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Pro-American thread! [Copy link] 中文

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I am an American people, not an American government!!! KEEP THAT IN MIND!

Utter nonsense try to force this distinction.

I ask you: did all the mess that the US govt make around the world was not aiming the benefit of its own country including its people?
A single example: all the US military intervention in other countries especially those in the Middle East, historically meant cheap oil in the US, despite all the suffering it represented to the people that the US invaded (ooopppsss...wrong word....the US military freed)

Otherwise how could the Americans boast of driving cars that historically they've always loved, with V8 engines, especially during the 1950's, 60's, 70's...extremely gas-guzzling? Or do you think that oil comes from the tap of the kitchen?

Don't be hypocrite, overlooking many historical events that benefited your country! And even if you were not born at that time, it's not reason to deny them.

And what about the fact that for the US military people, the unique way to be promoted inside the Army is to fight a war, i.e., it is necessary that eventually the US be engage in a war abroad.

I remember watch on TV a widow of a soldier came to TV to complain about the not rise of his late husband wage. And who are the US military people? The ordinary citizens.

The US army represents institutionally the govt but it is constituted by american ordinary citizens ready to pull the trigger during the occupation of other countries. You can justify that you are not in the army but many ordinary citizens like you, are.

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Another damn undefined action because we reached the bottom of the page

How about you China Daily?

Is this deliberate?

I know the Chinese are plenty smart enough to fix this problem and I know they aren't lazt

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FAIR Enough question ...

You ask me what was the motivation of the power brokers and who were the benefactors?

Cool beans, thank you for a dialog.

I am really busy today, please let me get back with you on this subject later

Suffice it to say that the major benefactors were the power brokers themselves and it was their intent to spared their form of capitalist control throughout the world! They acted out of self-interst and self-centered greed and have benefited the most, by far.

I would readily argue that the American people would have benefited far better without these guys sucking and plundering the wealth from the people of the US and the rest of the West, as a short answer. So what has that got to do with anything? We don't have an honest democratic republic, we have a system of pretending to vote for fools who are pre-selected puppets of the NWO -- nothing changes no matter which face gets a political face job!

However, CHINA was also a main benefactor in the short-term! THAT IS CLEAR!

You can answer yourself if the residence of Hong Kong would have been better off with or without China becoming integrated into the global 'free market' which is run and controlled by the same bunch of power brokers! You should see clearly, China is trying to fit in with that NEW World Order and they paid in with a four trillion dollar cheap-ass loan to the NWO's high-rollers that play the global market with other people's assets!

That is the direction I will take your argument!

Be ready, my friend.

Note that I had not finished with Edgar Allen Poe's poem and you would be better served if you addressed this question in my thread Moloch God of the Power Brokers instead of this one. As for the rest of your jealous crap, that's all it is, stay on the topic you chose to begin this discussion and watch your stupid jealous biased insanity, Mr. Rich Pants living on the Hill!!!!

I do realize you have a vendetta to revenge me for thrashing the Cantonese, but bear in mind, it was a pun-filled and intended response to an obsessive smear by your fellow countrymen to spread racist hate against 'white' people, Anglos and Americans and it is not too far different than the very same damn bias you have held in this forum for years. If you wanna play coy games with me on the subject than you will find yourself over-matched my friend, my perception of what is what on the internet and this forum has only sharpened over the years! That is not a threat, it is a caution to you! Treat me with the straight-up respect I honestly and truly deserve and you will find my friendship has not wavered, make stupid cheap accusations, employing cheap damn tricks and I will not come to your side, I have better things to do than to fool around playing 'chairman'-style or even 'shanhuang'-style games with you. As I see it, China is on its way and that way is in with my enemies -- I see the power brokers of the NWO as traitors and vice-ridden vermin, make you no mistake!
The Brotherhood of Knights of the Mystic Sea

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