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USA 2008: The Great Depression [Copy link] 中文

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I can tell you about stretching a dollar
We had to survive without a paycheck

For the Monitor
May 06, 2008

After my husband lost his job, we spent four months with no income whatsoever. Zero. Zilch. Nothing.

We applied for state assistance, but the process was so long and involved, and the rules so contradictory, that we just gave up.

How did we survive?

At first, we paid for gas and groceries on the credit card, which is an extremely foolish thing to do. We came to our senses after a few months, cut up the credit card and are still working on paying it off. Meanwhile, my health is poor enough that I cannot work outside until it stabilizes, and we have my medical debts to pay off, as well.

We haven't had health insurance for years, due to the instability of my husband's chosen field (he's an I.T. professional). The annual layoffs have made it impossible for us to really get ahead. Just as soon as we have any significant amount of cash saved up, his department gets outsourced to India, or the company does an Enron or the boss has to sell the company to pay for his divorce . . . and there goes our savings while we try to get by until my husband can find work again.

We live with my parents, who are extremely generous to us regarding rent. We had already saved two months' worth of living expenses, but that was soon exhausted due to my medical bills. We cashed in my husband's Roth IRA, which after we paid the early withdrawal penalty, was enough to get us by a little longer. Once I was able to sell enough of my handmade jewelry to pay for that week's groceries.

Meanwhile, we were selling off some of our possessions. The TV went early on. It was followed by some clothes, the coffeemaker, a few of our son's outgrown toys and some furniture. My husband sold some textbooks and computer parts. We talked of selling my computer as well but were just barely able to hang on to it by skimping on the car repairs. When one car came up for registration, we did not renew it. We saved gas by having him ride his motorcycle until after it snowed.

For groceries, we stopped buying anything except staples: meat, vegetables, rice, flour. We made our own bread and stopped buying packaged mixes for anything. We stopped buying much meat and learned how to cook with beans and other sources of protein. We started buying our milk and eggs straight from the farm, where they're a little cheaper.

Instead of using the electricity to run the dryer, we started hanging clothes out to dry instead - yes, even in winter. Instead of buying expensive cleaners, we started cleaning with vinegar and baking soda. Now we're healthier because of eating better and because we're not using toxic cleansers anymore. We have discovered that our house gets just as clean with baking soda, borax, and vinegar as it did when we were using Pine-Sol, Tide and bleach, and it's more environmentally responsible.

Sometimes the help we got seemed miraculous. Whenever my truck was running on fumes, that's when a buyer would show up for something I had advertised. When we had absolutely run out of food and had nothing to buy groceries, a check came in the mail for a rebate I had sent in almost a year ago! Someone once sent us $100 in grocery gift cards in an envelope with no return address. We never found out who.

My husband finally got another temp job, which looks as if it will become permanent soon. With careful spending and budgeting, we may be able to pay off the credit card and my medical bills within a year of his working at this job. The back rent owed to my parents may take longer.

We use the paper-envelope system of budgeting, because it's easiest to keep track of where the money goes and how much is allotted to which bill each week. He gets paid weekly, so we put aside a little each week for each monthly bill. It is taking a discouragingly long time to dig out of the hole that this last year had left us in, but I am sure that if we're careful we'll be able to do it.

If not, we will sell off some more of our things.

(Andrea Graham-Melville lives in Concord.)

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dont write off the US

they are still number 1 for inovation,which does not look like changing very soon.

Remember Japan,everyone thought Japan would overtake the US and then it went into a deacde long recession

let no other country get too carried away too

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Originally posted by laincoubert at 2008-7-17 08:47
dont write off the US

they are still number 1 for inovation,which does not look like changing very soon.

I find it startling people like you are playing ostrich and sticking your head in the sand.

What the average American fails to understand is that the US government has placed them in a situation never seen before, where it was revealed to congress that the US Government is spending 150% of its revenue income without the slightest sign of abating but respond by printing more paper bills thus weakening the dollar from within.

What the US Government does not wish the average American to know is the very fact that foreign nations have the US's economic scrotum within their grasp and that China is beginning to lose interest in keeping America's debt free flowing.

So keep sticking your heads in the collective sand folks, it isn't going to go away.
Maybe a President who recalled the foreign forces, closed down the bases, sued for peace and renewed friendships with allies, that could help but President Bush has eviscerated the economy of America and the west in his futile lust for oil and power and this America is YOUR responsibility for what happens next.

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My usa company in china factory also have no order for goods .
Live in the movie!!!!

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Home Sales, Durables Orders point to economy getting from recession to depression, Dow will break below 10,000 in the next three months

Joe Weinman
Jul. 20, 2008

Dow Jones Industrial Average will break below the 10,000 mark within the next three to four months. Home Sales, Durables Orders this week will point to economy getting from recession to depression.

The National Association of Realtors'' report on sales of existing homes is due July 24. Purchases most likely declined to a 4.83 million annual pace from 4.99 million in May, according to the market expectations.

The report may be worst than the economists are expecting.

Reacting to the weak sales, builders in June began work on the fewest single-family homes since 1991, the Commerce Department reported last week. That signals that home construction will continue to weigh on the economy after subtracting from growth since the first quarter of 2006.

The report on durable goods, due from the Commerce Department on July 25, is also projected to show that orders excluding transportation equipment fell 0.3 percent in June, according to market expectation.

Carmakers in particular have been battered. Sales of cars and light trucks fell to an annual pace of 13.0 million units in June, the lowest since 1993, according to industry figures.

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Since this thread was started, things have gone from bad to worse in the US!

Every institution is crumbling!

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Originally posted by buddy35 at 2008-9-14 16:01
Since this thread was started, things have gone from bad to worse in the US!

Every institution is crumbling!

Dominoes effects all caused by OIL for IRAQ war........
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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