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President Hu: Straits ties face historic opportunity [Copy link] 中文

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I wish and believe that mainland and Taiwan will have a very good future hand in hand.

Peace for all Chinese people including those living in Taiwan, China.:)
Talk in English rather than talking about English.

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... but the idea of having a travelling exhibit to the Asian Rim/Europe/North America of the items at the Tai pei Muesum has been repeatedly put on hold when the local P.R.C. consulates started writing the local, state, and federal governments to "recover the stolen items".

Items would not be considered 'stolen' only if the present custodian considers the present holding place to be part of the old place from which they were taken in which case the items would belong to one country of which the present custodian is part and parcel of, wouldn't it?

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Still remember the 2nd day after his winning election what Xiao Ma Ge said to a press corps in Taibei:

something like this:  Taiwan island will welcome more mainlander visitors.  Only after people across the Taiwan Strait get to meet,  see each other, talk with each other, the decades-old animosity between them will diminish.   

How true it is.

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Beijing: Taiwan talks may resume soon


Talks with Taibei could take place once the island's leader-elect,  Mr Ma Ying-jeou, takes office next month, a spokesman for the State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office said in Beijing.

When asked at a press conference whether conditions would be right after May 20, the day Ma takes office,  for talks, Spokesman Li Weiyi said: "Everyone can make their own judgment about that."

Last weekend, President Hu Jintao held a meeting with Ma's deputy Vincent Siew on the sidelines of the Boao Forum for Asia, in southern China's Hainan island, at which both sides said they wanted to start talks as soon as possible.

Hu told Siew that economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between the mainland and Taiwan were facing a historic opportunity and needed a joint effort.     Siew said Monday that the two had agreed to restart official dialogue.

Beijing and Taipei started semi-official negotiations in April 1993, but the talks broke down in July 1999, when former Taiwan leader Lee Teng-hui put forward the so-called "two states theory" that defined cross-Straits ties as a state-to-state relationship.

Efforts to restart the talks stalled as the pro-independence ruling Democratic Progressive Party, which came to power in 2000, rejected the one-China principle as a pre-condition.

Ma said he wants to open regular direct flights to the mainland, loosen controls on mainland tourists visiting Taiwan and open the island to mainland investment.

Li expressed optimism on these points.

"I believe , cross-Straits charter flights and direct flights will certainly happen as early as possible," he said.

He said the mainland is glad to see Taiwan athletes and cheer-leaders come to the Olympics in Beijing on chartered flights and provides assistance.

"We really hope mainland companies can invest in Taiwan," he added.

The Ministry of Justice also announced at the news conference that Taiwan residents can now sit for the judicial exam of the mainland.

Ding Lu, director of the national judicial examination center under the ministry, said all Taiwan residents who meet the conditions will be allowed to sit the exam, and if they pass will receive a certificate.

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Now, the chemicals are appropriate, and Chinese descendants all over the earth should beat the drum.

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Smooth sailing from here on:

Cross –straits flights will undoubtedly propel all manners of positive exchanges between Mainlanders and islanders, hopefully piloting the way to an inevitable peaceful unification with the Motherland.  So sanguine are my attitudes that I strongly believe it will be occurring within my lifetime.  Reasons to suppose this can be achieved in only three easy yet important steps are the current realities in cordial relations.  The first is establishing economic links, which are already happening – soon too will transport and postal links.  The second is strengthening political will – with people’s economic well-being taken good care of, the sky is the limit.  The third is shaping citizen’s will – with both political will and economic success in firm grasp it shouldn’t be any more difficult to wield influence over them.  The details I’ll defer to the experts to flesh out.  

Although the planes won’t take flight across the straits for at least another month, already this begs the question at what economic costs will this have on Hong Kong, the current transport facilitator when its role starts diminishing will too its transport industry.
Other relevant questions to consider:

Will Taiwan become the preferred transport hub of the greater Pacific Rim for goods and service?
In the eventuality that Tai-wan would move its entire chip manufacturing fabs onto Mainland, does the island possess enough brain-power to fully transition into knowledge based economy in which Tai-wan’s companies handle the design and marketing aspects of the consumer electronics while Mainland factories churns them out?

When reunited with the Motherland, does it make strategic sense for the island to become an unsinkable carrier to project naval power across the Pacific Ocean?

For the future of the Chinese people and Chinese nation Tai-wan MUST be united with the Motherland peacefully.

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We all  hope for a smooth sailing.

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