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Georgia: Russia has invaded. [Copy link] 中文

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Ah well it was a joke then:) can't be to sure on this forum though it seems

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Originally posted by seneca at 2008-8-9 15:23
Ossetia wants to leave newly-indep.endent Georgia because the Rooskies are inciting them to sp-l-it away from Georgia.

What's interesting is that the Chiense posters here are supporting a sp-li-t-tist minority against its motherland... ...

Yeah, funny that. Or should I say hypocritical, that !

Now substitute TBT for "South Ossetia",  China instead of Georgia, and see them change their tune !
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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Originally posted by kodama at 2008-8-10 00:02
The Washington Post had an op-ed about this which rather clearly iterated my previous views on this subject. Basically it said people are aware of the problems with China and ultimately their rise  ...

My first post in this thread vanished, but I also think Saakashvili is the agressor, but Russia have also been constanly breating down Georgias neck over this ever since the breakaway. Russia should also in this case have used it's imense power to sway through intimidation rather than invation. It's not really their business since the ossetians aren't really russian ethnically by most part either. If Russia weren't so aggressive back I reckon the west could have stalled Georgia. We're not really hungry for another pointless war.

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Georgia has never wanted to be under Rooskie rule - hence they left the SU (in which they played an unwanted role for about a century, against their own will).

They wish it when were under Persian attack. After collapse they just get independence.
And they got it.

Ossetia wants to leave newly-indep.endent Georgia because the Rooskies are inciting them to split away from Georgia.

?! Are you really crazy?
Problem is that Ossetia was divided to two parts by Stalin. One part go to Russia, one to Georgia (both as "autonomous republic" status, which gives some privileges, like to have schools on their language).
After collapse of USSR, ultranationalist Georgian president Zviad Gamsakhurdia removes Ossetin "autonomia" status? but ossetins declines it. Instead solve it diplomatically, Zviad send there an army. Georgian army was just crap and was completely smashed by militia and fighters from North Ossetia.
Zviad also starts war in another part of Georgia - Abkhazia and starts there massive etnical cleanings, but lose this war too (Chechens really helps Abkhazia and after it, with fighting experience in 1995 tries to split Chechnya from Russia).

To stop war Russian peacekeepers enters this area (with MUTUAL agreements, because all Georgian state those times can be collapsed).

What's interesting is that the Chiense posters here are supporting a splittist minority against its motherland...

Ossetia NEVER was in Georgia (only as a part USSR), so NO "motherland" for them here. They want to reunify nation, but after wars in 199x it's impossible to do it under Georgian rule.
It's simple and it's plane.

But Georgians like to get borders set by Great Stalin. They still thinks that ethnical cleanings are possible, but they need just a bit more power for it.

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Here's nothing common with Chechnya, TIbet or... whatever "motherland-separatists" case.

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Reply #36 huang262's post

Your evidence of Western support is where? I don't mind being correccted but aspertions aren't necessary or warranted!

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