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Georgia: Russia has invaded. [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by soapdodger at 2008-8-10 01:05


Your cultural insensitivity is a show of your flagrant arrogance to all white Glaswegians! (And the Indians, Pakistanis & Chinese wh ...

Glaswegian- that probably explains your familiarity with 4- letter diction.

Hence, I'll make it simple so even you can understand; use a cup of sulphuric acid to rinse out your mouth and add a dash of lemon fragrance to cover your stench. Failing that, go f**k yourself.

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Of Course It is the American's Fault

Even Obama recognized that - pushing NATO membership beyond the Caucasus is plainly asking for it.   The "color revolutions" funded by the American borrowings (they are too cheap to use taxpayer money) was the single most destabilizing force in the world in the last decade.

But it is thought provoking that the once mighty Russian military cannot even "do" a puny Georgia without incurring substantial casualties.  You'd think that at least the EMF bombs would have come out already, if not tactical nukes.  The longer that  Russia stays with conventional weapons, the more emboldened both Georgia and the West would be.  Just cut to the chase and get it over with already, "buy" 50 years of peace, and go back to doing business.

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I really hope both sides back down fast!

Originally posted by interesting at 2008-8-9 10:46
Of course, if the Ossetians are mostly just Russian migrants to the region either from the Soviet era or the present one, they don't have any rights in my eyes and should be prepared to accept Georgian rule or return themselves to Russia.  

Ossetia is mainly populated by ossetians I've read , it's own ethnic entity, plus a whole loadsome of other minorities within. The best option would in my opinion be to proclaim North and South Ossetia as one independent state from both Russia and Georgia. The same goes for Abkhazia and other, or legally assimilate into one of them, since in my head noone should have the right to deny them. How Georgia came to the conclusion that war was the better option is quite incomprehensible, although very brave. But what I can't understand is why Russia must involve itself so much in these seperatist enclavs all over the region either. They have really been breathing down Georgia's neck over this ever since their brakeaway from USSR. And what good did ever come out of their Chechnyan wars?

Anyway they should both stop now. Also Russia should use it's imense power to try and sway rather than invade. I guess if Russia wasn't so aggressiv back the west could probably stall Georgia. Now anything could happen and that's not good...

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Ah, Tong, ever hopeful for the slaughter of innocents.
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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how is this america's fault?

Originally posted by tongluren at 2008-8-9 22:25
Even Obama recognized that - pushing NATO membership beyond the Caucasus is plainly asking for it.   The "color revolutions" funded by the American borrowings (they are too cheap to use t ...

Well Russia should ask itself then, why it is that Georgia wants to join us so bad. If they were laying off their back more perhaps they would feel they needed to. I would be really scared now if I lived there. I would be scared that Russia would destroy my country since they really don't have anyone thay can help them. If they were part of NATO we would be oblidge to. Russia screwed up during the USSR era, and didn't treat it's population and unionpartners fair and left them in economical despair. No wonder they turn to the west! Besides they have very strong european links culturally.

I hope, if Obama becomes the next president and he is any good, he will manage to better the ralationship with Russia. To bad there isn't really a new regime in Moscow though, with Putin's puppetpresident "at the rudder" so to speak Sorry couldn't help myself, it's just that Putin gives me the creeps, but I guess I can understand his reluctance to let go of power considering what kind of fool he's had to deal with all this time

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The Washington Post had an op-ed about this which rather clearly iterated my previous views on this subject. Basically it said people are aware of the problems with China and ultimately their rise is gradual with power exerted more pragmatically while Russia is a loose cannon. I've said before the American public is going to become more concerned about Russia and less concerned about China and things are now moving in that direction.

I think clearly the posters here attacking the U.S. do not represent the majority of the Chinese population but a small outspoken minority.

At the same time I think it should be understood Georgia is the aggressor here and Saakashvili is no democrat. He's basically a pro-Western Putin. However, this does provide a worrying precedent for Ukraine, a government which I would say is quite legitimately democratic. Russia threatened Ukraine would cease to be a country if it was allowed to join NATO, meaning they'd stoke separatism in southern and eastern Ukraine.

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