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What Vitamins are NOT: Common Myths

Myth: Vitamins give you energy.
Fact: Calories are what give you energy, and vitamins have no calories. Thus, vitamins won't give you more "pep" or make you gain fat.

Myth: Natural or organic vitamins are better than synthetic vitamins.
Fact: Synthetic vitamins are identical to natural vitamins. Claims that "nature cannot be imitated, " or "natural is better" are just advertising tactics.

Myth: Individuals with poor diets should take vitamin supplements.
Fact: Eating a variety of foods is essential to supplying the body with the needed nutrients. Vitamins cannot make up for a poor diet. Vitamin supplements only supply some of the nutrients needed by the body (even supplements with a long list of ingredients).

Myth: Vitamins are like over-the-counter medicines.
Fact: Though vitamins are often sold in drug stores and can be prescribed, "the only illness that vitamins cure is the lack of vitamins." The myth of vitamins' "miraculous qualities" probably began because they have worked well in vitamin deficiency diseases, such as scurvy and beriberi (Vitamin Basics).

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Myth: When it comes to vitamins, more is better.
Fact: Vitamins are essential compounds that your body needs to function. As long as you have these vitamins present in your body, there is no advantage gained from extra vitamins. Extra water-soluble vitamins tend to be flushed out of your system, and extra fat-soluble vitamins can be stored in the liver and become toxic in large amounts.

Myth: Athletes and people who work out need extra vitamins for better performance.
Fact: Athletes tend to eat more food, therefore they get more vitamins. There is no evidence, however, that any vitamin (or mineral) will improve athletic performance.

Myth: Eating today's processed and fast foods makes it impossible to get enough vitamins in your diet.
Fact: A variety of foods is necessary to supply you the vitamins you need. Processed and fast foods can supply vitamins along with a variety of whole foods (i.e., single ingredient foods: whole grains, meats, vegetables, fruits).

Myth: If you are under a lot of stress, you should take a specially formulated vitamin to fight stress.
Fact: Normal stress does not increase your need for vitamins. Only under extreme physical stress, such as severe illness or surgery, might extra vitamins be required.

Myth: Vitamin B12 supplements help prevent you from feeling "run down."
Fact: There is no scientific proof that B12 can prevent fatigue, except in severe cases of pernicious anemia. Most people store many years worth of B12 in their livers, so additional supplements are unnecessary.

Myth: If you eat poorly for a couple of days or miss a meal, you should take vitamin supplements.
Fact: If you eat poorly for a couple of days or miss a meal, you do not need to take vitamin supplements. Most vitamins stay in your system for a long time and can be consumed in your next days meals. A vitamin deprivation will normally not show up for about eight weeks.

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Vitamin Supplements: Who Needs Them?

Although TV, radio, news and magazine articles often announce that the majority of Americans are not meeting the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA's) for vitamins and minerals, it is important to realize that the RDA's are set high. Because the RDA's are not the "minimum standard," even if you fall 20-30% below them, you are probably getting plenty of vitamins and minerals (Vitamin Basics**).

If you do think you may be lacking in vitamins and minerals, however, turn to food sources rather than vitamin supplement pills.

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Those who actually need a vitamin supplement include the following:

-Dieters: Those who eat 1,200 calories or less per day will find it nearly impossible to meet their vitamin needs. A balanced multi-vitamin can ensure proper nutrition.

-Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers: Women who are pregnant need more of all vitamins. In particular, they need more folic acid to build new body tissue. Folic acid deficiency in pregnancy can result in neural tube defects in the baby. Many doctors provide a prenatal vitamin supplement for pregnancy and nursing. Supplements should never be self-prescribed for pregnancy.

-Strict Vegetarians: For individuals who eat no animal foods, there is a risk of deficiency in riboflavin, vitamin D, and vitamin B12. Vitamin D and riboflavin are found mainly in dairy products, while vitamin B12 is found strictly in animal foods. Thus, the strict vegetarian needs to supplement these vitamins. See your doctor or dietician for appropriate dosages.

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-Individuals with food allergies: When certain foods cannot be eaten due to allergic reactions, such as fruits or grains, individuals may need to compensate with vitamin supplements to avoid deficiencies.

-Lactose intolerant individuals: Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest the milk sugar found in dairy products. Avoiding dairy foods can result in deficiencies of riboflavin and calcium. The incidence of lactose intolerance increases with age. Individuals may need to compensate with vitamin supplements to avoid deficiencies.

-Aging Individuals: As we age, our bodies often become less efficient at absorbing various nutrients. Particularly, our need for vitamin B12 may be higher. Additionally, lack of sunshine may increase our need for vitamin D. Older adults often have restricted diets, which may also contribute to vitamin deficiencies. Thus, a doctor-prescribed multi-vitamin is often needed. Still, older adults should try to eat a wide variety of foods if possible.

-Individuals with Medical Conditions: Some medical conditions and the drugs to treat them may interfere with vitamin absorption, making prescribed vitamins necessary.

-Conditions vitamins CAN'T repair: Alcoholism damages the liver. This damage interferes with the liver's ability to store vitamins. Cigarette smokers often have low ascorbic acid levels. "Neither alcoholics nor smokers can repair bodily damage with vitamin supplements (The Learning Seed, 1994)."

Source: ... _Health_or_Hoax.php

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There is a book called "The Vitamin and Mineral Hoax"....(I have not read it )...could be interesting and informative!

What nutritional supplements do I take?
How much is enough?
How much is too much?

If you haven't noticed lately, the walls of nutritional supplements confronting and confounding you at your local grocery stores, drug stores,and health food stores are murderer's row.

There are debates raging daily even in the scientific community about who's right and who's wrong about supplements. Making matters worse, there is now a huge backlash against the pharmaceutical companies who have charged outrageous prices for drugs that may cause more harm than good (Vioxx™ comes to mind).

To make matters worse, the Food and Drug Administration (aka FDA) along with thousands of doctors said that we could trust in them as they verified all the research behind the products before approval.

Mega dosing Americans with too much potency and too much information seems to be the order of the day. How does one vitamin or mineral interact with another?...yes, it happens with nutritional supplements, too, not just with drugs. Can you eat right in order to get exactly what you need? Sure, but do you? And how much is enough?

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Everyone who takes nutritional supplements today is confused. They don't know what to take, so they end up taking less than they need, more than they need, the wrong stuff, or end up buying a mass-market, poor quality product that provides little or no benefits.

Dr. Ellis claims that he can answer all your questions if you read his book!

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