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Leave China Alone Western Media [Copy link] 中文

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I'm replying now. Just because it takes me time to respond doesn't mean I'm sitting back thinking about it.....I actually have a life and I live it, as well as a job that has required more of my time lately. The lapsed time doesn't diminish the meaning of what I have no idea of Australia and Australians, or ANZACs, or the world in general, go back home and bury your head back up your a$$ because the only person that believes your sh!t must be you!
Incidently, my handle should give you a clue as to where I'm from, certainly not from QLD, get it right!

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As i've said i don't care places you been too or the schedule of your daily life.
I actually have alot of ideas and exposure to Australia, that might suprise you and give you a sudden heart attack.
Make sure you test your blood pressure when reading my posts.


But true, just not ANZAC..... but I respect all soldiers and Army

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Originally posted by ganzhuolin at 2008-8-20 01:25
...this time by racist Argentinians and not racist Spaniards...

[url] ...

I am Chinese,   and I also speak Spanish and I understand the Spanish mentality.

I can assure you that the Spanish people are not hostile at all towards the Chinese people.

It is just a simple misunderstanding.

If you can read Spanish,   I recommend that you read the Spanish newspapers on the internet.

When you read the Spanish newspapers,   it is explained very clearly  that no offence was ever intended.   It was just an innocent joke.

China should actually encourage more Chinese students to learn Spanish instead of learning English,  in order to promote better understanding among all the nations of the world,  not just the English speaking nations of the world.

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Originally posted by ganzhuolin at 2008-8-18 22:50
How american media manipulating how medals should be counted...

http:// blogs. guardian. 2008/08/busted_how_america_turned_the.html

terrible! disgusting! shocking!

There are many ways to paint pictures to satisfy the ego.

We can count the number of medals.

We can regrade the medals as points.

We can handicap the host nation because of the influence of supporters.

We can discount those who receive an income from their sport.

We can discount those who receive sponsorship.

We can revalue the medals in relation to a countries population.

We can revalue the medals in relation to a nation's wealth.

We can revalue the medals in relation to a nation's sporting facilities.

All excuses for the fact that our country is not at the top of the medals table.

But whichever way I work it, Australia is still beating Britain.

Unless, of course, we are just counting the medals.

But in my mind I know that Australia are beating us even though we are doing increadibly well.

(mostly harmless)

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Note, only a coupla quotes from your peasant leaders are woth anything;
1/What's good is universal...................practise it!
2/ it doesn't matter what colour the cat as long as it catches the mouse.

I think I need not say more because you've caught yourselves in the words of you own (false) messiahs!

editted coz i noticed a spelling mistake!

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