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Why are People Behaving Like This in the West? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by doitagain at 2008-7-6 17:17
can you please scientifically explain this ?


Yes, it is very simple!

A paedophile abuses loads of young children.
There are loads of evidence to show that these young children become abusers themselves when they grow up.
The cycle is thus perpetuated.

Example: There was a white paedophile who was a preacher in an Alaskan village.
The freak abused every child in that village. Yes, every child.
The village has thus become contaminated by this filth of humanity.
We need to follow what happens to those poor children as they grow older.

For anyone that wants to know more, there was an excellent thread on paedophile where a guy called the assassin explained this in greater detail. I suggest that you read that thread to show how this works out as he gave us personal examples of the way this abuse works!

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Originally posted by buddy35 at 2008-7-6 02:45
The only reason that there are a very few cases of abuse in Asia is because the western sexual predators have been abusing asian kids for centuries!

It is a well known fact that victims grow up  ...

You really live in some fantasyland. What a great philosophy for arguing. Anything bad in the West is because they are evil beings whereas anything in the East that is bad is a result of negative Western influences. How can anyone argue with this? What a convenient method of debate. Totally absurd.

Most of the people abusing those children in the Philippines, China, Thailand, etc. are local men. They are also the ones who kidnap children and send them to the West. It's equal culpability.

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Even the Runner Fan wouldn't leave his daughter along when the earthquake happened

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Originally posted by exportedkiwi at 2008-7-5 16:20
Ahem, since when was India considered to be a Western country?

When Britain colonialised it

but thxs god there is Ghandi
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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As usual, you can justify any garbage spouted here.
For mthe record, I believe that most, if not all, Western counmtries now have laws relating to the sexual predators that go to those countries named above. If they're identified, they do get prosecuted as far as I'm aware.

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Porn appears on rugby programme

New Zealand rugby fans watching a regular sports programme found themselves viewing hardcore pornography instead on Sunday afternoon.

Four minutes of pornography interrupted sports coverage on the Prime Television channel, after what a spokesman described as a distribution mix up.

The pornographic footage was meant for an adult pay-per-view channel.

Instead, it found its way onto a regular free-to-air programme called Grassroots Rugby.

Rival television channels reported that some viewers were angry about the broadcast, which may have been seen by children.

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Hahahahaha, good one! It would've made those watching the rugby a bit pi$$ed off though! I can see my nephews and nieces saying..."uncle, what position does he, or she, play on the team". hahahahaha! Hey man, sh!t happens everywhere and there's probably pay-per-view porn available somewhere in China too. I know where it can be bought on DVD, right on the street, in broad daylight, in Guangzhou even though it's "illegal".

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