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I have a "spare kidney" and a soldier is wanted [Copy link] 中文

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Reply #35 emucentral's post

Most of your post #32, I don't take issue with, however it did become "our" business when it was explicitly and deliberately raised here in a public forum.
Try it became "MY" business because I should take responcibility for what I have to say, this is the World's forum and whoever has asked for a solution not a lot of BS pointing to his "problem".   In short either solve the man's problem or butt out.

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Who is the "general public"?

Originally posted by emucentral at 2008-7-11 21:12

Well, one could also suggest that the soldiers could also get a readily available donor organ from this general public of which you speak.

emucentral, just who is this "general public" of which you speak?  Is it not us?  Is it not me?  

For me, and to paraphrase what mengzhi has so accurately stated: I'm certainly not trying to 'ram my philosophy down someone else's throat'.

As I've often said, there are many things that I couldn't do.  However, this is something that I can do.  I'm comfortable with the risks and the consequences.  It was Aristotle who said: "If we can, then we must."  This I can do, ergo I must.

And I MUST respond to one other part of your post, I am in NO WAY "hawking" my kidney.  It is available, however, for free.  I trust that this was simply a mistake - a poor choice of words on your part - because it truly maligns my character.

While there is a HUGE black market for organs, money isn't something that motivates me.  What does motivate me is that I want to live in a better world.  And since this is the only world we've got, then to be consistent, I need to make it better.  This is one of many ways in which I choose to live my beliefs.

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reply to deananash Post #37

1/ It is the "general public" to which Mengzhi first referred in post #28
2/ I didn't intend to suggest that you were ramming your philosophy down anyone's throat.
3/ Fine, if you're comfortable with the risks, although I don't think Aristotle had organ donation in mind.
4/ I was not suggesting that you were after monetary reward. The "hawking" was intended to illustrate the method of putting the organ on offer, not the asking price.
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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1.) I reread post # 28 and it seems to me that he is referring to 'us' - the general public.  So when you say that soldiers [or anyone] can get a kidney from the general public - as opposed to family - then you are supporting my actions.  (Thanks for that, although I doubt that was really your intention.)

2.) You are correct and I shouldn't have implied (or stated) that you did.  That comment should have been directed to the general readership.  I'm not saying that everyone must (or even should) donate a kidney.  I am saying that everyone should do what they feel comfortable doing.

3.) I must concur, I'd take even money that Aristotle didn't have organ donation in mind.  However, I'd also bet that he did have "public service" in mind.  In his day, while that would have meant something different, the spirit of it would have been the exact same.

4.) Come on, you know better than that.  You can't just make up your own meanings.  To "hawk" something is to offer it for sale.  Perhaps "advertise" would be a better choice.  Or publicize.  

If you feel that you must respond to my rebuttals, by all means do so.  And if so, I'll give you the last word on this and then let the readers decide.  We both must have more important things to do - I know that I do.

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Last morning about 21 hours ago I upload the Chinese message with the English to here and the translation forum but it failed to appear. I don't know if the mods are on holidays or not.
Then I searched the internet about the regulation of donating organs in China. An article in 2006 said it's limited to families, not open to strangers.So I add a few words (after the #) and only post the English and leave the link to see if I can post here.

I don't know if the content can express your idea or has twisted your meaning. I think the details of your teaching in Shenzhong will help readers to understand your preference. As for the low risk of living with one kidney, I don't think I have the language skill to explain in that message.

The meaning of the about Chinese:

A kidney waiting to donate to a soldier.

The potential donor is a healthy 48 y/o ( male about 173cm and 75 kilos, blood type A,  lifelong non-drinker / non-smoker) who believes he can live with one kidney the rest of his life fine..

He has great respect to soldiers and past connection with Chinese people(teaching in Shenzhen Zho ng Xue full-time for 2 years, part-time volunteered 3 years). He prefers to donate to a current soldier as it has the potential of using the kidney for longer time.

If he can't donate his kidney to a Chinese by next summer, then he will donate it to a person from the nearest country, perhaps Australia or Japan. (The donor reserves the rights to choose his receipient)

He expressed his wish in the English bbs at Chinadaily in June 2008. I exchanged comments with him and he agreed to let me spread his message through Chinese bbs. If you know the happiness he can get from helping the one he likes, you will not think he only wants attention. I think even if is just publizing o rgan don ation is fine this way. Sending letters to the P..L..A hospitals and China R  ed Cr  oss will not be more efficient than through bbs.# I don't know the current regulation of donating organ from live person in our country. Is it only limited to families now? Even so, I think his kindness should worth our attention.

If you think this kindness should be encouraged, please help spreading this message. You can read his original message and contact him at

Thank you.
btw, should I add xxx years ago you had searched for donating organ already?
Vision without action is illusion---Y.J.

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The post about the content I tried to post here didn't appear. So I send you via PM.

BTW anyone knows exactly the current regulation on that in China?
Vision without action is illusion---Y.J.

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I still can't figure out which words didn't pass the filter here.

# I don't know the current regulation of donating organ from live persons in our country. Is it only limited to families now? Even so, I think his kindness should worth our attention.

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