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Why american athletes wear air masks in Beijing [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by dubosscn at 2008-8-6 22:40
western media always broadcast wrong inforamtion of china to their people.

No, they don't dubosscn.

As a Canadian with family ties to China, I have been fairly impressed by our CBC's lead-up to the Games. Two very positive themes have been presented to Canadians, first, that our arriving athletes and media people are finding that the facilities are really excellent, and second, that the Chinese people are extremely proud to be hosting the Games.

Sure, the CBC talks about the environmental issue and the political aspects, but this all comes under the heading of "balanced reporting".

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To all other westerners in here...

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Are we for Facts or Fiction ?

Let us try and be alert fellas and wake up to the fact that the visual haze ( humidity ) is not the same as smog ( particles of soot and carbon). The WHO and the IOC medical commissioners have stated that this haze has no risk to health, not even acute respiratory problems like asthma.. The Polyclinic at the Olympic village , which oversees all medical problems among the athletes and officials , stated that there is no abnormal number of respiratory cases treated there The Air Pollution Index ( API ) is published everyday and they have been hovering between excellent to good quality.

One can ignore all these and carry on a crusade to crucify China under false pretenses , or be mature enough to deal with the issue more scientifically.

As to these American pranksters , bully for them.  If they are serious about their health being jeopardized , then they should have brought along their oxygen cylinders and equipped themselves with chemical hazard masks with filters . Their paper face mask do nothing but to show what fools they are and their lack of the basic knowledge of medicine. I hope they can cycle better than doing stand up comedy.

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Welcome is Reserved For Honored Guests

The Americans who wore the bras on their mouths were indeed invited guests in the nation of China.  But they dishonor themselves by wearing the ridiculous looking bras on their heads, perhaps to make a statement, perhaps to attempt to shame the host (who knows what their niggardly nasty minds think?).  But I can tell ya, it is coming across just as well as being invited to an opulent mansion in Brentwood for a formal dinner, and then insisting on showing up with your cheap silverware sticking out of your breast pocket, and muttering to anyone who would listen that the host's forks are not clean enough.

The reception to these dishonored and dishonoring brats should be as expected.

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To Be Celebrated

See its just another thing for the blame everyone else but themselves Yanks.  Yesterday their woman's football team lost to lowly Norway, 2-0.  

We must congratulate our honored American guests on the efficacy of wearing their bras on their heads every time we meet them.

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Originally posted by gaijin at 2008-8-7 03:55
Every chinese person on this forum is ridiculously stubborn and stupid, so I would not try to reason with them

That's not true, Gaijin.

There are many ethnic Chinese here, from both inside and outside China, who are able to think for themselves, accept alternative points of view, and debate in a civilised fashion.

Unfortunately all the noise is made by liars, racists and hypocrites like Tongluren, Changabula (and his aliases), Mengzhi, Cestmoi, Northwest, CaringHK and so on. Most of this rabble don't actually live in China, but claim to speak on behalf of the Chinese people.

So please, Gaijin, don't make the mistake of thinking that Chinese people are actually anything like the arseholes you see here, who claim to represent China.

I am sure that a country of 1.3 billion has a few self serving pricks (at least 70 odd million) but it would be a mistake to say the whole lot of them are like that !
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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Must Be Hitting Where It Counts

Who claims to be representing China here??  It is a well established fact that only the Chinese government represents China.   What a silly claim to make - I have not heard any one here claiming to represent China.   Each poster has the right to his or her opinion, is that not how free speech works?  Or in the West it means a different thing, and Westerners only tolerate those who agree with them?  Just look at the short fuses displayed by the gaijins here, wont to call us Chinese names!!

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