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Why american athletes wear air masks in Beijing [Copy link] 中文

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Stop the presses!!!! Beijing Air Quality is fine!!!!!! After all MArk Wu walked a few blocks and felt none the worse for wear.
That's right Mister Athlete!! You can place all your restraint, dieting, dedication and hopes in the super-perceptive ability of Mark Wu's finely tuned lungs.
After all, what could you be doing that would make you possibly be in need of more oxygen than Mark Wu??

Hey, Tongluren, you really miss the point. China is hosting someone elses party. China has agreed to be the hosts this time round. It is an honour for YOU to host it. This doesn't mean it is YOUR PARTY. Get the idea? As a thank you, you may enter an athlete in every event regardless of whether or not they actually made the cut (host countries right).
ie) It's like Oprahs book club wants to have its meeting at your are honoured to host it. As a token of her appreciation Oprah will let you pick a book!!

Understand yet?

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there are many cities which could have benefitted from the development and revenue of the olympic games, cities with clean air and beautiful landscapes
and air

it was very selfish of beijing to put them in beijing.. in such a giant country desperately in need of rural development, and with such abundant natural beauty and resources, such a move by beijing is  tyrranical greed...

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China Won it Fair and Square

It was a right, and multiple nations presented their bid for it to host the Olympics.  It is done once every 4 years.  It is not a privilege.  Each nation does the calculations on the risks and rewards involved, and if it decides that the cost is worth it, the nation would present the best bid and hope to win.   

China WON, fair and square, under rules set by mostly Westerners.  

With the win China gets certain rights, that's correct, but it is not like China has been given special treatment.  It is a party that takes place once every 4 years, and other nations, especially those who LOST the bid, are supposed to act gracefully and come celebrate.  That is the unspoken expectation.  The guests and their own cheerleaders are expected to spend a lot of money to help out the local economy, to show gratitude that the host (in this case China) has spend so much time and effort and money to put on such a spectacular show - and a spectacular show this is.  

The "performance" and support by friends and foes alike at the party and the celebrations, will indeed by remembered a long time after the festivities are over.  Westerners indeed have to think and think carefully this time, as to how they wish to be remembered by the 1.3 Billion Chinese.  Your choice.

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We have an issue with the crass and crude Yankees wearing masks and bras on the heads ; stuff of the demented posse . The apologists for the crass went right ahead to berate the Chinese who chose to defend China from such insults !  These mice , not men, are obviously not interested in fair play or manners , just as long as the Chinese do not complain huh ? This is not the 19yh Century fellas .

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US cyclists apologize for wearing masks

The four US cyclists, who walked out of Beijing airport wearing masks on Tuesday, have apologized for their behavior.

Michael Friedman, Sarah Hammer, Bobby Lea and Jennie Reed issued a statement Wednesday saying: "We offer our sincere apologies to BOCOG, the city of Beijing, and the people of China if our actions were in any way offensive. That was not our intent," the message read.

"We deeply regret the nature of our choices. Our decision was not intended to insult BOCOG (Beijing Olympics organization committee) or countless others who have put forth a tremendous amount of effort to improve the air quality in Beijing."
"We look forward to putting this incident behind us while we prepare for our competition next week."

The four athletes, tied by close-fitting black and grey masks which covered their noses and mouths, pushed their handcarts with equipment when passing the Olympic lane at the Capital International Airport along with other members of a US delegation upon arrival two days before the official start of the Games on August 8.

"The air is OK so far and it was just for travel," Jennie Reed who will compete in women's sprint said. The 30-year-old cyclist who races indoors said she will wear the mask at the Games.

Michael Friedman, who also participates in cycling track, said it was "an individual choice" and he was "a little bit " worried about that it may hurt the feeling of some people. "Certainly you don't wanna offend anybody, but you want as best as performance you can. It may not be any risk at all.

"It's all for going for a medal. Maybe there is no reason to wear, just a precaution measure," he added.

The host city of the 29th Olympic Games has been concerned about its air condition for the athletes' health. The Games organizer has repeatedly confirmed that it will be fine for the Games although the city has had several "foggy" days since July 20 when it carried out a car ban to clean up emissions.

Arne Ljungqvist, head of the IOC medical commission, said on Tuesday that basically the air condition in Beijing would not affect the health of athletes and visitors during the Games.

The commission has announced that the air was satisfying in a statement according to an analysis on the air condition of Beijing in last August.

Ljungqvist said the recent mist in Beijing was mainly caused by hot and wet weather which could easily be misunderstood as air pollution.

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Originally posted by soapdodger at 2008-8-7 09:57

Chinese indeed have to think carefully and think carefully this time, as to how they wish to be remembered by the  5.4 Billion people around the world. Your choice.

It seems you have already ...

Why put on the masks in the airport in full view of the media? Did Murdoch pay them to do this?

Those U.S. athletes have already chosen to be remembered as media circus clowns.

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