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Originally posted by emucentral at 2008-8-6 20:53
We don't want to see Chinese people suffer because of corrupt officials taking away their property.

We don't like seeing Chinese miners dying in accidents in illegal and unsafe mines

Yeah, I know.  You want to millions of beggars on the street of Beijing and Shanghai, like Mumbai and New Dehli in India.

You want mass malnutritions among chinese children like 43% of kids under age 5 in India are under weight.

You want to see the complete chaos in China like Russia under Yeltsin.

Now, either you have evil agenda or you are brainwashed.

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'Why does the Western Media espcially post colonial powers such as UK, US and Australia always tell China what to do about its Human Rights and Democracy????'

Probably because such things are incredibly important to them, had to be fought very hard for and they want the Chinese people to enjoy the same rights.
Plus of course, their narrative about China hasn't changed for a while and Communist aprties in the past haven't been the greatest of bosom buddies with journalists.
There are more and more articles and reports appearing in the Western media though which acknowledge the advances that China has achieved and acknowledging that great change doesn't happen overnight for 1.3 billion people.

'Don't you guys feel disgraceful in retrospect of your past acts?'

No, they weren't our acts. If you're a patriot and take pride in the good things your country has done, then you should acknowledge and show a bit of remorse for the nasty stuff too, but ultimately the bad things were done by people long dead.

'are you guys too afraid that the Dragon has finally woke up??? '

After the German and Russians woke up in the first half of the 20th Century, please forgive us our trepidation.

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Don't make assumptions about what people in other countries know or think.

Of course British people know about the bad things that happened during colonial times. But that was our ancestors, not us. We agree it was bad but we are not to blame. It certainly doesn't mean we can't report bad things that we see today.

Yes, China's come a long way in a short time. But it has problems, doesn't it? Why shouldn't people outside China report on that? We are all human. That's why we care about human rights.

When we hear about people being forced out of their homes or being locked up for protesting, that makes us upset. We feel China is paying too high a price for its development. Chinese people might say that's none of our business, but if you want to know, that's why people fear the rise of China. It's difficult to think favourably of a country that treats its own people badly.

I'd like to make a comment on the point "There has to be forfeit before there is gain". That's easy to say if you're gaining and others are forfeiting. May I ask if you, yourself, are forfeiting or gaining? You don't have to answer if it's too personal.

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"Liberty of Love"

The first known use of the word freedom in a political context dates back to the 24th century BC, in a text
describing the restoration of social and economic liberty in Lagash, a Sumerian city-state. Urukagina, the king of
Lagash, established the first known legal code to protect citizens from the rich and powerful. Known as a great
reformer, Urukagina established laws that forbade compelling the sale of property and required the charges
against the accused to be stated before any man accused of a crime could be punished. This is the first known example of any form of due process in the history of humanity.

The best-known myth identifies Aquarius with Ganymede, a beautiful youth with whom Zeus fell in love, and
whom he (in the disguise of an eagle, represented as the constellation Aquila) carried off to Olympus to be cup bearer to the gods. Crater is sometimes identified as his cup.

On 080808 at 19:50-21:10 aquarius is rising, as to light the flame to mark the opening of the Olympic Games
and signifying the "Liberty of love".

Before 19:50 the dragons head is rising
Gudea of Lagash.jpg

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Actually, most Americans, Canadians and UKers know what their countries did during those periods. They're usually centerpieces of their history education programs.

Perhaps you think the West is like Japan and hasn't ever confronted its own past; if you do, it just demonstrates how deeply ignorant you are.
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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Didn't Seem to Make Any Bit of Difference Though

As far as the Westerners are concerned, this "education" that Boring brags about hardly seem to have made any damn bit of colonial difference, as the colonizing West still continues its dastardly deeds.  

Iraq is still occupied, is it not?  Bombs still drop on a daily basis, does it not?  The Yanks still have over 700 military bases (and growing), and still demands SOF agreements in which the raping, marauding soldiers cannot even be tried by the locals.  And the rest of the West follows blindly each time the head thug calls to arms - it has not changed since the 8 marauders invaded Beijing and looted and burned down YI He Yuan.  

You see any difference that the so called education makes to the Westerners?

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The benefits of education

I was at school in England in the 1960s. We were, I think, the first generation to be taught about the evils of slavery carried out by our ancestors. It was profoundly shocking for me, and as a direct consequence I was active in the anti-apartheid campaign against the white supremacist government of South Africa. I hope I did my small part to bring down that evil regime.

When I worked in China a decade ago I was educated once more. I learned about the evils perpetrated on the Chinese people by the British government of the day. I have done what I can to educate my fellow citizens - though it is hard work.

'Interesting' is correct to point out that most Western education systems are open to honesty about their past crimes. Whether people can overcome their xenophobia and accept the truth is another matter. The Germans are the stars in this regard. Every German child is taught about the crimes of the Nazis and many of them are required to visit one of the concentration camps.

If one loves one's country, and I do, one must be willing to face up to its current and historical faults.  As Dr Johnson said 'nationalism is the last refuge of the scoundrel'.
Heaven sees as the people see; hears as the people hear. (Meng Zi)

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