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Yesterday afternoon my senior school classmate told me her young brother knock somebody badly. her mother let she solve this problem. She said she really don't know how to do. she asked me for advise.
      I said people usually spend some money on this thing. maybe it's the best way. i can't find another better way.  she said she have no money now. and all her family have no money now. because her mother was hit by a car last year, make a big operation. but the peacebreaker just compensate little money. they use all save for operation theirselves.

    My classmate don't marry now. she plan to marry at the beginning of next year. her parents abandon her when she is very young. and her adopter adopte her. they let her graduated from college, and let their own son and daughter just graduated from junior school.  because her adopter don't rich. they can't afford three children's education.

   My classmate's salary is very very low though she work in a big company. she nearly have no money to give her adopter. her adopter don't happy with it. they think they spend so much money for her. she need pay back. they usually complain my classmate don't give them money. She feel upset.

   My classmate have a bf, her bf's family is more richer than her's but not very very rich. her mother want to let her borrow money from her bf.  her mother think it's her bf's liability to give money out. I think it's not good,it may affect their emotion if always ask for money.

   My classmate said she also want to pay back. but she have no ability now. she seems very sad now.

   I'm sorry i can't help her. Wish she have a bright future.

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It is a gray saterday for me. I feel very very angry and boring.

      My forwarder told me our goods can't load this morning, i called him many many times that our goods are very very important, we need load our goods first. i also send fax to him to invoid his forgotten, but he still unload our goods at last. i feel very very angry. it's not the first time they do it. it's the third time.  we only cooperate with them three times. It's my client's forwarder, so i have no idea except complain.( about four or five factory's goods put in one 40HQ)

      Last two times, they load some of our goods and some left in their warehouse no any inform .it  not only cost us more money but also bring me more trouble. my customer usually call me at midnight and let me open my computer. he have importand thing need to talk with me. (we usually talk throught MSN). He let me told him which goods are left, and let me send another packing list for shipped goods. but the warehouse don't told me which goods are left. i called them many times but they told me they also don't know which are left. they have no time to check it. if i need to know the detail. we need pay them money. I feel angry, let my customer speak with them, at last, they told me it without pay any money.

    This time my customer told me he urgently need our goods. he let me finish it just about one week. our nomal production time usually one month. I persuade my manager to do my goods first, and delay other customer's goods. we finish it just in one week. but at last they unload it. how angry am i.

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This afternoon my computer has something wrong. it need repair. but my colleague have no time today, he said he will do it tomorrow. so i can't use my computer this afternoon. now i use my colleague's computer who don't work today.

       All docments are in my own computer, so i nearly have nothing to do now.

      I want to say something about my son. I pan to keep on writing womething about my son every day, but i don't keep  it for a long time.

     My son is eight months old yesterday. it's very lovely now.

    He has five teeth now, and his sixth tooth will come out soon.

    His hand can reach his foot when he lie on the bed at his seven months old.

    He kiss me for a long time when i come back next day from shanghai where i stay for one night..

    He cry when i go to work at morning and smile when i come back at evening.

    He want you always hold him in your arm and don't like sit in the chair.

    He laugh loudly when you play with him.

    He also need eat when you have dinner whatever he is full or hungry.

    He like go out not like stay at home.

   He like sleep in his own bed don't like sleep with us.

   He put everything into his mouse and cry when you pull it out .


  Too many funny things happened every day.

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more photo

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Very good habit, write something everyday will make our english better and better!!

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see that sweet....lovely. he must be a handsome boy when he grow up ......
hope you have a warm family...

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garyguoyi ,thank you.

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