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Vanity Fair columnist on the terrorist DL [Copy link] 中文

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Article by Christopher Hitchens, a columnist for Vanity Fair

"The Dalai Lama has come out in support of the thermonuclear tests recently conducted by the Indian state, and has done so in the very language of the chauvinist parties who now control that state's affairs. The "developed" countries, he says, must realize that India is a major contender and should not concern themselves with its internal affairs. This is a perfectly realpolitik statement, so crass and banal and opportunist that it would not deserve any comment if it came from another source.

But here are some other facts about the serene leader that, dwarfed as they are by his endorsement of nuclear weapons, are still worth knowing and still generally unknown.

    * Shoko Asahara, leader of the Supreme Truth cult in Japan and spreader of sarin nerve gas on the Tokyo subway, donated 45 million rupees, or about 170 million yen (about $1.2 million), to the Dalai Lama and was rewarded for his efforts by several high-level meetings with the divine one.

    * Steven Seagal, the robotic and moronic "actor" who gave us "Hard to Kill" and "Under Siege," has been proclaimed a reincarnated lama and a sacred vessel or "tulku" of Tibetan Buddhism. This decision, ratified by Penor Rinpoche, supreme head of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism, was initially received with incredulity by (insert the name of another braindead, washed-up hollywood goof), who had hitherto believed himself to be the superstar most favored. "If someone's a tulku, that's great," he was quoted as saying. "But no one knows if that's true." How insightful, if only accidentally. At a subsequent Los Angeles appearance by the Dalai Lama, Seagal was seated in the front row and (other washed up loser) two rows back, thus giving the latter's humility and submissiveness a day at the races. Suggestions that Seagal's fortune helped elevate him to the Himalayan status of tulku are not completely discounted even by some adepts and initiates.

    * Supporters of the Dorge Shugden deity -- a "Dharma protector" and an ancient object of worship and propitiation in Tibet -- have been threatened with violence and ostracism and even death following the Dalai Lama's abrupt prohibition of this once-venerated godhead. A Swiss television documentary graphically intercuts footage of "His Holiness", denying all knowledge of menace and intimidation, with scenes of his followers' enthusiastically promulgating "Wanted" posters and other paraphernalia of excommunication and persecution.

    * While he denies being a Buddhist "Pope," the Dalai Lama is never happier than when brooding in a celibate manner on the sex lives of people he has never met. "Sexual misconduct for men and women consists of oral and anal sex," he has repeatedly said in promoting his book on these matters. "Using one's hand, that is sexual misconduct." But, as ever with religious stipulations, there is a nutty escape clause. "To have sexual relations with a prostitute paid by you and not by a third person does not constitute improper behavior."

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Seneca - you master racist - you great white hope -

the Dalai Lama is well known as a terrorist -

except when the CIA is doing the reporting and the paying -

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Reply #2 seneca's post

You poor uneducated racist twit.

The information about the terrorist fawning and receiving funding from nazis and other terrorists is so well known and examples of that information so widespread - even on the terrorist's own baby website, that only racist clowns like yourself can continue to try and deny it.

I get the impression that you probably went to HK and bought the terrorist's book. I hope you bought it at the store "Page One" or Swindons, and I hope you bought it right after I was in the same store, because then you would have bought the one that I spit on, which I do whenever I see the terrorist's disgusting visage.

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Reply #3 betrayed's post

Maybe it's because in the little propaganda book written by the traitor and terrorist's foreign advisers this point is appealing to seneca-dear:

"To have sexual relations with a prostitute paid by you and not by a third person does not constitute improper behavior."

Nothing like having your fondest desires legitimized by the propaganda of the traitor and terrorist one supports.

Wonder what the stance of the traitor and terrorist is if seneca-dear's spouse does the paying?

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So where are all the other mouth-breathing, bottom-dwelling, knuckle dragging anti-China racist crowd? At least seneca-dear peeked in - got scared at the truth and snuck out again, mind, but he at least peeked in.

Why are not the others who have been scumming up the forum of late in here raging against Vanity Fair? Surely those who have created new ghosts just to try and spread the propaganda stemming from the traitor and terrorist Tenzin Gyatso and the terrorist group he leads, and the other western and Islamic terrorist groups that fund him have something to say?

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#1 Vanity Fair

A very interesting article.  More to think about when looking at the bigger picture.

As regards the end comments.
I suppose these rules are so the DL can pay a hooker to spank the monkey for him as he desn't want the world to think he has a hand in it!

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