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Barack Obama as next President of The United States of America [Copy link] 中文

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And 'YoMama' is the 'Head Nurse'...whatever caring HK...

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Rice: US "will be fine" if Obama is elected president
Updated: 2008-08-08 08:01

WASHINGTON -- The United States will be safe with Barack Obama should he be elected president, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in an interview released Thursday.

In an interview with current affairs websites Politico and Yahoo News, Rice said the US "will be fine" when asked whether she would feel safe with Obama as president.

"I think that we are having an important debate about how we keep the country safe," she said. "I think we are having an important debate about our responsibilities, our obligations, our interests in the Middle East in the wake of the now increasing evidence of success in Iraq."

"Those are important judgements for the American people to make," she added.

Rice also said she could understand the Democratic presidential hopeful's concerns about the surge policy in Iraq, and US President George W. Bush actually "asked all of those tough questions himself."

However, she said she found the positions on Iraq of Obama and his Republican presidential rival, John McCain, "seem to be narrowing somewhat," which she said is only possible because of the reduction of violence in Iraq as a result of the surge.

Obama has vowed to begin to withdraw all US combat troops in Iraq if he is elected president, but has left some room to redefine his Iraq policy.

McCain, on the other hand, is opposed to setting a timetable for the withdrawal but expects to finish the Iraq war by 2013 if he is elected to the White House.

Rice insisted that the Iraqis are not quite ready for the complete withdrawal of coalition forces.

On speculation that she might be the vice presidential candidate for McCain or even Obama, the US state secretary said she is headed back to California in January and does not plan to serve in the next administration no matter whether it is Democratic or Republican.

"I don't need another job in government with anybody," she said. "Look, I'm a Republican, all right? Senate McCain is a fine patriot... and I know that there are a lot of very good people who could be his vice president."

Rice said she is planning to write a book about American foreign policy during the Bush administration.

"There's a lot to talk about in these eight years," she said. "I'm looking forward to writing about it."

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this is the last 4 years of the american empire!!!!!

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Let's love the mixed race Obama!

An Iranian in DC called the US as a mixed-race freak show! Now a freak stood up to run this show! Obama, meet Rhianna, KT Tunstall,  Alicia Keyes, Amerie, Kimora Lee Simmons, and other mixed-race celebrities! He should visit the mixed race Finns and Hungarians soon!

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McBama Wins, OCain Loses

What difference does it make?  They are truly all the same.  The entire United States is ran by less than 50 men (men - the women is only there for show), and none of them is black.  When Bush Sr. asked the Gang for permission for Dubya to try for the throne, it was decided that he could have it if he will take the counsel of Cheney, as co-president plus.  Why the plus?  Well, as "none of the above" (NOT part of the executive, judiciary, or the legislature), this new office of the Vice President was above all other branches, and suffers no oversight from anybody.  It was a glorious 8 years as far as the ruling 50 were concerned.  The world is more dangerous so they can justify more war.  They of course made out like no bandit ever in the history of man.  The U.S. Congress ordered an audit of the Military, and the auditors threw up their hands earlier in June (I think) after finding over 2.3 TRILLION dollars unaccounted for.  Many of the 50 are getting even richer, and nobody even goes to jail.

Putting that in perspective, the Chinese were lamenting that they found US$684 million in corruption, and have vowed that heads will roll (literally).  

(A side observation is that corruption does not matter, as America's level of corruption is about 45,000 times that in China per capita - 2.3 T divided by 300 MM is $23,000 per head, and 600 MM divided by 1.3 B is about $0.5 per head.)

The program was so very "successful," the democrats (who are about equally represented on the real ruling party, the Gang) wanted their own puppet and their own Co-president Plus.  Biden gets a turn.  

So it is gonna be more of the same.  The question is when and how the world runs out of money to loan to the spendthrift running amok.

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So, you believe that the USA is more corrupt that China? This is rich. I find it amusing that you can form coherent sentences in English and still spew such 'ridiculousities' (my own attempt at a Bush-ism).

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It's Not Just a Belief

It is a FACT - that the corruption in the U.S. is endemic and institutionalized.  It is a rare case that you would find a national level politician retire with less than $10 or $20 million MINIMUM in assets.  Is it because they are all so smart in their investments?  $2.3 Trillion unaccounted for in the military alone!!  That is not not counting the corruption in the 50 State level governments, and the other Federal departments.  The truly shocking and awe inspiring part is how the art of taking bribes is institutionalized - EVERYBODY takes bribes in the American political system.  They just call it "political contributions" and legitimized it.  

The level of corruption in America is several degrees of magnitude higher than that in China, on a per capita basis. Why else do you think that, with the sort of wealth the Yanks have, that they still managed to screw up their economy so badly?

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