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Dalai's Loss and the Ending of Slavery [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by cikawasay at 2008-5-19 21:39
Satsu, the only victim of propaganda I can see here is you with this paranoiac post.
You know, the communication basis of a forum is to be honest, some peoples are, some not.
I dont need to convi ...

You've your view of past events, whereas I trust what I've seen over the last couple of weeks. And I repeat it once more: Most, if not all people who pretend to care about the T b  cause have nothing else in mind than the se pa ra tio n of this province, whether you like it or not. I keep my opinion that you call paranoia. I have still to see any suggestions that are fair and keep China's interest in mind. Anyhow, we'll see.

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Be real cika .

I still think cika is sincere in his aims but mistaken in his facts .  Leaving the obvious history aside  : that the DL led an armed insurgency against his legal government in '59 and suffered the consequences ,  let us look at the report card of the Tibetan people over the past 50 years ;

#1  Infant mortality at the lowest ever , comparable to the best of the advanced nations.

#2.  Life expectancy at 69 yrs  is a far cry from the 34 yrs in 50s .

#3.  Personal income has gone up four times over the past 20 years .

#4.  Education has been available and free to third year high school . Literacy rate has risen from a single digit to over 90%.

#5.  Infrastructure building , hospital and welfare provisions have been dragged up to the same level as those of the Eastern seaboard .

#6.  Religious freedom is universal and the restoration and building of new temples are unprecedented .

#7.  The Tibetan population has risen from 1 million to 4.5 million .

#8.  There are universities and tertiary institutions of learning using Tibetan as the medium of instruction .

It goes on and on . If you can show me one other country in the world and in history who has done so much good for a minority group  ( say Red Indians or Australian Aborigines ) I will eat my hat .

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Originally posted by seneca at 2008-5-20 13:38
In the West's opinion, the whole of China entered a dark period of enslavement under socialism in the first half of New China.  ...

So, you're enslaved here? You may leave anytime soon.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2008-5-20 13:48
Yes, Northwest; I can leave any time...I am NOT ENSLAVED. Neither ideologically nor physically.
How is your T.ibetan progressing?

So, when will you leave? I may feel how you hate this place, the hell on the earth, even you admit your wife is one of the "goons and thugs".

When will you leave this 'hell'?

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Originally posted by seneca at 2008-5-20 14:03
I am not in 'Hell', far from it, but I must warn you: Never speak to me calling my wife 'goon' or 'thug' - you would sincerely regret it (but it would be too late). She isn't. Nor are the majority of Chinese people. ...

You're not in 'hell'? Then why you express so much anger and hatred toward China and Chinese? You may leave anytime.

It's not me that call your wife so, it's you!  You openly support Cafferty's comment branding Chinese as "goons and thugs", as you marry a Chinese, so what is she?

Do I need to post the evidence, that you ever support his disgusting remark?

I take your challenge, you ungrateful loser. China provide you safe haven, yet you look down on the poeple who save you.

Despicable loser.

[ Last edited by northwest at 2008-5-20 02:28 PM ]

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Be a man , if you can .

Originally posted by seneca at 2008-5-20 14:01
Well, Mengzhi, we know you have memorised the correct facts that interest your paymasters, but few people are seriously impressed by these factoids.
While they may contain the proverbial grain of  ...

I invite you to step up and be a man , for once . I invite you to offer your data and statistics to counter mine ! Let us not be bothered by your blather and babbles anymore .  Your lecturing without facts , your declarations that the Tibetans are of this and that opinion are never ever substantiated . We have heard a mountain of rubbish from you over the years . I challenge you to submit some evidence , any evidence , to counter my facts .  It is time to cough up or shut up huh ? !  Be a man and not remain a mouse .

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For #16 Not Impressed

Thank you, seneca, for being unimpressed by what you think is unimpressive.

For some people, it was indeed a sad thing that slavery is gone, in America and in China. You know how strongly many Southners felt about the slavery in those years? How important it was to them, and how unimpressed they were about the free states in the North? That's why they were happy to go into a civil war to defend it. Guess what, the Union prevailed.

You know how unimpressed those rulers of serfdom were in Tibet about the prospect of being deprived of the previlige to rule their serfs? Not a comfortable thought, we have to admit. You know how smart they thought they were, with the convert support of... Guess what, they failed and fled their own homeland. The union of China prevailed.

You know how some people are still shedding tears over the loss of their imperialist and colonialist previliges over the old and week China some half a century ago? To them, of course, those foreign concessions in China were the most important of all. You know how some of them are still dreaming of returning to those "good old days" of a China carved up for their consumption and pleasure? And guess what, those days are gone. And they don't have to be impressed by this single great chapter in China's history. They only have to live with it.

You never can satisfy everybody in this world. And that's fine.

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