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On the Tibetan Riots, Western Media, and U.S. Imperialism [Copy link] 中文

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On the Tibetan Riots, Western Media, and U.S. Imperialism by Eric Sommer

Hi there, The western media distortions and lies regarding the Tibet riot was no accident.  It arose directly from on-going U.S. imperialism directed at China.  This article provides an indepth analysis of the three faces of U.S. imperialism - economic trade, military encirclement, and information war - vis-a-vis China.   .

The following article is an eye-opener on this matter, and contains information and facts not assembled in this form elsewhere.

It exceeds the length limitations of messages in this board and so it is published here:

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Imperialist Reality

To understand this western media distortion of Chinese reality, we must examine its' roots in the broader political-economic structure of U.S. society.

To begin with, the U.S. is governed by a one-party state - a state ruled by the 'party of business'. This party has two branches - the Republican and the Democratic. But whichever of these formally separated parties wins the latest election, the political dominance of the business class remains unchecked, for both branches represent its interests.

This business dominance of the U.S. state is more so now than at any time since the 1930's; for there is no mass party of workers to represent the interests of ordinary people; and the trade union movement, which attempts to represent those interests, has shrunk to only 8% of the U.S. workforce, down from 30% a few decades ago.

These political realities are well-understood by the U.S. business class. Whenever there is a major election,, owners, CEO's, and managers of large U.S. corporations donate tens of millions of dollars to both branches of the 'business party', knowing that whichever side wins their interests will be represented.

Since World War II, this U.S. state - and the business class it represents - has had as its' ambition not just dominance of the U.S.; its' goal has been the economic, political, and military domination of the whole world.

The greatest obstacle to achievement of this world-domination has been the existence of nations, peoples, and social movements calling themselves 'socialist', and seeking to represent the interests not just of business but of workers and farmers, who are the immense majority of human beings.

Wherever it has encountered this socialist obstacle, the U.S. business class, and its state, has used whatever means seemed available to it - no matter how barbaric - to remove the obstacle.

In some cases, open aggressive warfare has been the chosen method. In the Vietnam war of the 1960's and 1970's, for example, U.S. bombing and ground attacks killed 2 million Vietnamese people in an ultimately failed attempt to prevent Vietnam from becoming a socialist country.

In other cases, the U.S. spy service has worked with local right-wing forces to destroy socialist governments. In the early 1970's, for example, then-U.S. president Nixon and his associate Henry Kissinger worked to destroy the democratically-elected socialist government of Salvadore Allende in the Latin American country of Chile. Working secretly with local right-wing military forces in Chile, the CIA spy service helped to bring about a military coup. This coup overthrew Chile's democratic government and murdered tens of thousands of socialists and workers in the country.

In still other cases, U.S. imperialism props up anti-communist dictators, like the military general Suharto who came to power in a bloody coup in Indonesia and who received massive military equipment and other support from the U.S. government.

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Three Faces of Imperialism

In the case of today's China, U.S. imperialism presents itself not with one face but with three. These three faces are economic trade, military encirclement, and information war.

Economic trade, the first face of U.S. imperialism, was seen by U.S. ruling circles as conferring several advantages when China introduced its socialist market economy in 1978, First, they saw a source of cheap labor. Second, they saw a source of new markets. Finally, they saw a market economy as a tool to undermine and eventually destroy China's socialist system, and communist party. They hoped to again fully open the country, its resources and people, as before the socialist revolution, to domination and exploitation by foreign interests.

Ultimately, however, imperialist hopes for the collapse of Chinese socialism were dashed. Deng Xiao Ping theory - the framework which guides China's economic development - proved smarter than they were. By combining public and private a socialist market system, China became ever-stronger.

Faced with this ever-stronger China, U.S. imperialism and anti-communism towards China have not disappeared. It's true that the economic face of western imperialism now comes to China with warm handshakes and a deep willingness to 'do business'. But proof that this face is no real friend of China is not hard to find.

Consider the large numbers of western CEO's and company officials work in China, or do business here. Many of them are knowledgeable about actual Chinese conditions. But which of them rose to China's defence in the face of western media lies and slander regarding the Tibet rioters? Where is the western business leader who said that 'murder is wrong', or that 'the government of China acted with restraint in protecting the lives and property of innocent people in Tibet'? Such people could not be found because they do not exist.

Or consider Chinas' new labor laws, introduced last year to provide protection for Chinese workers and their unions. These laws, providing for transparent labor contracts and other protections, were stoutly resisted by the U.S.-China Chamber of commerce, which represents U.S. business interests in China.

There are, of course, definite benefits for China to admit foreign business people and to encourage foreign investment. Transfer of knowledge, capital, and useful foreign goods into China are all benefits to Chinese society. There is a definite element of win-win in such arrangements. However, we must not mistake the economic interests of the U.S. and European governments, and of their corporations, for real friendship for China.

The real motive-force for foreign business with China is not friendship; it is extraction of ever-greater profits by foreign companies from Chinese labor and from Chinese markets. At bottom, the hope of eventually removing China's socialist government, and restoring U.S. and western pre revolutionary economic power in China, remains the economic goal.

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Military Encirclement

The second face presented by U.S. imperialism towards China is military encirclement. Positioning military bases of the U.S. and its allies around China's borders, and overawing of China with vastly superior space weapons, is the goal of this policy.

U.S. Military bases currently exist in Japan, in South Korea, and in the Philippines, and the U.S. government is attempting to enlist India, Japan, and Australia in a new military alliance which looks suspiciously like an anti-Chinese 'front'.

U.S. government arming of Taiwan with the latest hi-tech weapons is also a key part of the encirclement policy.
U.S. spy planes flying along Chinas' borders have been yet another part of the encirclement policy.

Finally, U.S. refusal to participate in the UN movement to demilitarize space, and its strenuous efforts to build space-based military systems are also part of its desire to dominate China and the Earth. It is official or semi-official U.S.military doctrine that 'there must never again be a second super-power (other than the U.S.)'; that the U.S. must have 'full spectrum' superiority' over all other nations military; and that it should have 'the ability to destroy any opposition to itself from space or the air within 20 minutes'.

U.S. demands that China's military be 'more transparent' should be understood for what they really are: Demands that China make itself vulnerable to U.S. military power. It is harder to 'stand up' when there is a gun pointed at your head.

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Information War

The third-face of U.S. imperialism towards China is information war. The goal of information war is to use one-sided - and even false - reporting to discredit China's government, and to minimize its attractiveness to people outside China. This information war is waged both by the U.S. government and by U.S. media, which are generally controlled by large corporations, whose owners and managers are part of the U.S. business class which strongly opposes socialism.

The face of this information war on China can be clearly seen in the lies the western media told about the Tibet events. But these lies were but the latest round in a campaign in which imperialism has used the Dalai Lama as a weapon against China for 50 years.

Since he fled China in the 1950's, the Dalai Lama has received continuous support from the U.S. government, from the the U.S. CIA spy service, and from the U.S. and western media,

The first service provided to the Dalai Lama by the U.S. was secret CIA payment of large sums of money during his first ten years of exile in India. In that period he secretly received from the U..S. spy-service a yearly salary of $150,000 U.S. dollars. The CIA also supplied 1.5 million U.S. dollars each year for use by other members of his organization in India.

The second service provided to the Dalai Lama was U.S. government and media support for the myth that China had 'invaded' an 'independent nation' called 'Tibet', To make this myth effective, it was necessary to conceal reality.

To begin with, it was necessary to conceal that Tibet has been part of China since the 13th century.

In addition, it had to be hidden that Tibet had been a province of China not just in ancient times but in the 20th century *before* the Chinese socialist revolution.

Moreover, the media also had to conceal that the U.S. government itself had recognized Tibet as a province of China, again *before* the socialist revolution.

Finally, it was necessary to hide that the so-called invasion of Tibet by China was in fact the liberation of a province of China from the old right-wing and imperialist government of the KMT, like the liberation of all the other Chinese provinces, at the end of the civil war.

Still another service provided to the Dalai Lama by imperialism was CIA training in the 1950's for some of his followers for possible parachuting into China to lead insurrectionary activities activities

The CIA payments , and the training for insurrectionary activities in China, are irrefutable facts. For they are fully documented in materials released by the U.S. government itself under the 'freedom of information act'.

It should also be noted that covert U.S. government money has continued to be provided to the Dalai Lama up to this very day, through more 'indirect channels' such as the U.S. 'Endowment for Democracy'.

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Mythologizing the Dalai Lama

Over the years western media, and politicians, have lauded the Dalai Lama. He has been presented as a 'man of peace' and a 'spiritual representative' of the 'Tibetan people' who are 'suppressed by China'

These media have, at the same time,shielded the Dalai Lama's reputation from information inconsistent with this image. To begin with, they have not discussed the highly oppressive system of semi-slavery during his rule, under which the majority of Tibetans were held as serfs on estates of large landlords They have failed to mention his extensive tutoring as a young man by a Nazi SS officer who found his way to Tibet during the second world war. And little has been said about his other right-wing connections, including his salary from the CIA, and his request to the British government in the late 1990's to *not* extradite a mass murderer, former Chilean dictator general AugustoPinochet, when Spain asked that he be sent from Britain to Spain to stand trial for torture and murder of its citiziens by his government in Chile.

Instead, he has been presented as a non-political 'holly man' seeking only justice. Truthful media accounts of the Tibet riots would have read something like "Hundreds of followers of the Dalai Lama rioted in the street, attacked innocent people with clubs, burned down stores and houses and murdered people in Lahasa." Clearly, such an account would have harmed the carefully nurtured image of the Dalai Lama, and damaged or removed the ability of western media and governments to use him as a stick to beat socialist China. It was for this reason, and to turn matters to their own anti-communist interest, that the media lied so brazenly.

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