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Seven Things You Must Do In an Interview

by Aileen Pincus
Tuesday, April 1, 2008

When you are looking to make the Big Leap—the one that puts you closer to the power centers of a business or organization—the interview process will likely be different from what you've experienced before. The more senior the person or people you're interviewing with, the more definite their ideas are likely to be about what they're looking for. They know that their own continued success depends on hiring the best people.

  当你打算做一次事业上大的飞跃--一个让你同企业或组织的权利核心更接近的飞跃--面试过程就和过去找工作时有所不同。 给你面试的人越资深,他们对自己寻找什么样的人就越明确。 他们知道自己持续的成功依赖于找到最合适的人。

So how do you prove your readiness for the big leagues? By thinking like a big-league player. This interview will be different from others, but it will be your best chance to impress the decisionmakers, so there are some key points you want to be certain you get across. Here are tips to help you succeed:

  那么,你如何证明自己准备好进入高层了呢? 以高层人士的头脑去考虑。 虽然这类面试和其它的不同,但却是给决策人带去最好印象的良机,所以下面就是一定要明白的几点以及帮助你成功的一些提示。

Show You Get the "Big Picture"

Any number of interview candidates may possess specific subject-knowledge valuable to a business. But the candidate who goes beyond mere information and displays an ability to use it well is more likely to get the job. Senior executives and managers generally want people who pay attention to and understand the broader view.

  虽然任何面试人员也许都掌握对企业有价值的特别方面的知识。但是那位把眼光不仅放在信息并且去展示出能有效利用信息能力的人获得工作机会更大。 资深执行官和资深经理们普遍希望人们关注更和理解更宽的方面。

Tip: Demonstrate you recognize patterns and understand their importance; that you know how to use and synthesize information.


Find Out What Keeps the Boss Up at Night

Do your homework so you understand not only the job or promotion for which you are applying, but also the job of the senior executive above it. Do you know to whom this person reports, and what the top issues are for your boss's boss?

  提前做好功课不但去了解申请的工作、晋升还有资深经理的工作。 你知道他/她向谁做报告吗?你老板的老板重中之重是什么吗?

Tip: Make that knowledge part of your interview conversation. Show an interest not only in the specifics of the job, but in the product and markets for that company. Ask broad questions: "What do you think the potential growth in the Indian market is?"

提示:将之加入到面试对话中去。 不但表现出对工作明确内容的兴趣;而且表现出对公司产品、市场的兴趣。 问一问泛泛的问题:“你认为印度的潜在市场如何?”

Look for Answers

Senior managers are looking for candidates who are creative thinkers focused on finding solutions. It is less important that you show you know the details of the problems the organization faces than that you're able to demonstrate readiness to look for options and find solutions.


Tip: Think about problems in the past you've identified and managed to solve. Show readiness to tackle the tough issues.


Show some guts

Chances are whoever you're interviewing with got where he is by showing some moxie, and you should too. Top people need and want folks around them who are not afraid to speak up and will confidently assert their ideas. It is the only way to be part of the process.

  有可能不论面试官是谁都是通过魄力走到今天的一步,那么你也应该这么做。 高层人士需要、想要自己周围是那些不怕敢于直言、自信阐述自己想法的人。 这是参与思想交流的唯一途径。

Tip: Be ready with an example of a time when you weren't afraid to go out on a limb and your actions helped bring about real change.


Show Your Softer Side, Too

Yes, you should speak up and assert your ideas. But there will be times when the folks at the top will want—will even need—for you to go along once a decision has been made, even if you don't agree with it.

  对的,你应该敢言表达出你的观点。 但是有时候“上面的人”会希望甚至需要在一旦决定作出后即便你并不同意也要你去继续合作。

Tip: Think about past experiences you can discuss to demonstrate you're comfortable with the challenges of a dynamic environment.



Just as you want to make it plain in an interview that you are not too timid to speak up, you want to make it clear you are not over-confident or intent on dominating the process. Demonstrate you are able to listen without being too eager to cut off dialog.


Tip: Ask questions that reflect the concerns of the questioner in a constructive way. For instance, if you are asked what you would do in a certain situation, resist the temptation to answer before you've asked some questions of your own.

提示:以建设性的方式问一问反映出提问者所关心的问题。 例如: 如果你被问及在某个特定情况下会如何处理,在你对自己问几个问题之前先抑制回答的冲动。

Keep It Positive

If there's one thing senior managers have a universal distaste for, it's whining. Remember, every hiring manager wants to hire a team player who will bring positive energy and real initiative to the job. Be ready with examples of positive suggestions about problems or issues that you took initiative on in order to demonstrate your people skills.

  如果说经理人共同讨厌的一点那就是发牢骚。记住,每位招聘经理都希望有一位能把积极力量和主动性带入工作中团队队员。 准备一些你曾在主动处理问题中提出的积极建议来作为例子以此展示你的交流技巧。

Tip: Steer clear of any criticism of prior managers, even if invited to offer it.


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