider further.

How much further must Your Majesty consider?

I have waged wars across the land

Tens of thousands of soldiers have perished on the battlefields,

all for the sake of The Great Han Empire

Senator Kong Rong wishes to speak

Sun Quan is the third-generation heir to the Dukedom of Wu

but also intend to mobilize the entire army

There is no justifiable reason for your war!

Though you have solemnly vowed yourself loyal to His Majesty's Court,

you will not be able to convince everyone!

He is the first sacrifice.

I thank the Prime Minister for the wine!

阉宦 外戚弄权
一代枭雄曹操 乘时而起 狭天子以令诸侯 于汉献帝建安十三年 挥军南下 讨伐汉室胄裔刘备与称霸江东的孙权
The final year of Han dynasty
Euunuchs and court relatives struggle for power
The country falls into chaos
Ambitious cao cao seizes the moment to coerce the emperor and to control the feudal lords
in the year 208 A.D., Cao Cao leads his army South
to destory Liu Bei, a distant relative of the Royal Family,
and Sun Quan, ruler of the Southland.

开始吧. (曹操下令开始进攻)

Form up!

You have returned. (这句实在是别扭)

Our men made all possible efforts to hold our ground until the last minute before abandoning the town

Luckily, most of the peasants have already fled throuh the valley

My Lord, the two ladies and the Young Master are still trapped in the village

My ladies, please be careful

军师 情况怎么样
chief strategist, how does the situation look?

曹操的 追兵比我们想象的多很多倍
cao cao's pursuing forces are greater than anticipated

以骑兵为先锋 一刻就到
The cavalry vanguard will arrive at any moment

The Cao cavalry will use a wedge formation to attack

We will reflect the light into their eyes to hold them off

记住 必须得截住他们一个时辰 好让难民有足够得时间撤退
remember,the refugees need at least an hour to retreat

zhu-ge liang

we urgently need a thousand soldiers from here go aid General Zhang

that way cao cao cannot chase them

the peasants can be left to themselves

我料曹操的目的是招降 不会杀他们的
caocao intends to make us surrender He will not kill them

the elderly, the women, and the children all need our help

成大事 不讲小仁小义
to cucceed, you have to set aside these trival matters

They followed us only to escape from Cao cao's regime

如果连老百姓都不能保护 那这场抗争还有什么意义
If we cannot offer protection to the civilians, then what is the meaning of this war?

Guan Yu cannot stab a man from behind

刘备屡战屡败 却还有那么多猛将追随
有朝一日 我要把他们统统收服过来
liu bei has lost many battles, yet so many talented men remain loyal to him
one day, they will all serve under my command

面对曹操这么强大的敌人 不知他还能不能有这种胆气
I wonder if he is strong enough to fight an enemy as fierce as caocao

he bears great ambitions within

for generations, the sun clan has ruled the south

名富兵强 有实力与曹操一战
they have the wealth and strength to fight caocao

不只我们需要东吴 东吴也需要朋友
Wu needs us just as much as we need Wu

如果联盟成功 打败了曹操 曹操必定北返 主公就可以培养自己的力量乘机西进
If our alliance succeeds, and we defeat cao cao, then cao cao will definitely retreat back North
we can then go west and rebuild our forces

我们稳固了西方 便可以与北方的曹操 江东的孙权 鼎足而立 互相制衡 是唯一遏止曹操的方法
once we are in control of the west, caocao will control the north, and sun quan, the south
we will form a power triangle,this division of power is the only way to stop cao cao

My lord, please rest assured

Are you confident you can convince him?

你多吃一点吧 去东吴的路很远 会很费力
Eat some more. The road to wu is long, and you will need energy

疑人不用 用人不疑
I trust those who are of use to me.

丞相 天威浩荡
Greetings, You Highness!

带来多少船 多少人?
How many ships and men have you brought with you?

我带来水军三十万 战舰艨艟大小船只
we have with us three hundred thousand naval troops and more than two thousand battleships and boats of various sides

这不叫如虎添翼 这叫如虎添蹼、
Now we can be tigers that swim

这错别字可是不少 希望你带兵
I see many grammatical errors here
I hope your military strategies are not as poor as your command of literature

所谓往来 不过如此
These so called exchanges are limited to only this

This is a map of Wu that I drew taking great pains to be precise

Then isn't that in our best interest?

刘备, 这个编草鞋出生的皇叔 一生失败
liubei,a shoe weaving royal uncle His whole life is a failure

孙权 黄口竖子 没什么出息
is a younrer upstart with no achievements

when a loser join with a coward

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1. 太监:eunuch
2. 太中大夫 介绍 《汉书·百官公卿表》载:郎中令所属有太中大夫等,秩比千石,掌议论。唐宋以太中大夫作为散官之文阶,从四品。元代升为从三品,明代为从三品加授之阶。
3. 建安十三年是公元208年?
4. 刘备:军师,这么一个聪明的孩子到底叫什么名字好呢?
Liu Bei:Military adviser, the kid of such a cleverness exactly call what name good?
5. we urgently need a thousand soldiers from here (to) go aid (ding)General Zhang
6. 顾虑太多 please do not warry too much
   rest assured 放心 确信无疑

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