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I have a "spare kidney" and a soldier is wanted [Copy link] 中文

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half the man i used to be...

Originally posted by ronglimeng at 6/30/08 02:24 PM
Sorry to be the skunk at the picnic, but to use pjtran's expression, this whole idea sounds a little "kookoo" to me.

I doubt if there is a crying need for "kidneys for the PLA!&qu ...

i DONT know what comin of me...but i get very emotional & may be tears too quicker than i tended too; i just felt the dude, man  

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Professor Nash,

Probably you may contact China Red Cross Organisation.

Here's the URL.


And contact the local media where you are, I suppose they would probably report your good deed.

So you can find soldiers.:)

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That Noble Spirit .

Dear Dean A Nash ,

It is with the greatest admiration that I write this post , in congratulating you for the noble and selfless philosophy you have espoused . This quality is so scarce nowadays just listening to one is uplifting enough . I thank you for making my day .  

I agree with your medical assessment that if our paired organs ( kidneys ) are in a healthy condition , than donating one is no detriment for longevity or continued good health .  The lucky potential recipient of your kidney will be based on tissue matching and a soldier ( or anyone else ) may be selected .  I do feel that whoever he  / she is , your noble act is just as noble .

I hope your wish comes true . I am sure that this post of yours has already influenced many people into thinking or re-thinking about their roles and ability to do practical things for our less fortunate fellow beings than us .  I salute you .

It is more blessed to give than to receive , isn't it ?   

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As a member of the Chinese big family, I am deeply moved, and a true thank - you.

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Reply #1 deananash's post

This is a great sentiment and an admirable thing to do. Back home, when we get our drivers license, we can indicate whether, or not, we'll be organ donors. I don't see any reason why not because, we'll be dead and don't need them and if it prolongs a familys happiness, or an individuals, what have we got to lose, while they have everything to gain. Well done dean!

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Well, evolution gave us two kidneys. There must have been a reason. I wouldn't give up one lightly.

I have also signed my driver's licence in the section that gives permission to "harvest" my organs after my death. I would also unreservedly donate a kidney to a member of my family in need of one.

But my impression of deananash's offer is that it is attention-seeking and show-boating and not very practical.  It reminds me of that photo displayed here at CD of a guy laying across a cold stream so that school kids could cross on his back. Why such a dramatic gesture? There were easier ways to transport the kids without that level of personal discomfort.

Everybody who has replied here basically says "Wow, what a guy! Thank you, thank you"   I don't understand how so many people accept this.

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Mean spirited .

I think it is very mean spirited of ronglimeng to label Dean as an attention seeker in offering one of his kidneys . How many people would have read his post here ?  A hundred ? A thousand ?  If he had wanted to brag , he could have got paid and given his story to a western tabloid : doing a " check book journalism" .

Those who do not understand the medical implications and those who have no wish to help others are allowed to their views but to pillory those brave and compassionate people who choose to do things different is churlish and sux .

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