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Western provocation toward Islamic world [Copy link] 中文

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And North's very wrong, China has not lived "harmoniously" with Muslims at all. Shall we talk about "washing off the Muslims" and the various attempts by the emperors to Sinify them?
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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chk, you being Chinese, must be aware of tradition and ties to your roots and heritage. Why should emu or I be any different and be derided because of it? The fact that we're still loyal to our Monarch is testiment to our allegiance and respect for our heritage even though the Monarch no longer has any direct control over us any more....although there are some ancient laws that she could exercise if she so chose to.
About Islam; well...I have some muslim friends in indonesia and in northeast China and they're lovely people. These aren't, sadly, the muslims we get to hear about in the news because they're good and good news doesn't sell. The muslims who are perpetrating these criminal acts are fundamentalists and as such, can't be considered rational human beings and should be hunted down like animals and made extinct.
North my friend, the US didn't make Afghanistan what it was after the Soviets left. the Soviets did what they did, the US supported the Mujaheddin solely because they were fighting the Soviets and after it was all over, both superpowers backed off and left Afghans to their own which is as it should've been because they'd been subjected to how many years of foreign powers trying to annexe them. The vacuum left by the Soviets and the Najibullah government were what created, and gave rise to, the Taliban......the rest we know.

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It depends on how you define the change.

If a muslim like earlier Bhutto's father tried to implement socialism, is this considered 'westernization'?

If muslims in SE ASia exercise local shamanism, is this considered 'shamanisation'?

If Koran doesn't reguire muslim women to wear headscarf, but the Arabs made it mandatory, is this considered 'Arabisation'?

Define the strict 'Islam' first and then move on the change surrounding it.

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Originally posted by northwest at 2008-6-26 16:09


I was referring to muslims in China, sorry for the confusion, we live along very well for more than one thousand of years. The main difference non-muslims can tell toward them is "they just don't eat pork", no major differences in daily customs or habit at all. China even has its own female imams, a sign of openness that maybe rare among other muslims societies.

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure to stay for several weeks in Yunnan, mainly in Dali. Over there I came in contact with people from the Hui minority. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it. What did surprise me most was the fact that they were very open minded and friendly people. Actually the only difference to Han Chinese that I did notice was that they didn't eat pork and didn't drink alcohol. I'm also sure that they live in harmony with other Chinese nationalities. Btw, aren't they originally Han?

I didn't know that female imams exist in China. I think that's unique and unthinkable in the Middle East or South /SE Asia.

As long as China keeps a watchful eye on Muslim activities the country should be safe. The threat is in China's Far West, the Karakorum and Pamir ranges that are the border to Pakistan, Afghanistan and other ...stans can be easily crossed by Talibans and other hate mongers. Let's not forget this.

"The two decades" you are referring to should be after the Afghan war against Sovyet forces. That was the time of when US supported muslims all over the world to fight the 'infidels', the Sovyets. This war was a succesful example in modern days, on how to use religion as mobilizing tool, skilfully misinterpret religious doctrines for certain political purpose, muslims armed conflicts enlarged throughout the whole world just after this. The US made mistake, that after the Sovyet left Afghanistan, they didn't support to establish a secular and moderate government in Afghanistan, they just left Afghan with extreme poverty and religious fanaticism, which then become a hotbed for religous-based terrorism.

The Soviets Afghan war was indeed the cradle for the Islamist movement. The Islamists were nurtured by the US. It's not always good to act according to the motto:--- the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Afghanistan is a vivid example. The former friend turned out to be a real nasty enemy.

When I have strong distaste toward certain medieval practice of denying education for women, circumscision for young girls etc etc, this should not be mixed with the arming of religious fanatics for certain political purpose. One is cultural insanity in the name of religion, the other is using religion to mobilize support among fanatics for certain political goals.

The lack of education in the Islamic world is the main cause for relgious indoctrination. Madrassas are often the only 'schools' that are available for the poor masses. All they learn over there is about the Quran and hatred. Many Muslim nations are not interested to give a better education to the poor masses. They simply need uneducated 'idiots' to achieve their goal of instigating hatred.

You already read that? Yes, I also think issuing a fatwa and killing order is too much, but at the same time I will refrain in granting him any reward if I'm a nation's leader, this act showed little sensitivity.

Yes, I read the 'Satanic Verses'. As I said before, not an easy piece of literature. A lot of dreams and fantasy. It needs some time.

I cannot comment on the reason for the award but I have seen Rushdie in several interviews and to me he always seemed to be a moderate man.

I may modify this to be "Islam fundamentalist". Yes, they are threat and hard to face, is this related to biblical curse that stated Christians and Islam will fight each other until the end of the world?

This can't be because of all monotheistic religions Islam is the youngest. This religion was only founded in the 7th century AD. To me Islam presently is in a state of development that Catholicism went through in the 15th/16th century (inquisition).

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Stubborn vs Stupid .

1) . The British Knighthood has garnered an odium of a political tool , not dissimilar to the Nobel Peace Prize . Knighthoods have been bought and sold , used as sordid weapons against one or the other " enemies " for quite some time .  I can recall Hong Kong tycoons whose only claim to fame is to screw his workers and enrich himself . With a certain " donation " Sir ........ eventuated .Putting things into such perspectives , let us not quibble about who gets the gong . It is no more valuable than getting a prized gift in your morning cereal packet .

2)  Let us not mix up Islam with politics . Islam has been around since 600 AD and wars have been fought ( Crusaders and Saracens  ) between them and the Christians . In recent times , the Mexican stand off and tolerance has been shattered with the creation of the Jewish state .  Palestine , land grabs , defeat of the Arabic armies and humiliation . The grabbing of oil  as in Saudi Arabia and Iraq have brought a new confrontation to a head with the 9.11. Escalations into full scale wars and oppressions on the Muslims have fanned the flame of conflict .

Both sides are equally guilty . And again , this no speakie to the " terrorists " is the bluntest of tools to advance any understanding between the warring parties , to cool things down and negotiate . When are the western powers going to learn that sitting down to pow-wow is far better than bang bang on the battle field ?

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Originally posted by exportedkiwi at 2008-6-26 16:03
chk, you being Chinese, must be aware of tradition and ties to your roots and heritage. Why should emu or I be any different and be derided because of it? The fact that we're still loyal to our Mon ...

that is for EmuC to answer u bloke as EmuC enjoys the QUEEN's holiday
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Originally posted by renegadedog9 at 2008-6-26 15:00

That's why China just bulldozed a mosque for not supporting the Olympics, then?  Or why Muslim boys cannot attend mosque until they reach 18, right?


we hv muslim boys attending Fridays prayers..............
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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