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If the West Stop Causing Trouble, This is What We Would be Like ... [Copy link] 中文

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Read the following, that is what I mean "You are poor, why dont you stay poor ?"

The commotion over the building of a dam over the Narmada River in the western Indian state of Gujarat hogged the headlines in India over the past few weeks. Medha Patkar, activist and leader of the Narmada Bachao Andolan (Save Narmada movement), went on a 20-day fast to protest the government's failure to come to the aid of an estimated 500,000 villagers who have lost their livelihood as a consequence of the Sardar Sarovar dam, which will supply electricity to Gujarat state.

The issue has become a classic one of haves vs. have-nots: On one side are the farmers who need the dam to irrigate their fields, and on the other are those who have lost access to their land because of it. And true to type, the ruling Congress administration in New Delhi, afraid of alienating any bloc of potential voters, didn't make a decision. Instead the government left it to the Supreme Court to direct the state to speed up its program for compensating and relocating the area's inhabitants.


India's Narmada dam, with all its issues of federal and state permissions, environmental approvals, and equitable rehabilitation of the inhabitants, could have been a showpiece for foreign investors. Instead, it's a disgrace: a sorry tale of a 20-year delay, cost overruns, state negligence, and bitter local resistance -- and a reason why foreign direct investment bypasses India and heads for China, whose infrastructure is first rate.


Thank you very much, Westeners.

Next time when you people talk about the "rules" we should follow, please explain to us what kind of results we should expect if we follow your rule.

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May I ask you a question :

There are less than 50,000 monks in Tibet, there are 2.6 million tibetans in Tibet.

Why was there hardly any harsh complains (reported by west media) by ordinary tibetans, almost all the complains were by monks ?

BTW, monks lost their privilege under this government and they are among the people who benefited least from the economic development in Tibet.

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Reply #34 mengzhi's post

"3)  Disruption of the Torch relay is not any body's rights . The Olympic torch is the symbol of peace and the celebration of youth . To physically attack innocent wheelchair bound athletes and bystanders put paid to the " peaceful monk " image,don't you think ?"
mengzhi ole pal, I don't know if we would've protested more vehemently if it were an American Olympics and Chinese protesters disrupted the torch (because of Iraq or Afghanistan or Guantanamo) in Beijing, or elsewhere. Indeed, the next Olympics are in London so will that automatically give the Chinese protest and disruption "rights"? The fact that is was a Chinese person carrying the torch meant little....I think it was a protest aimed at the country, not the person. This behaviour is uncivilized and the poor lady in the wheelchair has my admiration for her decorum in handling the incident. I do think, however, that if it wasn't China, or a Chinese person involved, you and co would have very little to say and may even applaud such a thing as being against your so called "colonialists" and so on. Catch my drift?

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Written about Buddy/Changabula/Gotohell amid his other incarnations.....

Originally posted by mengzhi at 2008-6-22 06:45
I think that was a heart felt request from a Chinese who feels the pain of being picked upon for nothing .

Picked upon for nothing.....


That's the best laugh I've had in months!

I bet Mengzhi had a little smile on his face when he wrote least he must have had a hard time keeping a straight face!

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I saw it suggested somewhere that British people would be upset if Chinese people marched in Beijing demanding "Free Scotland".

Not at all... it would at most be regarded as quaintly amusing.

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Reply #43 renegadedog9's post

Hahaha, yeah, it would be, over cups of tea and scones with cream and plum jam.

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